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Top Home Decor Trends 2024: Sustainable, Natural, and Zen

Updated: Jan 23

The 2024 decor trends are chic looks that you will certainly want to introduce into your interior! The trends of 2024 tie in with current design, while letting in some timeless classics. Without further ado, check out the upcoming trends in the following lines!

Trends in decoration in 2024

Room with green wall paint styles and green plants.

The emphasis on naturalness and sustainability continues to grow compared to interior trends of previous years. It is no wonder that their aesthetic is more and more refined and coveted. In addition, a subtle fusion of retro, natural and Zen elements is born in the interior home decor trends 2024. Consider bringing authentic greenery into your home. Plants not only complement the natural wood introduced into the decor, but purify the air.

Multifunctional parts

Note that single-use spaces seem to be a thing of the past. Interior design trends in 2024 present some clever ideas on multifunctional rooms. You'll be able to make the most of every nook and cranny with innovative room separation tactics.

Zen home decor trends 2024

Light wood, clean lines and floating surfaces make a huge contribution to an organic and natural decor. For this purpose, plants are often included for a calming aesthetic.


Well-done minimalism improves the livability of a room. To achieve a simplistic look, consider sticking to one or two main materials for furniture, like wood or steel, and limit decorative items. Know that you can introduce a focal point through different textures and contrasting surfaces.

Home office

There is increased interest in creating the perfect home office. From a spacious space with everything you need to a fold-out desk in a living room, home offices come in all shapes and sizes. But whatever the look, remember that the goal is to make this space work for you. So, when designing your own work area, keep in mind that functionality, practicality, and aesthetics are just as important.

Trends in living room decor in 2024

Living room with organic and sustainable trend.

As new forms of design take off, organic forms are becoming more and more popular. Once again, we see that the interior design trends in 2024 will have sustainability at the heart. Be aware that interior design trends in 2024 see a movement towards maximizing glass. For example, oversized walls and pendant lights are just some of the many ways glass is used. In this way, the use of plastic is eliminated.

What is the trend for furniture - sofa trend 2024?

Living room with leather sofa and gray bricked wall.

The curved furniture design trend in 2024 is the one that survived the pandemic, it thrived. Furniture and decor with softer edges is not only feminine but also gives a romantic touch to the room. The rounded furniture bears the imprint of the modern style which is making a comeback. However, this time around, the curve extends beyond the lavish C-shaped sofas. We also see soft-edged tables and reimagined contemporary chairs. These soft shapes bring lightness and romanticism to interiors.

What are the trendy textiles in decoration in 2024?

Living room with green wall paper style and velvet sofa.

Textiles also take softer forms. Velvet, for example, is a plush material that can instantly enhance the interior. It is a great fabric for living spaces and bedrooms. Opt for velvet in a bold single color or pair it with smaller, soft accents. Feel free to create a contrast between the softness of the velvet with metal elements or with smooth cushions. Moving away from maximalist styles, velvet will bring a luxurious touch to refined and sober interiors. Plus, it will add warmth to styles that might seem cold or unwelcoming.

What are the trending patterns in 2024?

Note that herringbone floors are making a comeback as well. What is more, there are many types of geometric patterned floors that are among the interior design trends in 2024. In order to create a large-scale pattern, stick to a neutral color palette.

Color trends in 2024 - living room paint

Living room with shades of green furniture and wall paint.  Green sofa, green door, white tiled floor, and dark gray wall.

A neutral colored base opens up a range of possibilities. Think stone gray, shades of black, and off-white. Greens in pastel or tinted tones, for example, refresh the interior without dominating the look. A shade of green that emerges from the natural base is a good way to add a subtle touch of color. The trends in colors go to the extreme with black. Although they come in small doses, black accents are powerful. Take into account that if you opt for raw materials, it is better to bet on the walls painted white. Remember that lighter floors can act as a canvas on which to add bright colors. Heat up the mood even more, by introducing soft textures.

What are the trendy colors in decoration?

Living room with purple and green tones.

Dreamy blue and purple tones that create a calming atmosphere, bright and welcoming yellows, tangerines, baby pinks infiltrate interiors in a very sophisticated way in their most subdued forms. Note that in 2024, deep blues seem to be the most trendy. Feel free to create a dramatic and cocooning room using the darker shades of blue. Colors such as deep and dark eggplant introduce a sultry sophistication. In 2024, we continue to draw inspiration from nature. So, it's no surprise that green is one of the flagship colors. Note that the darker shades of green evoke feelings of comfort, rest and security. It is an incredibly powerful color to calm the mind. Earthy tones like terracotta, bold ochres can make interiors even more heartwarming and inviting. The primary red with clean notes that make it vintage and timeless is going to be very fashionable as well.

Bedroom trends in 2024

Bedrooms with plush pillows, and comfortable beds and furniture.

To emphasize relaxation and comfort in your bedroom, consider layering plush pillows and soft, luxurious textiles. Remember to accessorize with items that evoke calm and comfort like scented candles, your favorite books or family photos. The use of natural and environmentally friendly materials is especially important in the bedroom. On the color side, neutrals like white and gray are always preferred for the soothing feeling they bring. However, warmer, bolder hues are starting to gain popularity. Note that orange, caramel, mossy green, and burgundy are some of the most popular hues in bedding collections. Feel free to incorporate warm, saturated shades or bold patterns on the bedding or on the walls to add a burst of color.

Dining Room Trends 2024

Dinning room with brick wall, white table, and painting.

In 2024, opulence will reign. The chairs are covered with heavy textiles such as cord or velvet. The smooth leather also brings a modern industrial look. Scandinavian style is interpreted in a modern way this year. Take into account that stronger earthy undertones such as camel or rusty orange are paired with saturated gray-blue hues. Do not forget about shades of white such as creamy white, ivory, pearl white or seashell white which have a calming effect. Note that a cowhide rug can perfectly frame and enhance the dining room. A marble top brings a touch of exclusivity and luxury to the dining room. It can be perfectly combined with wood or with leather chairs.

Interior decoration trend 2024 - indoor plants

Back to nature - this year indoor plants are not only a beautiful decoration, but the main players. There are many alternatives for hanging them to create more space. In addition, in this way, they will receive more light.

Which trendy lighting to adopt in 2024?

The right lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere and casts a soft light on the dining area. This year, oversized pendant lights in rattan, raffia, cork or seagrass are very trendy. On the one hand because they are environmentally friendly and on the other hand, because they have a relaxed handmade look. Know that gold replaces copper, brass and rose gold. The shades in smoked blue glass guarantee breathtaking effects, but the pendant lights in gray or white shades are also real eye-catchers. If you dare, you can combine several pendant lights made from different materials and create exciting contrasts.

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