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2024 Home Decor Trends: Emphasis on Comfort and Sustainability

Updated: Jan 27

Living room with rug, sofa, wood flooring, and white walls.

The year 2020 had forced us all to spend more time at home and this more than any other year. We have all necessarily realized the importance of living in a comfortable space but also the importance of having an aesthetically pleasing interior. As interior design evolves, chances are more than ever that you want to stay on top of the latest interior design trends. We are therefore going to show you different inspirations that will be relevant in terms of decoration trends for the year 2024.

Comfort and tradition

Furniture with softer curves and comfortable sofas and upholstered furniture.

The main emphasis this year will be on comfort and functional space. The different confinements showed us how comfortable we had to be at home and how much we wanted to be reassured in our living space. Interior design trends for 2024 therefore include the introduction of furniture with softer curves, comfortable sofas and upholstered furniture for unprecedented levels of support. Simple decorative carvings and raw wood surfaces will be the focus of next year's interior design programs.

Round shapes: 2024 home decor trends

Dinning table and chairs with curved and rounded shapes.

Comfort and functionality will be at the center of attention, as will the shape of the furniture, sober and simple. The use of curved or rounded shapes will take priority for a softer and more delicate finish.

Bold wall colors

Interior bold green and white wall colors.

The bold colors will be part of the most daring interiors. By applying bright colors to your interior decoration you will create more personality and give your space more character. Thus, we will observe the use of natural shades for an authentic rendering but in shades more distinct than before. We will find khaki or olive green for a vintage and natural impression, browns, terracotta or even burgundy.

  • The blue will always be present like every year in very different versions. In deep navy blue for more privacy and elegance, in grayish blue for more comfort or as the paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore offers us this year, in aqua version (antique green to be exact!) For a more refreshing atmosphere. and dynamic.

  • Yellow is making a comeback and has been named Pantone Color of the Year for 2024 with a very bright and bright version. If this choice seems too daring to you, you will have the possibility of using it in your decoration in a warmer tone with the saffron tint.

  • The pink which had its heyday a few years ago will still be present too, but under more earthy aspects, softer with old pinks or nudes.

  • Neutral tones will be used in shades of gray, chosen with yellow, the color of the year. Gray is a timeless shade that can just as easily be associated with natural shades to highlight them as with bright colors for a dynamic side. Black will also be very present as in previous years.

Lighter wood

Light wood will replace darker shades in 2024 for more softness in particular and because they also bring more clarity. This material will obviously always be omnipresent because it provides the warmth that industrial materials cannot. The textures will be raw for a more authentic appearance in small furniture or decorative accessories. The wood can also be used as interior cladding to dress your walls.

Respect the environment

Another important feature of interior design home decor trends in 2024 will be the emphasis on sustainability. Buying second hand, while paying attention to the sourcing of materials in the design, will be essential aspects of interior design this coming year. While flea markets and other garage sales had to be put on hold during the year 2024, many sites continued to offer second-hand items such as the popular Leboncoin or its sidekicks selency and luckyfind. It is then easy to extend the life of these objects bringing character and their history into our interiors.

Natural look

Natural materials home decor style.

Materials and natural appearance, as opposed to harsh decor, will be the norm in 2024. The choice of materials such as leather, organic fibers, cane and jute will be at the heart of interior design trends. next year. We find pottery with a traditional appearance in large numbers but also artisanal tiles such as zelliges or terracotta. Plants will also be invited in large numbers to bring nature to life in our interiors.

The grand Millennial style

Great millennial style interior decor.

In 2024, we will see a lot of the so-called “great millennial” style that has appeared for some time, it combines modernity and old-fashioned decoration creating a unique atmosphere for the interiors. In contrast to the minimalist style and refined interiors, this one reminds your memory of the atmospheres you may have known in your grandparents. There is emotional in the composition of these interiors with antique objects, others transmitted in the family between generations. We mix current objects or furniture with older ones without being afraid to load the space, because the highlight is above all to create a reassuring universe. The use of 60s-70s inspired wallpapers is also a hallmark of this style. Floral prints, organic patterns,

The return of the 80s

Besides comfort and tradition, another of the interior design trends in 2024 will be the return of the 80s. Yes! we are not immune to some contradictions even in terms of decoration! For those tired of the Scandinavian style seen and reviewed, for those who do not appreciate natural colors and raw materials, here is a revival that will be able to satisfy you. Because with the return of the 80s in decoration, it is objects with distinct geometric shapes, bright colors and a playful design that reintegrates our interiors. You will find it especially in second hand stores, for added durability. Angular shapes, glass and stone materials will form a large part of the interior design of the 2024 homes.

Texture overlay

Layering textures and fabrics in your home will be a big help in creating a cohesive vibe and incorporating different styles. For example, the combination of wool rugs, jute rugs and rattan chairs is a perfect way to create a cozy and stylish place.

Face line trend

Face line graphic art for home interior decoration.

Face line graphic art is not really new but it will be a big trend in interior design in 2024, both in terms of decoration and accessories. This representation of faces or bodies thanks to simple and refined lines is reminiscent of certain drawings by Picasso or Cocteau. We have seen them appear on dishes, posters accompanied by colors for a playful side or simply in black and white for more elegance.

Industrial interior design

Always there it does not go out of fashion, the industrial style will always be in the spotlight. Because it is often second-hand or because it allows objects or materials to be recycled, the industrial style will be trendy again this year. Its glass roofs allow spaces to be partitioned while opening them up visually, ideal when working at home. Be careful, however, not to abuse this style, mix some industrial pieces with more natural objects or materials to be right in the spirit of 2024.


Many discovered new passions during the months of confinement. It took care and while some get down to cooking others have turned to previously obsolete manual activities such as pottery, embroidery, sewing or others. It did not take more to see these activities reappear in the decor. We will therefore find delicate embroidery or more offbeat subjects framed on our walls or affixed to our cushions. Handmade and raw-looking pottery will be present, as will dried flowers reused as ornaments. Conclusion As you can see, 2024 will be a year of contrasts and sustainability in terms of interior design. Comfort and style will be essential, but also the choice of materials and their sourcing. To be up to date, try putting some of the trends we've listed here into practice!

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