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2024 Summer Home Decor Trends: Fresh & Sustainable Ideas

With summer just around the corner, it's time to take a look at the latest trends in summer decoration. Ready to put your house up to temperature? Have you started wondering how to decorate your summer living room? Have no idea what patterns are worn? Don't worry, because you are about to find out what are the trends in summer decoration 2024. Some have not left (and promise to stay for several seasons), and others are the result of the change in our lifestyle as a result of the pandemic. Ready to discover them?


Round rugs, especially natural fibers, will continue to triumph during the summer season, whether indoors or outdoors. Go ahead with one of these rugs in the living room, or dare to take it to the porch area. They bring a lot of freshness and combine with practically all styles. Sofa, chaise longue, armchairs, coffee table and rug, by Sacum.


As you may have seen, natural fibers are crowned as an eternal trend in summer decoration, and that also affects blinds. By choosing them in jute you will instantly adapt your home to the summer season, although if you want to reinforce protection against the sun's rays, you can always accompany them with blackout curtains. Bamboo sofa from Catalina House. Cane armchair, rug and coffee table from La Maison. Green cushions and Coordonné prints, with fern-colored Lluvia fabric, Wings 62 and pistachio Jasper Moon. Plaid of Filocolore.


The mesh or cannage furniture does not stop destroying. It is a trend that has a certain vintage spirit and that conceives very fresh environments. And it is that the matted wicker is already the protagonist of headboards, cabinet doors and even poufs like the one in this room. Doesn't it give you a very casual air? Sofas, coffee table, pouf, armchair, lamps, sideboard, dining room table and chairs, all by Sacum.


Sustainability and ecology have fully entered our lives, and that, of course, includes the decoration of houses. This summer we will bet on recycled materials such as plastic that already gives shape to spectacular rugs, and other 100% natural ones such as wood or fibers that are the protagonists of armchairs, puffs, baskets and lamps. Esparto table, chairs and puff, at Tessa&Co. Auxiliary table and rug, in India&Pacific.


Natural materials in calm palettes are the perfect counterpoint to more colorful summer décor. We refer to the Japandi style, which is gaining ground among the most cutting-edge trends due to its freshness and simplicity. Sideboard and table lamp, from Catalina House.


On the other side, that is, the colorful side, yellow accents will triumph (keep in mind that one of the Pantone colors of the year is Illuminating yellow). So that it is not very sharp, it is better to choose it in details such as the cushions. Sofa by Cusó Tapissers and armchairs by La Maison. Coffee table and paintings by Valeria Sidañez, in Sacum. On the seats, linen cushions from La Maison and a blanket from H&M Home. The low cabinet behind the sofa, from Ikea.

Gardens are fetish spaces during the summer, and a very ingenious way to introduce them into your home is through wallpaper. Botanical motifs always work, and can make all the difference in a previously boring bedroom. Look at the headboard wall in this room. Paper and carpet by Leroy Merlin. House Bank. Chest of drawers, armchair and mirror from Maisons du Monde. Better & Best lamp. Vases from El Corte Inglés.


What can be more pleasant than spending the afternoon in a hanging chair in the cool? If you take a look at the catalogs of the big decoration firms, you will see that both indoor and outdoor swings are a trend. We love the natural fiber ones, they are super fresh! Hanging chairs and round rugs from Catalina House. Lamp by La Maison and Lanterns by Carolina Blue.


Another classic trend that cannot be missed in summer is nautical-style decoration. But don't worry, we are not saying that you should turn your house into a maritime museum, but that you go for a mix of white and blue tones with the presence of fibers and wood to reinforce the general warmth. It is classic and fresh at the same time, infallible! And yes, adding a figurine of a sailboat is also allowed. Sofas and coffee tables, by Rivièra Maison. Side table and rug, at Cassai Home & Fashion.


One of the goals of summer home decor is to shelve the heat. How to achieve it? Allying yourself with one of the freshest fabrics that exist (and which is a trend on top): linen. Light and elegant, linen is perfect for curtains in the living room and bedroom, as it allows light to enter, but protects the rooms from the direct rays of the sun, avoiding excess heat. The colors that will triumph this season? White, raw, beige, and in general, light tones contribute to enhancing the brightness and freshness of the environment. You will also see blue and green.


When it comes to decorating terraces, porches, and gardens, wicker or rattan armchairs cannot be missing. Resistant to the sun and heat, they offer a super fresh and summery look. The accessories that suit you the most? Linen and cotton cushions with floral, striped, or textured prints. Armchairs from El Corte Inglés and cushions from KA International.


So. Literally. This summer, indoor plants will be in charge of conceiving authentic oases in homes, bringing life and freshness to every corner. Our favorites for this time of year? Monsteras, palm trees, sansevierias, ficus, and all those that just by seeing them take you to some tropical place.,


The arrival of summer means a full-fledged change in bedding. Gone are the thick wool blankets. This season, organic cotton and linen are dyed with exotic and floral prints, green tones that remind us of the freshness of nature, or precious terracotta that revive the intensity of the earth. Also, the relaxing blues inspired by the sea, or the neutral tones such as whites, beiges, and polka dots that decorate coquettish plaids at the foot of the beds. As you can see, there are options for all tastes. Stool, as a bedside table, and ladder, Galdana model, by Let's Pause, at Stand del Mueble. Banquette, at Tot Interiors.


Outdoor lamps have become large, very large, and the oversize trend will continue to prevail on porches and terraces. Choose them in jute, rattan, or any type of natural fiber, and if you can, match them! Bamboo furniture and lamps, from Tine K Home. Coffee table, from Trends Home.


Vertical gardens have been triumphing for several months, and it is a great way to add nature to any corner of your house without losing square meters. In fact, with the arrival of teleworking, the creation of green spaces in the home became a viral phenomenon, and this summer they promise to accompany us both indoors and outdoors. Armchair, from Pilma.


Another of the trends that are repeated summer after summer and that do not intend to disappear are exotic prints, such as this classic-style armchair upholstered with botanical motifs that mark a successful contrast. Leaves, tropical flowers, and even animals like leopards or toucans, everything is allowed! The key lies in decorating with moderation in specific details so as not to overload the environments and make them stand out on their own. Armchair upholstered with Paraíso fabric by KA Internacional. Candy Stripe Peony fabric cushion by Gancedo. Plaid, from Zara Home. Plants and pots from Carolina Blue.


A classic that never fails on summer terraces and balconies is string lights. They come in a lot of colors and styles: with bare bulbs, paper bulbs, solar bulbs, with colored lights... Be sure to add them to outdoor spaces, whatever their size, because the warmth you'll gain when they arrive at the sunset is priceless.


Bougainvillea, hydrangeas, rose bushes, ivy... The key to turning a summer terrace into a trend is to fill it with colorful plants and flowers. There are plenty of tropical strains that will help create that welcome jungle vibe when temperatures rise, but they'll hold up better if you live in a humid area. The bird of paradise, the cliques, and the branching palm tolerate the sun very well, while the kentia and the areca move in the shade like fish in the water. Rose bushes are another ideal option, as they bloom all year round. Which one do you prefer?


As a result of the concern to lead a more sustainable life in contact with nature, ceramic vases with a handcrafted finish have become a growing trend. With organic shapes or small imperfections resulting from the hand finish, painted in color or natural... Don't hesitate: it's the perfect accessory to give freshness to your summer decoration.


What would summer be without crochet hammocks? Perfect for resting between two trees in the garden, this summer the hammocks will be transformed into a boho chic paradise, filled with cushions with fresh and cheerful prints.

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