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Modern Living Room Trends 2024

When we are about to redecorate our home, we always try to be inspired by decoration magazines and to update ourselves on new trends. For this reason we are going to give you a series of modern and elegant living room decoration ideas, following the latest living room trends for 2024. With the arrival of a new year, many are thinking of taking the leap they have long awaited and changing the look of the living room once and for all. For all of them, we will show below, some ideas that impart trend and that can serve as inspiration to achieve the best result.

Japandi style

The Scandinavian trend is not a novelty and many believe that it is being discontinued, but in reality it is being reinvented, mixing with the Japanese style. This beautiful combination is called japandi, which combines the modern rustic style of Scandinavian or Nordic designs with the traditional elegance associated with Japanese styles. Together, they are a new version of minimalism, a simply fabulous style.

Minimalist modern living rooms

Minimalism is not just a way of decorating. It is a philosophy of life inspired by oriental cultures. The main idea of this philosophy is that with a minimum of furniture, there will be more energy in the space. That is why with a modern minimalist living living room you will have a living room full of pure and positive energy. The basic elements of this decorative style include reducing the number of furniture to a minimum, which eliminates excess decoration. The minimalist design is perfect for open interiors filled with natural light. Typical materials for minimalist design include concrete, glass, metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome, light wood tones, artificial materials such as vinyl, PVC, and acrylic, stone, and tile. The emphasis is on the contrast between light and dark. White, black, gray and blue tones are the most used. The walls of the living living room are generally white. Some black polished natural stones, such as marble or basalt, are also popular as decoration. The lights are another important element. They should not be too sophisticated and make the most of natural light.

Ethnic style

The concept of globalization is becoming more and more present in our society. Today we are one click away from anywhere in the world and this privileged access is radically changing the way we live. People travel more and are more informed. And obviously, this is reflected in the home and decoration. Many top fashion houses and interior designers draw inspiration from cultures from America, Asia, and Africa. Exotic decorations always have followers, in addition to the fact that with a couple of specific objects, the best atmosphere is already achieved. In this case, a wicker pendant lamp looks fabulous.

Rustic and modern vintage style

The following photo serves to describe an increasingly common trend among young couples, which consists of buying old homes, where architectural details are used to achieve the best vintage chic style. The model that we see below combines the rustic and modern, where the trends of the countryside are expressed in specific things, such as the rustic wooden table, or the fabric roller blinds. The next one is more attached to the cosmopolitan style, where a vintage cherterfield style sofa, an industrial center table and an abstract painting are used.


If you plan to opt for paintings or decorative elements for the wall, keep in mind that the modern style is very minimalist, so do not fill an entire wall with paintings or photos. You can opt for two or three paintings of a solid color, for example white, or red, if the wall is white. Three paintings in a line, keeping a common theme, look very elegant and provide balance. But if you wish, you can also display more than one painting, as long as you display them in an orderly and harmonious way. Paintings are always the most important focal points in the living room. Very large paintings, with intense colors and canvases of artistic paintings. The use of shelves, such as large wooden planks, can add interest to the living room, at the same time that it will offer new variants when it comes to displaying lights, ornaments and ways of organizing what is exhibited there, such as books or paintings.

Rugs as wall art

Hanging rugs as a decorative wall accessory are also being a trend. If the rug is pretty enough, it can perfectly be displayed as a work of art.


The ombre or gradient in interiors is a new trend, based on the transition of color from dark tones to light tones or from one tint to another. This technique can also be called "degradation" or "gradient."


Pictures or cushions with words, for example. The typography trend is still around and going strong. Messages on household items have been popular for a while now, and it's still popular, given the way we all communicate on social media. It will remain a complement in a living room, in small touches such as cushions and art.

Painted paper

It will continue to be present in 2024, especially large prints such as flowers, birds or botanicals.

Earthy or green tones

This color palette is back. The transition to a more environmentally conscious life is reflected in the green interiors and inspired by the colors of our planet. A mix of beige and gray, neutral tones, and rich colors such as terra cotta, deep blues, and warm greens are being used. As you can see here, the composition includes a fireplace, center table and rug in earthy colors, while the focal point is the armchair in blue. The simplest thing is to paint the walls in white, and add colors inspired by nature through furniture or decoration accessories.

Pastel colors

This year, pastel colors, which remind us of ice cream, are going to be a great trend both in interiors and in fashion. These beautiful colors can be used on one or all walls, or to complement a décor with pastel-hued vases, chairs, or accessories.


Another trend that is increasing and is destined to continue until next year is that of metallic details. They may have a more dominant role in 2024. You can balance a traditional upholstered sofa with a substantial all-metal lamp. Decorative metal elements and art can be a great way to incorporate this trend. Most living rooms need a bit of a shine, and a gold-framed mirror may be the way to go. We're seeing shine through metallic and pearlescent accessories like pillows, lamps, and even small end tables. If you are looking for refined trends, this is your option. Designer furniture, predominantly white and brown. Various golden metal accessories complete a wonderful living room.


