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Trendy Wallpaper Colors In 2024

Speaking about the fashionable colors of the season, they often rely on the colors that the Pantone Color Institute chooses. However, designers recommend not strictly relying on the proposed shades, but following general trends and proceeding from them and your sense of beauty. Fashionable wallpaper colors in 2024, as well as prints, will be relevant for quite some time, as they are based on the principles of simplicity, clarity, and non-overload. The main trend of the season is simplicity and unobtrusiveness. The intricate ornamentalism of Provence and baroque, grandmother's floral ornaments, which seem to have not changed for 40 years, and the dominance of all shades of beige as neutral and "expensive-rich" have gone out of fashion. Murals are returning to fashion, moreover, they do not necessarily have a photo - it is more often about high-quality photo printing of various images. There are wallpaper color trends in 2024 to combine different coatings in one room - for example, different colors, patterns, and textures of wallpaper, as well as plastered surfaces, including artistic ones.

Color Wallpapers in the living room

The choice of palette largely depends on the illumination of the room, as well as the style and purpose. For the living room in 2024, neutral tones are welcome, and this season these are:

  1. Soft mother of pearl;

  2. Shades with a metallic sheen;

  3. Grey;

  4. Shades of white;

  5. Wine;

  6. Blue and others;

Wallpaper in the bedroom

Old school bedrooms are small Provencal flowers that now cause nothing but ripples in the eyes. But we want to relax, so we prefer calm lines, large contour graphics, and plain canvases. Wallpapers with photoshopped bouquets and flowers that burst into the renovations of the “zero” must be forgotten like a bad dream, because they only resemble parental WhatsApp chats and crooked homemade postcards. The main peak of the 2024 season is the gradient. These can be gradual transitions from dark to light, or peaks of mountains marked with a graphic outline, waves, or a forest that goes into fog. The only difficulty is matching the sheets when sticking, but they will give a feeling of spaciousness, and tranquility and visually “open up” a small room.

Wallpaper in the hallway

Trendy colors and wallpaper prints for the hallway in 2024 should meet the usual requirements for this room:

  1. Visually expand;

  2. Do not overload with drawings;

  3. The composition of images should be combined with furniture - hangers, mirrors, chests of drawers and more;

  4. Be non-marking - but here it's not so much about the image, but about the structure of the canvas (a mandatory element is a protective coating). As a result, light shades remain with abstract ornaments, ideally geometric.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

The choice of wallpaper for the kitchen has always been based on several factors:

  1. The room may be too small, as well as the area for gluing;

  2. The style, as a rule, is set by the kitchen set - in particular, the design of the facades;

  3. Active use of walls to accommodate shelves, hooks and other things.

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