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5 Soothing Trend Colors for 2024 Room Paint Design

If you have decided to paint the house and you are looking for a fashionable color. A trendy color, and, of course, beautiful, let me show you the 5 most popular colors for walls this year 2024. Surely among them, you will find one that you love, because each of them has very appropriate characteristics that have made it become the trend this year. We are going to see them and I will tell you the properties, characteristics and the environment that each one achieves and how you can combine it in your home. We started with 5 Trend Colors to Paint the Walls.

1. Greyish Green Trend Color to Paint Walls

Soothing colors are the trend right now. They are appropriate colors for the increasingly frenetic pace of life. They have almost become a necessity. And among the calming colors, grayish green is at the top for its properties. Green, as we have already seen, is the most calming color there is. A color with which to rest the gaze, which provides a feeling of tranquility, like almost no other. Thus, greyish green combines the calming properties of the standard green color, but is further enhanced by its low saturation and strength, resulting in one of the softest, softest, and most calming tones in the entire color range. The Bruguer color of the year, the Tranquil Dawn, is a color that is born in counterpoint to this increasingly hectic and digital world, and do you know where that color is? Exactly, among the grayish greens. It has already become clear that greyish green is one of the trend colors due to its characteristics and soothing properties. Now I tell you how to combine them. Luckily, as it is a shade of greyish green, it blends well with practically any color. But it goes especially well with warm tones such as beige, wood, or vegetable fibers, which add the warmth that this color lacks, being able to create a palette for your home completely in harmony. So, if you want a calming space, but warm, cozy, and also bright, combine grayish green with wood, vegetable fibers, and a beige tone. If you want to see other combinations, here you can see 15 colors that combine with green. Now let's move on to the next trend color of 2024 for walls.

2. Bluish Gray Room Paint Design

As we have already seen on the blog and I have commented many times, blue and green are the most relaxing colors out there. Blue and green have very, very similar characteristics. Both are in the cold part of the chromatic circle, both are relaxing, and both are part of the "natural" colors since they are colors that we find in nature itself, such as the blue of the sky or the water. Considering that this year calm and calm colors have been the winners by a landslide, it is not surprising that blue-gray was among the most popular. As I said, blue, and especially the shades of grayish blue that have little saturation and are soft, almost neutral, are, together with greens, the most calming tones that we can find in the chromatic circle. Another advantage that grayish blue has is that it is an elegant and versatile color. It adapts very well to any space. We can paint with total success grayish blue in both a children's room, a living room, as well as an office or any other space since it adapts to all of them. It is also a color that blends extremely well, but some of the shades with which it best combines are beige and pink. What color do I recommend if you want to paint your house like this? I recommend two: The first one is in case you want a soft grayish-blue tone, and it is Bruguer's Tranquil Dawn. Do you remember that I told you before that Bruguer's Tranquil Dawn was a grayish green? It is also bluish-gray. It is halfway between both. The second, if you want a stronger bluish gray, is Bruguer's Denim Gray, which we see just above these lines. Let's look at the next color trends for walls 2024.

3. Savasana

This beautiful color belongs to the Valentine firm, which last year designated it as a trend color for walls. A warm tone and, of course, relaxing. As you can see, all the trend colors of 2024 are going this way: peace, relaxation, and well-being. Unlike the two colors we've looked at first, grayish green and blueish gray, Valentine's Savasana is a color that is in the hot part of the color wheel, so it is a warm color. Warm yes, but also relaxing room paint design. It is halfway between an off-white and a grayish beige. A tone with little saturation, very bright and welcoming. So if you are looking for a color to brighten your home by painting the walls, and also to be relaxing and cozy, Valentine's Savasana is the color you are looking for.

It is also worth highlighting its infinite combinations of this color, and it is a color that can be combined very well with everything, but especially with shades of wood, vegetable fibers, earthy greens, and reds such as terracotta or tile color. So, for example, if you want, you can paint one wall of the living room terracotta red, and the rest of this luminous color, creating a modern, warm, light, and relaxing palette. It is just one example of how much you can do with this color. Let's move on to the next trend color to paint 2024 walls.

4. Classic Blue

Yes, blue again, but this time classic blue, designated Color of the Year by the Pantone Color Institute. Although it is a stronger color than all the ones we have seen, Pantone has also been based on the same qualities as the other colors: Relaxation. Do you remember that I used to tell you that blue is one of the most relaxing colors that exist? It is no wonder that this color has become so fashionable lately. And is that Classic Blue is a timeless color, but also elegant and simple. "Blue instills calm gives confidence, and creates connection, highlighting our desire to consolidate a reliable and stable foundation on which to build our way towards the threshold of a new era." This is how Pantone defines it. A color that brings peace, facilitates concentration and reflection, and promotes resilience. There is na. So if you were looking for a trend color to paint your walls that was more powerful than the soft tones we've seen, Pantone's Classic Blue is for you. If you want to enhance its qualities, you can combine it with wood tones, vegetable fibers, and accents of brown and beige tones to add warmth, to a color of cold nature. In addition, you can also see here 14 other colors that combine with blue. Let's look at the next trend color for walls of 2024.

5. Pink Earth Tones

The color pink was a trend years ago, especially Pantone's rose quartz, and since then it has not finished going. What it has done has been to evolve, and from a dusty pink or pale pink, it has become a pinkish earth tone. The pink earth tones belong to the hot part of the chromatic circle, so they are warm colors, with which to easily create very cozy environments. In addition, they also stand out because they are very bright in color thanks to their pigmentation. Another advantage of these colors is that they combine very well with wood tones and vegetable fibers, like the rest of those we have seen, and that today abound in so many homes, in the form of baskets, furniture, and other accessories of a natural nature.. But not only that, as you can imagine, these tones are also a trend for that reason, yes, because they are also relaxing. In addition, with them, it is very easy to achieve an elegant and sophisticated environment. Much easier than with blues or greens, for example. As you can see, if there is something that has been prioritized this year, it is undoubtedly calm, peace, and tranquility. What is your favorite color that we have seen? If you have any questions about trend colors to paint walls please leave a comment. We will be happy to answer you, and if you think this article can help a friend or family member, share it.

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