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Explore Sustainable Home Design Trends 2024 by Interior Designer

Updated: Jan 27

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Traditionally, towards the end of the year, we take a look into the interior design crystal ball. Relevant current issues are also analyzed. What is, what remains, what is coming? The home decor trends for 2024 give it away. The year 2023 is already on its last legs, so we can look forward to 2024 with courage. The fact is: The world is in the midst of massive changes, fundamental change is imminent. New ways of life are already developing and in the future living will no longer be as we know it. All of these currents are closely linked to important contemporary issues such as mental health and climate protection. And so the upcoming sustainable home decor designs for 2024 focus noticeably less on material things such as new products or colors and more on comfort, both on a physical and mental level.

Demand for more sustainability

Sustainability is more than just a home decor trend for 2024. The topic has simply become indispensable in all areas. When it comes to living, too, designers have made up their minds and developed numerous innovations. The decisive factor is clearly the choice of the right materials. At best, these are made of natural fibers and are therefore renewable or, in the case of plastic and metal, recyclable. Transparency is also playing an increasingly relevant role and so the corresponding certifications and seals of approval are of great importance. Vintage products have been very popular with younger generations for years. But the increased awareness of more sustainability will mean that the demand for products from second-hand shops or household liquidations will increase even more in the future. Sustainable consumption and giving things a new life using the DIY process will continue to come into focus in 2024.

Wood and other natural materials

Living without wood is hardly imaginable in 2024. The renewable raw material is too cosy, charismatic, but above all sustainable. This special material is increasingly appearing in the form of furniture, especially in the form of solid wood. This preferably comes from nearby, ecologically managed forests. But other natural materials such as linen, cork or jute are also increasingly becoming the focus of furnishing. Hemp in particular is currently on the rise here and will continue to expand this position as home decor trends in 2024.

Dare more minimalism for sustainable home design

At least since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the subject of minimalism has increasingly come into the focus of the interior-interested public. What began with mucking out in the style of the Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo has expanded over time to other areas. In 2024, not only should wardrobes and kitchen cupboards be furnished according to the principle of minimalism, but even better, life as a whole. Forms of living are being reconsidered and living in a small space like a tiny house is being considered. Independence and individual development come to the fore. Questioning consumer behavior and more awareness of belongings are aspects of this development. In large parts of Scandinavia, but also in the Far East, these currents, which have been declared as home decor trends, are already being successfully practiced, even lived!

Design, crafts, and DIY

Do-it-yourself projects with textiles such as sewing, knitting or crocheting have been hyped for years. But currently, but especially in the year 2024, the craft is more en vogue than ever. It is tinkered with wood or the next crockery made of pottery. Because with it you not only produce a unique piece, but also something for all the senses. Characterized by rough textures and scented with natural aromas, artistically crafted things also pave the way for imperfection. Instead of a silky smooth, flawless surface, a ceramic mug with a slightly crooked handle can also stand in the kitchen cupboard. This new way of looking at things like this allows more leniency to prevail on a personal level. Not everything has to be perfect - after all, neither are we.

New color worlds: beige, green and blue

In 2024 you will come across a wide variety of beige tones in living rooms particularly often. From cream to sand to greige - the beige palette dresses walls, furniture and accessories tastefully but dignified. This trend is no coincidence, because in intense and exhausting times you long for warmth and comfort in your own four walls. To a certain extent, beige sees itself as the new grey, which can also be found in any number of natural materials and can therefore be easily combined. You will also find various shades of green and blue just as often, but sometimes muted and other times more gaudy. Just like beige, both color palettes make a clear reference to nature. Khaki and classic blue in particular will be popular colors when furnishing. But a certain tendency towards color blocking in the style of Bauhaus is already becoming apparent. Powerful yellow, orange, and red tones meet here and there.

Multifunctional furniture and statement pieces

In the furniture sector, two developments can be identified for 2024. Both are well known, but more and more are coming to fruition. Because they are closely related to future ways of life. Multifunctional furniture is being designed in ever more unusual and sophisticated waysve so that a table and chair set can be turned into a bed in just a few simple steps. This is particularly interesting for lovers of a minimalist lifestyle who live in a small space like a tiny house. Kitchens are also increasingly appearing in a significantly slimmed-down form. After the upper cabinets had alread,y been successfully phased out in some households, future mini models will be hidden behind cabinets or come back as a modern form of the pantry kitchen. Another development is that of statement pieces, i.e. furniture with a special effect. Iconic in design, for example, the shape of an armchair is increasingly graphic in appearance and is once again reminiscent of the Bauhaus style, which is still popular today.

Products for more mindfulness

Whether gently curved lounge furniture or flat poufs for meditating. The main thing is that there is enough comfort for sustainable home design. In the future there will also be mirrors with LEDs that can adjust their color temperature to the respective time of day. In 2024, coziness will also be defined in another way, namely audio-visual. Wooden panels for the wall, the ceiling, or as a room divider not only look great. They are primarily intended to regulate the acoustics of a room. This makes things a lot more pleasant, especially in times of home office and living together with children. And because open living spaces are very popular, so-called loft doors and elements will become more and more popular in 2024. The glass, stylishly set in an iron frame, creates more (visible) privacy and is therefore also ideal for a home office.

Accessories rethought

The wave of sustainability is also spilling over to accessories - and so in 2024 home accessories such as cushions, blankets or curtains will be made of natural fibers such as linen, wool, jute, or hemp. In the coming year, vases, bowls and crockery will be made of ceramics, earthenware, or glass more than ever before. In particular, the form and function of the accessories will leave a lasting impression: modern wall mirrors can already be seen with a strongly organically curved silhouette. Lighting fixtures of all kinds are also less lost in squiggly details but rather concentrate on idiosyncratic designs. Instead of a pendant lamp, there are wall lamps with a large swivel arm or a corresponding arc lamp above the table.

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