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10 Stunning Small Home Exterior Colors for 2024

It seems that homeowners are no longer satisfied with light and neutral small home exterior wall colors and darker tones Combine the roof. In 2024, there is a clear trend in the private sector's demand for more unusual and bold colors for the home. However, the desire to stand out among others does not always bring the desired “wow” effect. In this article, we have collected beautiful photos of successful cases of whitewashing houses in combination with the colors of the exterior walls and roofs and also gave useful tips for those who are planning to update the exterior of their houses this year. I wish you happy reading Exterior Wall Colors 2023!

House exterior colors in 2024: tips, ideas, and photos

Here are some general tips for choosing colors for your home's exterior before continuing with outlining popular colors for exterior walls and roofs Hue and color combination:

  1. If you want to paint your home with unusual colors that you like, but don't know what to combine, then just choose a suitable shade than the main tones on the color wheel. brighter or darker. To make such a simple decision memorable, paint your front door in a few bright and contrasting colors, as shown in the picture below.

  2. Are there natural materials on the outside walls of your home that don't require painting? They know that if they have cold textures (concrete, slate, etc.), then they are best combined with the bright colors of the exterior walls, and vice versa. So, modern concrete is combined with an orange wall outside the house, and warm wood and stone are combined with an elegant gray exterior wall.

  3. If you use white or other suitable colors to emphasize some details, the pure color of the front side will become more interesting. From the outside, thin gables, window frames, and other small elements can become a very expressive decoration in your home.

  4. Contrasting (relative to the walls of the facade) shadows are very suitable for painting basements, sun visors on verandas, bay windows, and other protruding parts of the facade. Just make sure they have enough interesting shapes to stand out.

  5. Oddly enough, bright and bold colors are best for unremarkable or even hideous exterior walls. Distract us from poor quality parts and design. At the same time, if your house has a beautiful bas-relief or other attractive elements, then the color of the facade should be soft or neutral.

  6. If your house is made of stone, wood, or other unpainted materials, and you are looking for a color to paint the roof and other exterior elements, then please try to find it in the exterior wall material itself. It can be a brownish-green spot on a stone or a dark "knot" on a tree. Nature is the best master of trendy color combinations.

  7. Having roughly determined the color of the facade, try to cover it with drywall, plywood, or Whatman paper of a sufficiently large size. Take this sample outside of the house and then step back to check its appearance. Any color tone looks great in photographs of other people, but it may not harmonize with the decor of your home. An extra check never hurts! Based on the results, it is likely that you will need to thin the paint to a lighter or darker tone.

The color combination of the exterior walls and the roof of the house

If you do not have a favorite shade, and if you need an idea of what color of the exterior wall to choose So, especially for you, we have identified some of the most popular shades for the exterior walls of private houses in 2024.

The most fashionable small home exterior wall color is sage

This soft light green hue looks great against any background and pairs with both bright and dark tones. In the next photo of the exterior wall, you can see an example of it in combination with red-orange and navy blue. The decoration styles of the two houses are the same, they are both two-story, and the siding and window shapes are the same, but the different shades of details on the general background make them completely different! Which combination do you like best?

Elegant gray house exterior

As common as the color of sage is, it cannot be compared to gray when compared to. By the way, gray tones are needed in the interior decoration of modern private houses. Let's take a few photos below, in which gray is used as the main color of the facade.

Facade decoration in luxurious red

Deep ruby red tone, and last year marsala, not only because of its luxurious appearance but also because they can be combined with green plants around most private homes and admire the facade designer. This is because red and green are opposites on the color wheel and therefore provide maximum contrast with each other. If your home has an interesting shape worth highlighting, paint it in a color that blends in with the surrounding landscape.

Facade of a combined gray-brown house

Gray and brown are multi-purpose natural tones that are guaranteed to look great in any context. The combination of these colors suits the facade and roof of the house no less than the trendy taupe, also known as "taupe". The photo below confirms this.

Other beautiful colors of the exterior walls of houses

Finally, some better combinations of house facades and roof colors include houses in blue, yellow and black. We will be very grateful for any comments and opinions on this article!

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