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House Colors 2024: Trends for interior and exterior walls

Updated: Jan 23

Living room sofa, rug, pink wall paint, and green plant.

Do you have questions regarding the interior and exterior painting of your home? So read the article and stay on top of house color trends 2024. Also, take the opportunity to learn about the meanings of the tones that are in high demand. Choosing home colors is not easy, especially when the challenge is to define a palette for the residential façade. Residents need to know the sensations and feelings provoked by each color. They must also find out which shade is capable of enhancing the architecture. The colors that will be on the rise next year will influence both the aesthetics of the facades and the internal environments. Let's meet them?

Top House Color Trends

Trend research is carried out by specialists, based on an analysis of human behavior, decoration shows and aesthetic movements that are on the rise. Thedecortrends selected the main trends in house colors. Check it out and get inspired:

Shades that convey tranquility

Square in Winter color theme for home living space.

Coral, one of the main paint brands in Brazil, chose the shade “Square in Winter” as the 2024 color. This shade inspired by the morning sky is in tune with the future and also with the connection we establish with family, friends, and nature. According to Coral, “Square in Winter” is a versatile and calming color. It yields incredible palettes and can be used in different rooms in the house, including the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Eucatex, another paint brand, chose “Modernismo” as the color of the year 2024. It is a light pink tone that reflects feelings such as love, affection, sweetness, tenderness, and prosperity. It is the best choice to renovate the walls of the house and improve the feeling in times of crisis. Other shades of light pink are also on the rise and make the interior design more delicate.

Classic blue

Classic blue color trend for room.

Pantone, world reference in color, highlighted the 19-4052 Classic Blue as one of the great sensations of 2024. This hue makes reference to clarity and communication, in addition to reminding the sky at dusk. The classic shade of blue is timeless, simple, calm and with a high level of stability. It signals protection, calm and confidence, but it also carries the inspiration of nature, especially from the bottom of the sea.

Navy blue

Bedroom with navy blue and white paint color style.

Still in the group of shades of blue, Sherwin-Williams chose “Naval” ink as the color of the year. It is a tranquil and versatile navy blue, reminiscent of the night sky or even the deep sea.

Shades of dark green

Room with dark green wall paint and white ceiling paint style.

The shades of dark green were very successful abroad and have now arrived in Brazil in full force. They are perfect for translating balance, security, and tranquility. Not to mention that darker shades embody the healing power of nature. Dark green is a delicious, therapeutic, and sophisticated color. The tone that stands out as a trend of the season is perfect for all indoor environments and can also be used for painting facades. It is important to be careful when applying this color in small environments, after all, there is a risk of making it too dark.

Creams, beige and white

Exterior house color Creams, beige and white.

A minimalist vibe is in the air, so many people are opting for palettes that value off-cream tones. In this case, the walls are painted with beige, white, cream and other light neutral colors. This timeless simplicity matches all types of lighting, furniture and decorative objects.

Shades of gray

Exterior house with shades of gray.

Gray, especially the lighter shade, is on the rise. As it is a neutral color and easy to match, it can be used in house cladding as “new white”.

Earth tones

Large living room with earth tone colors.

Nature has been a strong inspiration to assemble the color palette. In addition to green, residents can also bet on earthy tones, which represent the earth and the search for roots. Light brown, mustard, and burnt orange are some options.

Pastel shades

Home decor with pastel shades.

Pastel tones are perfect to set the backdrop for a minimalist-style decor. They are soft, and elegant and leave any room in the house with a touch of charm.

Tips for using colors in decoration and facade

Here are some interesting ways to use colors and recommendations:

Consider painting the ceiling

Black and white bedroom color paint style

If you want to use one of the colors in your decor, consider painting the “fifth wall”. The ceiling in a different color can be visually interesting in the room layout. In some spaces, it is even possible to use graphic patterns, such as stripes.


Bedroom with contrasting paint colors to make space appear larger.

An interesting tip to make the space look bigger is to create sections in the wall painting. Use two colors in the composition, aiming for contrast at the top. This strategy is super hot and has the power to make the ceiling higher. Other techniques combine two or more colors on the same wall, such as the ombré wall. The result is a gradient composition, super modern, sophisticated, and daring. So consider this trend when painting your house.

Geometric painting

Room with Geometric colors wall painting.

The geometric painting technique is a decorating trend that matches modern homes. It can be put into practice in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other environment, enhancing shapes such as triangles and circles.

Style appreciation

Home with architectural style.

The chosen color must be able to enhance the architectural style. Neutral and light tones, for example, perfectly match a modern construction. These soft colors can be explored not only through painting but also through bedding with stones, such as canjiquinha. In the case of a property with a rustic style, such as the country house, it is worth working with earthy colors on the façade.

Get to know the feel of each color

Each color conveys a kind of feeling and has a special meaning, at least that's what Feng Shui says. White represents infinity and emptiness. Lavender renews the feeling of calm. Pink is the synthesis of love and tenderness. Red is a stimulating color, as is orange, which fuels creativity. Yellow has the power to stimulate the mind to the fullest. There are also green and blue, which are colors directly linked to well-being.

Consider maintenance

When choosing colors for home, keep in mind that the most intense and striking tones wear out more easily. The color loses its strong tone over time, especially when applied to the facade of the house. What did you think of the house color trends for the year 2024? Leave a comment with your opinion.

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