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9 Best Colors to Paint Your Living Room in 2024

Living room with green and pink wall with large cloth sofa.

In decoration, as in fashion, every year, paint manufacturers set the tone and unveil their flagship colors. Among the best colors to paint your living room in 2024 are shades of blue and green, very different from previous years. Sophistication and glamor are once again making their mark alongside very natural tones which remain popular.

Here are the 9 best color ideas to paint your living room in 2024:

  1. Sage green is in the spotlight

  2. Horizon Blue: Color of the Year

  3. Yellow is more energetic and pop

  4. Pink for a very soft touch

  5. The cognac color and its masculine imprint

  6. Beiges and nudes: make way for serenity best colors to paint the living room

  7. The camaieu is still unavoidable

  8. Red is essential in carmine or burgundy tones only

  9. The timeless gray is always present

Sage green is in the spotlight

Sage green room wall paint trend with pink rose on table.

Sage green is making a strong comeback in our interiors, gently and discreetly, it is happy to appear in your living room. You can easily combine it with an anthracite gray to sublimate it, but also with dark wood, a powdery pink, or a more powerful pink, a shade that is making a very noticeable comeback in our decor. The first to jump on this trend is the Dulux Valentine paints with "Olive Branch" which is a soothing and comforting sage green that is quietly settling into our living room. It is reminiscent of the sweet scents of plants, but also the freshness and softness of aloe. It is a versatile shade that gives the living room a lot of liveliness. It's a relaxed color that fits perfectly into a revival approach with calm and saturated tones. Well-being remains very present despite these past months, lulled by uncertainty and isolation. This shade can easily give a second life to a forgotten and obsolete piece of furniture.

Horizon Blue: Color of the Year

Living room with horizon blue wall paint and white color couch and green plants in vases on floor.

The color of the Year 2024 is Horizon Blue. Imbued with softness, it reconciles you with the outdoors and brings real breath to your space. It is a perfect color to make a fresh start and renew your daily life. It installs a real renaissance in the world of decoration. It pairs well with other shades, such as a deep, characterful brown for the perfect balance. This pale blue counterbalances the bolder shades to bring freshness. The walls of your living room are thus adorned with a pastel color, but which offers a kind of welcome renewal in this period.

Yellow is more energetic and pop

Bright yellow office chair on wooden floor.

Yellow in 2024 is brighter, more sustained, lively, and solar. It is indeed the great return of colors with pep's and vibrant. Lemon yellow in particular is a must in our interiors. He enters salons in small notes so as not to risk becoming aggressive. These explosive shades are almost fluorescent and very vivid.

You sublimate it with an anthracite gray. It's part of a bolder trend, part of the pop trend. It replaces the mustard yellow that has invaded our interiors in recent years. These shades are found in almost all colors such as pink, carmine red, acid green, etc. These very sparkling colors are perfectly integrated into our current living rooms and slightly attenuated by a touch of gray for example.

Pink for a very soft touch

Living room with fire place and pink colored wall.

This new version of pink contains a high content of yellow pigments, it is perfect for bringing a lot of warmth and calm to your living room. This subtle shade gives a beautiful setting for your furniture and decorative objects. It is so delicate that it can be applied to the walls and the ceiling. It allows you to create a very soft and cozy universe and a very welcoming and relaxing living room.

The cognac color and its masculine imprint

cognac color living room with a masculine trend.

Cognac is a must in the decoration world in 2024, for a very masculine touch that is not without inspiration from the 60s. If it was already very present in the ready-to-wear collections of recent years, it makes a remarkable entrance into our interiors. It is a very warm and interesting shade to place, whether in touches or on a wall. It harmonizes perfectly with neutral colors, such as off-white, but also noisy materials such as leather, light wood furniture, linen, cotton, etc.

Beiges and nudes: make way for serenity best colors to paint the living room

Living room with Beiges and natural nude colors.

If certain colors make a remarkable entrance in our interiors, others remain very present in this 2024 collection and this is the case of beiges and nudes. These warm and cozy tones adorn your living room with a softness that goes well with a chic, contemporary, or more classic ethnic decoration. You can play on two different shades to delimit the volumes or the different spaces without the risk of overloading the room. It is a beautiful option that retains a certain natural and subtle charm. Nudes, largely inspired by cosmetics, are also synonymous with softness and bring this cocooning aspect, which we need in our living rooms. The different shades often contain a hint of pink for a discreet feminine note. These shades have the advantage of remaining very present without imposing themselves in your living room. They are warm and very cozy, but also very natural.

The camaieu is still unavoidable

Living room with monochrome color wall and sofa.

If you are not very comfortable with the handling of colors, the easiest way is to opt for a monochrome. This one comes very easily from a single color which reduces the risk of committing the slightest mistake.

In the same color family, you juggle different tones to bring subtlety to your living room. This allows you to play with volumes and bring rhythm to your space. You don't take risks, yet you get a stylish and harmonious living room!

Red is essential in carmine or burgundy tones only!

Dinning room with red and white wall paint and large window.

The reds have been looking for their place for a few years in our decoration without finding it. They even tend to disappear little by little. However, if you like this color, in 2024 choose it from carmine or burgundy shades. These are the two best colors to paint the living room that will be popular in our interiors.

The deep burgundy gives a lot of character to your space while the carmine is rather the friend of the contemporary and modernist decoration. These two shades then come back to compete with the tones from the earth that still prevailed last year and which remain present today but in a more measured way.

The timeless gray is always present

Tan colored couch with gray wall paint color.

Whether for its softness or to sublimate another shade, gray is always well established in our interiors. It is preferably chosen in a slightly sophisticated tone, containing a hint of blue or green. We love its elegance and sobriety, perfect for highlighting the colors that are part of the 2024 trend.

If gray is rarely mentioned, it is nonetheless essential and timeless in our decoration. Contrary to popular belief, it displays a real personality, as in the case of verdigris. Gray is a color that tells a story and is not as neutral as we tend to think.

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