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Colors That Make Small Living Rooms Look Bigger

Updated: Jan 30

The decoration of a living room has become one of the most sought after topics by all people and is that, they are undoubtedly one of the spaces with the most traffic of people, where we receive more visits and where we usually spend more time. So if you are looking for ideas to decorate or renovate just the space of your living room. Consider these colors for a small living room, we will see: Small living rooms gray, Bluish gray, Beige for living rooms, Light pink, Bright white, Black, Living rooms decorated with red, Peach, Sky blue and many suggestions more that will fascinate you. Without a doubt, you can rely on colors to give a specific style to the decoration of your living room. Since there are different colors that you can base yourself on to beautify your space, to reinforce the style, etc. So if you are in the process of remodeling your living room and your house in general. You have to consider these color recommendations for a small living room. Which can be adapted to different styles of decoration, which will not only make your room look stylish but also give it a touch of warmth and home. As you can see throughout the post, there are different color options for a small living room. Since the main function that these colors have is in addition to making it look cute, making the space look wider than it really is. We start with the recommendations!

Small gray living rooms

Small gray living rooms are the sensation of the moment, which is why it is first on the list of colors for a small living room. You can consider different ranges or shades of gray. Light gray is one of the most used in small spaces. This color is perfect because not only the light of gray will be perfect to give a feeling of spaciousness to your space, but you can also give a more than elegant touch to the decoration of your room. But yes, it is better to be a soft tone because otherwise, you will only make the room look smaller and you do not want to achieve that. This color is ideal for the most minimalist decorations, so you will have spaciousness and a cozy room.

Bluish-gray Colors Make Living Rooms Look Bigger

Bluish gray is the next color recommendation for a small living room. Unlike the previous recommendation, bluish gray is perfect to give your living room a lot of personality. Not only that, but it will also work with the visual effect of making your room look more spacious. It combines very well with other colors that will give you good energy such as green or purple. So you could generate many interesting combinations. Check out the best ways to add this color to your living room below. You are going to love the result!

Beige for living rooms

Beige for living rooms is another of the best colors for a small living room. With this, you have no loss. Since beige is a neutral color that is perfect in small spaces. Beige will give depth to the room and is very visual. In addition, it is a very versatile color that fits very well with other colors so it will come in handy in any type of decoration, especially if it is a room that does not have much natural light. Not only does it go well with other colors, but you can use them in different decorating styles. Beige colors make small living rooms look bigger.

Light pink

Light pink is another of the best colors for a small living room, this can be perfect mainly because it is a color in a very light tone. What will fulfill the function of the amplitude. It is also very flattering because it reflects light and also fits very well with other rooms. It doesn't feel burdensome and will give you that much-needed spaciousness. It is also a color that provides emotional tranquility and you can choose many different colors in the decoration, as well as the use of the decorative style that you prefer. I love this option because I also feel that it gives a touch of modernity to the spaces.

Bright white

Bright white is the next color for a small living room, one of its many advantages is that it is a color that you will love for your small living room. Because it is a classic color that never goes out of style, it does not feel heavy, nor too cold and tasteless, and even less if you know how to use it correctly. If you prefer a minimalist environment, this color is for you, because it will be a cozy and full of good energy. Plus, white goes with all colors! We also see bright white in a lot of decorating styles, from traditional, modern, contemporary, etc. Without a doubt, bright white is one of the most used colors to decorate this type of room. You will achieve a warm, modern, harmonious environment with a very elegant touch. Check below in the images, how to add this color in different ways to the decoration of a small living room. You will love it!


You can give your small living room a lot of personality if you decorate it with the color black. That's why we added this shade to the list of color suggestions for a small living room. For many it might seem like a very risky and daring option, but also not very flattering. And the reality is quite the opposite, if it can be a risky color, but knowing how to add it to the decoration of our living room we can transform the space into an original, modern and well decorated place. The recommendation to use black in a small living room is that you only have to choose black paint and use only one wall, which is an accent. This will achieve a depth effect so that the room appears longer and wider. Of course, the rest of the walls, better that they are in white.

Living rooms decorated with red

Living rooms decorated in red are another riskier option. That's why we add it to the color recommendations for a small living room. It can be a very vibrant color that brings you good energy in a small living room. You can combine it with warm or white tones of the hue you prefer. This way you will have a great effect in your living room. Without a doubt it can also be a magnificent color to accentuate some of the walls of your house. It is also a color that you can add with different decorative accessories.


Peach is the next of the colors for a small living room. This peach color is very refreshing and looks great for any space in your home, and also for a small living room. It is a color that will look great and will make your room look bigger. Like the rest of the colors, you can add it in the amount you want and also with the elements you prefer. Some people choose to do it with the walls, with the furniture, with decorative accessories or with the textiles. Check out the best ways to add this color to your small living room below. I hope you like it!

Light blue

We finalize these color recommendations for a small living room, recommending sky blue for your living room. Sky blue is another perfect color for a small living room, as it is a tone that invites relaxation in all aspects. In addition, it will make you feel that you are on the beach or in the middle of nature. You can combine it with other colors such as white, beige, light brown... it has many possibilities for decoration and color combinations. Without a doubt, with the sky blue and the rest of the colors that we share throughout the post, you can get the house of your dreams. I hope the suggestions are helpful!

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