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Current Trends In Home Decoration For 2024

Updated: Jan 23

Wooden Table with vase of flowers in room.

A new home or a house to be completely renovated is a blank canvas on which to pour all the imagination that we carry inside. This is what most interior decorators think and what you have to understand when you are faced with the task of bringing life to a space in which you are going to start living. Luckily, you don't have to start from scratch and feel the vertigo of the empty wall, something that terrifies anyone. To get inspired, the best thing you can do is immerse yourself in the latest trends in decoration for 2024, because 2024 is loaded with the most suggestive ideas that we are going to review here.

It all starts on the ground with current trends in home decor

Yes, as the title of our section says, far from wanting to start the house from the roof, you have to give it life from the ground. Before, this part of the house had a merely functional character. But this is not the case today, since there are many materials and styles that come together so you can create spaces full of character. The good thing about starting to decorate from the ground up is that you will later find the style of furniture that will best suit your home. Ideas, as you will see, there are many, so you will not be short of options.

Marble, the star of classic decorations

Marble fireplace, marble tiled floor, and marble and wood stairs.

Marble has been a trend for many decades now. It is not a coincidence or a whim, since it is one of the noblest materials you can have at home, something that will thank you by accompanying you for practically your entire life. This completely natural stone fits perfectly in homes that want to have a more classic and even vintage style. The style of marble, whatever variety and color you choose from this stone, conveys quality, luxury and sophistication. In addition, it is a one hundred percent versatile surface as far as walls and furniture are concerned. With a good marble base you can give free rein to your imagination. Of course, it is a floor that, as we have said, transmits a classic style, so it will not end up going too well with Nordic or similar decorations.

Porcelain floors with cement imitation

The industrial style is not yet as widespread in flats and apartments as others, but the truth is that few discover it and do not end up surrendering to it because of its many advantages. The floor that best fits this style, although not the only one, is the cement-effect porcelain tile. It is a fairly hard floor in which the uniform gray takes on special importance, becoming a surface that will remind one of large factories at all times. With a floor of this type, the decorative freedom is maximum, since you will not have problems choosing different colors for the walls. One of the great advantages of cement-effect porcelain floors is that they are also very resistant. If your flat or apartment is going to have a lot of movement, something that undoubtedly happens when there are children in it, this surface can be one of your best allies.

Wood-look laminate flooring

Laminate wood flooring and wood sofa with white cushions.

Some time ago the floating floor came into our lives to revolutionize the style we give to homes. The use of parquet has always been a minority in our country, since its price did not fully compensate for the advantages it provided. However, flooring that imitates wood has almost become the definitive floor due to issues such as its price, its ease of installation or its ease of maintenance. And, of course, among these advantages must be included without the slightest doubt its decorative capacity. These floors are the ideal base for current trends in home, Nordic, and minimalist decorations. They provide a warm and homey air that is almost impossible to resist and are a trend year after year due to their versatility and ability to adapt to almost any decorative style. Without a doubt, the laminate floors that are most sought after and installed are those that imitate natural wood. Here you have almost infinite possibilities, something that you will see as soon as you take a look at a catalog of companies dedicated to its installation.

Hydraulic tile floors

Before talking to you about his style, we want to remind you of something. These floors can be found both in their ceramic version, a more expensive option, and in vinyl sheets, which are glued on other floors. This last option does not stop gaining followers, since the quality of the vinyl is very high and, in addition, it is installed in a matter of seconds without any type of reform. Hydraulic tile flooring has been a trend for some years. Its geometric patterns have a vintage air that few can resist, especially when combined with other floors. Yes, the style of these tiles may not be ideal for an entire home, but combining it in the bathroom or kitchen with another simpler surface such as wood is something incredible. The color of the tiles fills many private spaces with life. Its style is unmistakable and, if you choose the option of vinyl surfaces, you will not have problems changing them from time to time and thus renewing the style of your home, since it is a very cheap floor.

The definitive walls for 2024

Of course, after the floor, the walls are the essential part when it comes to decorating a house. Here we are not going to stop as much as in relation to the floors. The reason is that we believe that the trends for walls are very simple, something that you will surely agree with.

The simplicity of white

The white color on completely smooth walls continues to be the winning bet for new homes. The reasons for this choice are almost infinite. These surfaces are the best canvas to create your personal style, and its naturalness fits like a glove with styles such as Nordic, industrial, vintage or any other that comes to mind. While it is true that we go for white without any reservations, there are some other colors that can help you create a richer and more varied palette. For example, pearl gray is still ideal for living room or bedroom walls, just as pastel tones are fitting perfectly in kitchens where style is important.

