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New Home Decorations: Embrace Japandi Style and Pantone's 2024 Colors

We are at the finish line, and say goodbye to 2023 and we look forward to everything that 2024 will bring us. We predict changes in fashions, aesthetic trends, and of course, in the field of interior design, because the world of decoration advances and is soaked in other cultures and our present (pandemic through) so that we have something more than a beautiful house. Of course, do not forget that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and that includes the world of design, your new home decorations should reflect your style and personality, not the decor trends in vogue. We invite you to know everything new that comes and adopt what fits you.


When the zen harmony of the Japanese style is fused with the warmth of the Scandinavian, the result is clean, functional, and minimalist spaces. Starting from the wabi-sabi philosophy, the new decorative term that is already on everyone's lips has been born: Japandi, a style that finds perfection in imperfection and aims to generate calm spaces, without detaching itself from warmth. Add the benefits of the Nordic style and share with the Japanese country the passion for pure and simple lines, and natural and quality materials, and say goodbye to superfluous decorations.

Gray and yellow

Pantone team company director Leatrice Eiseman has announced that the official colors for 2024 will be Ultimate Gray 17-5104 and Yellow Illuminating Yellow 13-0647. “Gray conveys that sense of the strength of something durable, rock solid, and reflective. Meanwhile, yellow is a sun that brings joy, possibility, and gratitude at a time when it is producing a great deal of innovation ”, said Eiseman, reasoning out the decisions of his choice. It is especially in the decoration and architecture where the influence of fashionable colors is most noticeable. So be it, let the combination of the two shades bring strength and vitality to your home in 2024.

Telecommuting New Home Decorations

If that concept surprised many in 2024, today it is the order of the day and it seems that it will remain established in our lives for a long time. For it to be pleasant, we must create an area at home that is our workspace, a place where we feel comfortable, and calm and that invites concentration. To achieve this, it is essential to divide the area for work from that for leisure or rest. Only in this way will we be able to disconnect once we finish our workday.

Space decoration

According to a study by Etsy, searches related to the space world have increased. From the online platform, they ensure that rockets, stars, and astronauts will enter homes, especially in the rooms of the smallest of the house. "Children have been through a lot lately, from virtual classrooms to limited play meetings and this spatial trend allows them to escape reality and expand their imaginations while learning about our solar system," they say from the web.


Norwegians' zest for the great outdoors is known as' Friluftsliv 'and is destined to be one of the keys to keeping us healthy and happy in the year ahead, according to a study published by Etsy. "As many of us are spending more time indoors than ever in 2024, I anticipate that next year buyers will be inspired by the Norwegian concept of 'friluftsliv', what I like to call the new 'hygge', which focuses on going out outdoors ”, as online market trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson predicts.“ This could be in the way of discovering a new hiking trail, cleaning an old bike, or simply taking interior items outside to create patios, patios., cozy stairs or balconies, "he says.


Although it might seem a bit complicated to think about making a spa at home, the reality is that we need to relax and our home may be the best setting to achieve it. To achieve this, the ideal environment must be prepared, which can be the bathroom or a bedroom. Candles, scent or incense diffusers, and a playlist with soothing music help create an atmosphere. Afterward, exfoliation, facial and hair masks, and a bath with essential oils, help to take care of yourself on the outside and inside, in addition to providing energy and revitalizing the spirit.

Zero waste

The world generates at least 3.5 million tons of plastic and other solid waste a day, ten times the amount of a century ago. But more and more people are reacting by joining the Zero Waste movement. These are not aspiring hippies, but people who adopt a consumer-conscious lifestyle. It is based on the rule of the fiver: reject what we do not need, reduce consumption and bet on second-hand, reuse packaging, recycle, and 'rot', that is, decompose organic matter to obtain natural compost.

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