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2024 Modern Small Apartment Living Room Furniture

Updated: Jan 30

Small Living Room Trend

Small apartment living room furniture in 2024 is a comfortable environment for relaxing or socializing with friends. Many solutions are popular that create the effect of space and comfort. Thanks to simple lines, light colors, and upholstery, such furniture can be visually expanded and make the room original.

Features of modern style

Cozy living room with white couches and fixtures trend

Minimalism prevails in the modern direction. To achieve this, more attention is paid to textures, volumes, and linearity. Experiments are welcome in the design. Distinctive features of this style:

  • Simplicity and clarity of lines. Catchy furniture is not used in this solution.

  • Comfort. A neutral color scheme creates a backdrop that allows you to focus on both leisure communication and work.

  • The use of furniture in artificial and natural materials.

Small Apartment Living Room Furniture types

The modern style room focuses on upholstered furniture. Rocking chairs and Voltaire chairs will be great additions. Large body products do not fit here. It is important to choose such models that do not clutter up the space.


Modular living room furniture for small space

Modular living room furniture in a modern style allows you to equip a room of any size. This option is especially suitable for a small room. This model consists of cabinets and shelves that can be rearranged and combined in different ways. The complexes must blend in with the rest of the setting. Sometimes manufacturers add body types and models with soft upholstery to them. Inserts made of glass, wood, and metal are used as decoration, as well as mirrors, which add originality to the atmosphere.


Bulky walls are not used in modern style. Instead, functional and perfect sets are used that look good in any interior. Usually, to save space, they purchase models with compartment doors. The difference between case models is that all products are compact.


Wood and metal living room furniture

Living room in a modern style involves the use of models with soft upholstery. This allows you to make the room more comfortable. Preference is given to sofas and armchairs, modules, and poufs. They are placed in the center. Corner furniture is also popular. The frame of soft models is made of wood and metal. There are also frameless elements. Inside such chairs, sofas, and poufs there is a special filler. Products are upholstered with artificial and natural leather, fur, and jacquard. The living room looks great with a transforming sofa located in it. It saves space. An original solution can be an island, consisting of a large pouf, and a coffee table with soft upholstery.

Choosing the color of the furniture

In modern classics, when using colors and shades, certain rules must be followed. Design Tips:

  • White objects that go well with any shades will look most beneficial in a modern style.

  • It is better to choose wooden furniture in a white color, in brown, white or beige.

  • Combinations of cream color with black and gray colors look good in this solution. It also allows the use of glossy surfaces in combination with matte ones. So that the room does not seem gloomy, they give preference to light shades.

Materials for furniture in the living room

Furniture items must be made of safe and reliable materials.

  • Wood. Popular models are made of pine, oak, beech, and ash. They are durable and resistant to environmental influences.

  • Chipboard. Furniture made of this material is affordable. However, some manufacturers use cheap varnishes and formaldehyde, which is dangerous for living quarters.

  • Plastic. It is used to create hanging and small interior items. Modern model furniture for the living room is complemented by metal, and glass inserts, which makes it sophisticated and original.

How to select furniture for a small living room?

Compact furniture is well suited for a small-sized living room, which does not clutter up the area. You should not use massive cabinets, since against their background the room will seem even smaller. Lightness can be created with hinged shelves, and long horizontal modifications. They are attached to the walls not only with brackets but also with special structures that create the feeling that they are floating in the air. It is better to store things in wardrobes. It is better to choose upholstered furniture for a small living room with monochromatic upholstery. Corner models are suitable to accommodate all guests. You can also improve the situation with the help of fireplaces, niches, open shelves, consoles, and podiums.

Photo of furniture in a modern style for the living room

There is no place for a large number of decorative elements in modern style. And to be convinced of this, it is enough to look at a few photos of furniture for the living room.

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