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Current Flooring Trends: Exciting Shapes and Colors

Updated: Jan 23

Living room and kitchen with wood flooring, white sofa, and dark grey cabinets.

Individual, easy to care for, and uncomplicated: These are the requirements for the perfect floor covering that suits every room. Today the range of choices extends far beyond laminate, parquet, and vinyl. The focus is on designer floors and exotic materials that offer a diverse selection and many possibilities.

City square. Space. Freedom. Flooring 2024

The floor coverings are free, open, and relaxed. They leave space for exciting colors and shapes of carpets and are open to bold combinations. The selection ranges from kiwi green to sky blue, midnight blue, or curry yellow. In particular, colored carpets in combination with a neutral and light floor covering offer plenty of variety. The unusual carpets not only rely on a striking color but also on contrasting shapes and geometric patterns.

Kitchen with dark wood flooring and dark brown cabinets, and white walls.

Design floors for special living moments

Designer floors create amazing works of art made from beautiful, fine-woven textiles. The selection, which is often not available at a bargain price, ranges from plant-dyed wool to the finest handwork. Textiles try their hand at optical illusion this year. Nobody should believe their eyes straight away if they walk across the grain of the wood and still find themselves on a carpet. The mix of wool and silk is an exciting visual experience. The modern design floors with tangible structures are, above all, uncomplicated to handle. They are based on modern production technologies and are a worthwhile alternative to ordinary vinyl. The modern floors do without plasticizers and PVC and still bring real structures and unusual decor to the floor.

Bedroom with vinyl wall and laminate flooring.

Water-repellent laminate with antistatic joints flooring trends

One of the major drawbacks of laminate is its sensitivity to moisture. Anyone who has ever tipped a bucket of water should be shocked. In recent years, some manufacturers have developed new floor coverings and laminate floors that have water-repellent surfaces and tight joints. Now the moisture stays where it should - namely on the surface. In addition, neither the color nor the grain is permanently damaged. As a practical extra, the joints have antistatic properties, so they no longer attract dust. Geometric patterns are currently all the rage. It goes round, square, in curved or straight lines through the whole apartment. The combination of light and neutral colors, expressive color nuances, and exciting shapes brings a completely new feeling of living into your own four walls. The ready-to-sell laminate is equipped with important icons and symbols that help consumers to choose the right floor. The load, the robustness, and the lightfastness provide concrete information about the service life of the floor. Anyone who invests in proper materials right from the start will benefit from their laminate flooring for a long time.

Kitchen with tiled floors and wood cabinets.

Mineral flooring as an alternative to tile and stone

Mineral floors made from alternative materials rely on a rich concept when it comes to flooring. Ultimately, consumers can choose between different looks of stone, metal, tile, or concrete. In contrast to the original, the floor remains warm and pleasant to walk on. Its surface is water-protected so that these floors can be used in almost every room in the home.

Cork flooring for home.

Natural living comfort on cork

Even if they have been forgotten, cork floors still impress with their naturalness, elasticity, and ecological advantages. After all, nobody has to cut a tree to make this floor. A current survey by the German Cork Association (DKV) found that 81% of German consumers like a cork as a material for floors. During production, the raw materials for this flooring come from the cork oak, which is allowed to grow in peace and is peeled again and again. Hardly any other material can immediately bring so much coziness into a room. The cork floor is elastic and pleasantly warm. The material is particularly recommended for the children's room and the bedroom. The well-known manufacturers of cork floors have also impressed with Ökotest in the last tests and achieved good results because they consistently do without chemicals and questionable materials.

Father and child laying on soft living room carpet.

Comfortable floors on natural new wool

Many people appreciate natural materials, such as new wool, as elegant carpets. The pleasant feeling underfoot, in particular, cannot be compared with a standardized carpet. Not to be neglected is their warming and lasting effect as well as a certain sound-repellent effect. The time has come: the sofa will spread to the floor in 2024 because the carpets can now keep up with the pleasant comfort of the seating furniture. Perhaps the snow-white new wool would not be the best idea for hallways, living rooms, and rooms that are also the meeting place for the whole family. These noble and at the same time natural materials are just right for a bedroom. What could be nicer than standing up with your feet on the warm new wool carpet the next morning? Of course, the size of the room must be taken into account here because not every floor is well received in small rooms - optical effects should always be included here.

Uncomplicated and water-repellent: vinyl in different designs

The technically revised vinyl has taken on a completely new shape. It has a sound-insulating effect, is extremely robust, easy to clean, and is also warm to the feet. The current vinyl floors often imitate their natural models, such as wood, and convince with really astonishing optical effects. The uncomplicated material retains its water-repellent, extremely easy-care, and robust properties. Even if vinyl is a comparatively cheap floor covering, consumers should pay attention to its strength, lightfastness and structure. This is ultimately noticeable in a pleasant feeling of living and a certain amount of foot warmth. Vinyl that is too thin is very prone to wear and tear and gives a cold impression.

Vinyl flooring

Wooden floorboards and natural floors from the designer

When a designer floor has its unmistakable shape and is full of character, its owners have opted for extraordinary flooring. The layout plan of these unique pieces made of natural wood looks like a wooden puzzle that the manufacturers put together on the PC to fulfill very special living dreams. The planks consist of several layers of solid wood, captivating with a warm feeling of living and a mercilessly unique look that only exists once on the floor. The classic parquet scores with enormous longevity, as the owners keep sanding the surface, even after years, thus increasing its service life. When laying, planning, and cleaning, however, there is a greater effort that belongs in the hands of experienced professionals. It is not only the optical and practical properties that determine the purchase and use of the floor but also the economic and ecological aspects of sustainability. The floor should improve the insulation of the house and release as little energy as possible to the outside. The trend is clearly towards natural, environmentally friendly and healthy floors for an all-round healthy living environment.

Room flooring samples and color.

Which floor covering fits in every room?

Personal taste decides on the right floor covering. In addition, the load, the degree of use, and the robustness play a decisive role before buying, and the background noise also contributes to living comfort. Currently, modern mineral-based materials can even be installed in the kitchen and bathroom without any problems, as they are water-repellent and can easily cope with higher humidity. This year's trends are primarily aimed at individuality and uniqueness. Today hardly anyone wants the off-the-peg flooring that has been seen in countless apartments and houses. Bold shapes, naturalness, and a robust floor that gives the feeling of having lived are much more in demand. Once you have decided on a material, you should only contact specialist dealers. They recommend exactly the right floor covering in the correct dimensions, tailored to the needs of your own home.

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