There is more to this trend than aesthetics, as plants are good for your health and help clean the indoor air. They absorb harmful chemicals from the environment and regulate humidity, and are an inexpensive way to add color and glamor to your interiors.

Geometric patterns

Although we saw geometries in previous years, it was mainly about cushions and rugs. This year they will also be seen on tiles, wallpaper and art. There are many ways to incorporate geometry into your décor. It is one of the most accessible trends of the group. We will see geometries in everything from tiles to wallpaper. You can apply this trend to a single accent wall. You can also start this type of print on small cushions.


The presence of technology will make us want natural elements like wood more than ever. Wood is seen in unexpected places like ceilings and accent walls. Utilitarian pieces like lamps and plant pots are great places for natural wood. Hand-carved wooden bowls offer a natural, simple but powerful element.


They are an easy way to add texture. We currently see them in decorative pillows and blankets, but they will also be seen in small furniture such as footstools and ottomans. Nor would it be unusual to see them in the curtains.


When choosing furniture for modern living rooms, it is important to choose those that offer simple and minimalist lines. Opt for minimal decoration, perhaps a candle centerpiece or a plain vase. The armchair sets in a single large piece provide style and warmth, in addition to clearly delimiting the space dedicated to the living room. Place the set of armchairs forming a closed space, where the largest sofa is facing the television, the fireplace or in the best case, both. In turn, the need for the television to be perpendicular to the entry of light is emphasized, so that it does not generate reflections on the screen. Another trend that is beginning to be seen more and more in modern living rooms is that of bed-type armchairs. That is, not to sit down, but to lie across the width, in meetings, more informal and more comfortable. This would be an ideal arrangement for a living room, which without being large, fulfills all its functionality to the maximum. If you like to be with the family, you can place a computer corner in the living living room and work there, while the children play within your reach. You can emphasize both shapes and textures and fabrics. Brightly colored armchairs can be difficult to bring into the home. For example, turquoise can be combined with other colors, but the line that divides sophistication from bad taste is fine, so think carefully before carrying it out.

Lighting in modern living rooms

The first thing to take into account when decorating a living room is the brightness. To do this, and to give an impression of spaciousness, use light-colored curtains that let in all the light, and as sober as possible, since the modern style leaves aside all the baroque style of previous decades. The trends mark a clear line that points to the functionality of the space, the use of natural light, introducing several strategic lighting points to create interesting focal points.

Half partition wall

If you want to separate the living living room from the dining living room or another space, a good idea is to place a half wall with a fireplace on both sides, that one and at the same time divide the two spaces.

Decorated ceilings

In general, the ceiling tends to take a back seat in the decoration, however, we are seeing a growing trend to make it unique and impressive through a color or decorations.


Undoubtedly, if there is something that we all enjoy, it is the meetings with friends and family, and that is also why, as a way of flattering them, we like to have a pleasant and very warm space where we can receive them. That is why we show you some meeting spaces that have become a trend. They are based on a very creative common idea, capable of providing both the living rooms and the interior and exterior patios with a high dose of style and good taste. It consists of a very interesting design, through the adoption of a level slightly below the height of the floor. Which, being slightly sunken, makes it a more intimate environment, ideal to enjoy with our loved ones. Besides being very warm and intimate spaces, they can also become an excellent option for hours of rest and relaxation.

Small modern living rooms

Building and decorating a small living living room can be tricky. Especially if you also have to incorporate a dining living room, a kitchen or a study. Sofa, armchairs, coffee table, TV, bookshelves, a closet. You must ask yourself: what do you do in your living living room? Do you use it to watch television with your family, do you host friends or do you prefer a quiet place to read or relax? Determining the main function of the living room will allow you the best use and configuration of it. Obviously avoid oversized furniture: for example, sofas that take up too much space, or too many shelves. The walls lined with books give a feeling of oppression. Trying to gain height, keep in mind that very tall furniture tends to crush the living room. Also, contrary to popular belief, everything painted white is not going to expand the space. A touch of color will help attract the eyes, and in this way, the living room will feel more spacious. A minimalist style decoration is always recommended. Light woods, natural materials, soft colors, top quality fabrics. You can create optical illusions, a mirror or the use of stripes, they can give the impression of space. Also remember to go green: with some plants, a living room feels fresh. Multiply the light sources. The more light is placed in a living room, the space will appear larger. A ceiling lamp, a floor lamp, a reading light, a good table lamp, a couple of colored lights, everything will create not only moods, but also a feeling of volume in your living living room. Opt for furniture that offers storage space, however small it may be, choose a sofa with a compartment under the seat. Another tip to save space: folding furniture. Nesting tables, folding chairs or stacking stools allow you to receive guests without having unnecessary furniture all the time. Avoid accumulation. Don't put too many pictures on the walls. A set of small frames grouped together on a wall, for example, or conversely, a very large frame.

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