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2024 Interior Design Trends

2024 has not spared trends in the world of interior design. They appear quite often and many of them immediately become everyone's favorites. Different design options, materials, and styles - all make up a unique composition in the interior of 2024. What new trends can you consider especially closely? This article contains exactly those "chips" that not only will not go out of fashion tomorrow but will continue to remain at the peak of popularity for more than one year.

Personalization for the 2024 Interior Design Trends

First, you need to understand exactly what trends are pursued by the modern style in 2024. One of its main rules is personalization. Many designers began to find themselves following a certain theme and style and turned directly to the person, the owner of the interior. In the end, it is for him to live there, which means that the whole house should become not just his fortress, but a part of himself. Home is an extension of personality - this is the main axiom of modern style in 2024. Now the style of the interior adapts to its owner.

Invisible walls

The combination of a kitchen and a living room, a living room and a bedroom, a bedroom and everything that only can be sore on edge for all the years when it was at the peak of popularity. Now designers do not strive to demolish walls and create a basic "open space", especially in apartments, where the meter allows you to abandon such redevelopment. However, for small apartments, combining space is still relevant, how not to destroy private spaces? Special partitions-screens come to the rescue, stretching from ceiling to floor, and, as a rule, made of glass and metal. Such structures are easy to open and close, and if you want complete privacy, you can always attach a curtain to the entire length of the structure.

Metal in the interior

Metal structures come into their own especially fully. These can be forged lamps, mirror frames, or tables. Such interior items can be made of bronze, steel, or brass.

Wood in the interior

The modern interior strives for environmental friendliness and awareness, so you can't do without wood here. Ceiling beams appear in apartments and houses, walls are sheathed with wood, and parquet is laid on the floor. It is comfortable, practical, and very cozy.

Stone in the interior

Stone finishes in 2024 are found on window sills, countertops, and floors. Natural stone is especially welcome, but it can be replaced with imitation, for example, this is often done with marble.

Furniture in a modern interior

Trends in the coming year continue the theme of environmental friendliness even in furniture. Increasingly, you can find a set of wood species: larch, birch, ash, or oak. The decoration of upholstered furniture, as a rule, is velour, velvet, or other fabric that emphasizes the individuality of the owner.

Popular Interior Styles 2024

Although the trend is not adherence to the well-established interior styles, some features characteristic of certain directions are still manifested in the apartment more. If you follow them and understand that the owners like this or that style, you can add some of its details to the furnishings, and then it will sparkle even more expressively. What styles are currently at the peak of popularity?


The undisputed leader for quite some time. Many people fell in love with this direction for its simplicity, understandable materials, and sound approach to creating an interior. And it is not at all necessary to be for a healthy lifestyle, it is enough just to love nature. Everything natural is important for eco-style in the interior. He especially loves wood and natural light. Do not forget about plants, which are usually abundant in eco-style. No one will even be forbidden to break a green corner in one of the rooms. Add here handmade things, clay decor elements, rattan furniture, and natural shades, and the apartment will acquire a charming "eco-style" look.


Another 2024 interior design trends that does not want to go out of style. Its advantages are appreciated by many lovers of modern style. Everything in it is simple, laconic, and harmonious - nothing superfluous. And all the elements fit together flawlessly. Minimalism is about functionality and the desire to streamline your life. The feeling of freedom, space, and tranquility is important for him. Minimalism removes partitions and thresholds and chooses monotony and pastel colors with bright accents. The materials for it are ceramics, stone, glass, and plastic of excellent quality.


This style combines things that seem incongruous at first glance. The new here is closely intertwined with the old, and luxury coexists with empty spaces. Eclecticism is becoming more and more popular precisely because the frames and boundaries between styles are erased in it, it allows them to mix and adjust not for a certain direction, but for a person who will live in the interior.

Interior Colors 2024

Modern trends are such that the color in the interior should give a feeling of lightness, harmony, and tranquility. Due to the pandemic, many have switched to remote work and work from their own homes, and in 2024 this way is still preserved. Therefore, there should be nothing annoying in the house, including the tint palette - after all, you will have to be in it most of the time. Better to take a closer look at natural pastel colors and soft accents. So, for example, the most fashionable colors in the interior adhere to a warm range: light green, sand, blue, peach, and gray.

Trendy apartment decoration

It is important to understand which direction the interior design tends the most. For example, if there are loft elements in it, then the brickwork will be harmonious with the walls. Minimalism loves paintable walls, and eclecticism can even accept wallpaper in the interior. Don't be afraid to experiment. You can also nicely combine several finishes. For example, a photo or ordinary wallpaper looks great as a decoration on one of the walls. Other walls can simply be painted with pastel paint. One of the trends is murals on the walls. The interior will acquire a touch of neoclassicism and with stucco and moldings. The main thing here is not to get carried away, and you can also interestingly combine all these designer decorations with a casually plastered wall - you get a little theatrical, but very unusual effect. So, the trends in 2024 provide a vast field for imagination. They are often used at their discretion, however, the most fashionable and successful trends will not only be popular for a long time but will also help to equip your home as comfortably as possible.

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