The revolution of vinyl surfaces

We already brought up vinyl when we talked about floors, but this material has also managed to flood the walls. Until not so long ago, creating surfaces like an exposed brick wall was something of the most complex. However, real textured vinyls have changed this once and for all. There is a wide catalog for it, and it is that you have surfaces of natural stone, brick, or any other you can imagine. Do not think that we are talking about stickers that are going to be unnatural. The vinyl walls that we are talking about have the texture, relief, and finish of the surfaces they imitate, so it is a decoration opportunity that you have to keep in mind. The important thing about them is that they will allow you to give a different touch to any space, something that was not so simple before.

5 trends you can't miss in 2024

You already have the floor and the walls of the house, now you have to fill the living spaces. Keep in mind that you have to make a decision before anything else: eclecticism and mix of styles or uniformity throughout the house. Both options are valid, although the first will require you to maintain a certain coherence between certain spaces if you do not want to end up with a home that is more a collage of overlaps than a space with its own personality.

1. The Danish style, an update of the Nordic

Lady caring for green plant on wall of room.

The Nordic style took much longer to arrive in Spain than in other European countries, but it did so with such force that it has already been one of the favorites of many for several decades. And it does not intend to stop being so, as can be seen in any catalog update, so you have to take it into account whenever you are going to decorate a space. The latest trend within Nordic is in the Danish twist. In this, the idea is to combine furniture with a marked vintage air with much more modern and current pieces. The classic air has to come especially from pieces of furniture such as the mid-century-inspired armchairs or tables. As for the colors, there is not much doubt, that white continues to be the protagonist in solid and large surfaces. Of course, you should create contrasts that stand out through textile accessories such as rugs, curtains, or, simply, some cushions. Any detail can become something different that breaks the simplicity of the traditional Nordic style and creates a very interesting and personal vanishing point. If you are thinking of introducing some type of pattern on the surfaces or the walls, then you should encourage yourself with geometric prints. The abstraction of this style is ideal within Nordic decorations, so you can fully trust its ability to fill your new home with life.

2. Minimalism returns with force

Recent years have made us stay at home much longer than we were used to, so the way of inhabiting its spaces has also changed profoundly. Comfort, tranquility, and relaxation are now key to take into account from the moment you start decorating a house, and here minimalism stands out above all styles. Although this style already had its heyday some time ago, the truth is that it had disappeared in favor of other more loaded and detailed decorations. But 2024 brings us back an avalanche of minimalist spaces that let you breathe and allow you to clear your mind. There are three key aspects that you have to take into account: natural materials, soft colors, and simple shapes. Combining wood with white flooding the rooms with light and eliminating any element that is not necessary are the simple tasks ahead of you to implement minimalism in your own home.

3. Smart design, a futuristic and current trend

If everything around you is becoming smart, the decoration of your home may also have to have a tech touch that you can achieve most simply today. This is a trend that is making its way little by little to be increasingly affordable since home automation elements are now accessible to anyone. The futuristic touch goes very well with the new times and the technological innovations that are beginning to be present in more and more homes. Controlling everything through voice commands calls for the creation of spaces with a futuristic or retro-futuristic touch that can make you have a very different home. Smart design must begin with the optimization of spaces. A touch of minimalism feels good within this style, although you can not stay much less in it. Giving prominence to technological devices such as large screens is something vital within this style. Of course, the designs inspired by the world of technology also ask for the inclusion of natural elements that remind us that everything is born from the earth. For this reason, it is in this type of decoration that it is necessary to include plants that give an organic point to the spaces so as not to make them too cold.

4. The most arty decoration

Indeed, art has always been present in the world of decoration, but today it has become a trend to take into account, especially in rooms such as the living room. Implementing it at home is very simple. For example, large halls greatly appreciate the fact that a wall is reserved on which to install a wide variety of paintings. Yes, we say the same wall with paintings or even artistic photographs, since the accumulation in the same space is what creates an irresistible arty space. Today you can find pieces of art almost anywhere, but ideally, they should be your creations. Travel photos, paintings, or collages that you can make in your free time... anything goes when creating a small gallery in the living room that gives an exclusive personality to that part of the house where you will feel better. This artistic trend is ideal for styles such as Nordic or industrial, although it is not so advisable if you decide on a minimalist decoration since it can dissonate with the simplicity that is required of the latter style.

5. The office style for home

Minimalist home office with laptop and coffee mug on bed.

If teleworking has come to your home or if you are simply looking for a way to integrate a workspace into your decoration, know that work design has become one of the most characteristic trends of 2023 and that it will be so again in 2024. The ideal, in this case, is that you have your room in which to implement a workspace. Here the best bet is functional styles such as minimalist or Nordic, although we do not deny that a technological touch is something that will suit your home office very well. However, it may also happen that you have to integrate your workspace in the living room or any other room in your home. In this case, you have to follow the style of the rooms where you are going to put the workstation so as not to create big leaps in style that break the harmony of a room. There are many solutions in this regard since you can play with the color ranges with which you have created the original decoration and thus not have to change it so that your workspace is perfectly integrated into that room that has had to become part of your work space.

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