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Exclusive Living Room Lighting: Family Room Light Ideas

Updated: Jan 30

Three light sources are required: They should come from above, from below, and from the side. But which living room lighting ideas are currently modern and promise a highly exclusive design?

Family room light: Direct and indirect lighting ideas for the living room

Which living room lighting ideas can design the room in such a way that it appears exclusive and modern, cozy and homely, and bright enough in the necessary places? It is not always the large chandelier that illuminates everything from above and illuminates the entire living space. But one of the sometimes unusual chandeliers like on is one of them! However, experts recommend using energy-saving LEDs that distribute the light evenly in the room as spotlights. It is ideal if a dimmer allows the brightness to be adjusted.

Let the light shine from below and from the side

In addition to direct lighting from above, a living space that should appear modern and exclusive at the same time needs light from below. This is ensured by floor lamps and ceiling wash lights, which create illuminated islands in the room and give it the necessary depth. A lamp should be flexible so that the reading corner in the living room can be illuminated accordingly. The light should not only come from above and below but also from the sides. This, in turn, is possible with wall lights. Such lights are good for the region around screens and televisions, for example, because direct light there would unnecessarily disturb. However, the indirect lighting eliminates annoying reflections. Beautiful arrangements are also possible with table or picture lights that perfectly represent a certain scene in the living room. Individual table lamps can also be chosen as a highlight, such living room lighting ideas are welcome in a modern room. Lights that have a programmable timer function can even do something good in terms of safety, as they indicate that someone is at home. In any case, the potential burglar on the street does not know whether that is the case or not.

Important when building a new building

If a house is newly planned or extensively renovated, the lighting should be considered. Sufficient sockets should be available as well as different connections in the room. This allows wonderful living room lighting ideas to be implemented and can be flexibly changed again and again. If you want to live exclusively, you should start thinking about changes now, because a modernly lit room should eventually follow a completely different lighting concept. Tip: The color of the light source is also relevant. Halogen spotlights look very cool, LEDs that give off a warm light are better. In terms of color, LEDs can best be compared with the earlier incandescent lamps, which most people found pleasant. Energy-saving lamps must be installed wherever the light is switched on frequently and for long periods, such as in the hallway. Incidentally, everything only becomes exclusive when the lighting concept is allowed to "grow". This means that it is gradually adapted to your own needs. Indirect and direct lighting, individual design, and traditional floor lamps, chandeliers, and lighting via LED: This is how living room lighting ideas are implemented in a modern way!

11 examples & ideas for the perfect family room light concept

The following 11 living room lighting ideas show the sense of modern design, for the connection of different styles and optimal lighting in the living room

1.       Open living-kitchen area with exclusive lighting

The open living concept with an attached kitchen unit lives from the individual lighting with the large hanging lamps with lampshades. Furnished in the 1970s, the floor lamp also appears very conservative. This impression is loosened by the lighting concept on the wall behind the couch so that there is a connection between modern and classic.

2.       Eye-catching chandelier

The real eye-catcher in this picture is the chandelier, which hangs classically above the small side table. The exclusive impression is interrupted by the modern glass table. Overall, the furnishings and lighting create a highly exclusive design, which is further enhanced by the individual curtains. The large windows provide indirect lighting during the day, which makes any artificial light superfluous.

3.       Direct and indirect lighting in a classic style

This picture shows wonderful direct lighting from the large hanging lamps, which with their white balls look like snowballs. They are the eye-catchers in the room and are reminiscent of free-floating molecules. The classic floor lamp on the small sideboard provides a color contrast for a special kind of eye-catcher.

4.       Luxurious French-style living room

Looking for perfect living room lighting ideas? Then here comes the ideal design for those who like it a little more exclusive. In the style of the French nobles, this living room shows itself with high ceilings, filigree decorations on the walls, wood paneling, and an implied fireplace with a mirror. The lighting is based on an opulent chandelier that forms the big picture from many individual lamps.

5.       Classic with pastel colors

Soft armchairs in soft pink pastel colors invite you to sit down and linger. This living area is ideal as a reception area for guests who want to make themselves a little cozy. The basket-like tables are sufficient as small storage options. The lamps provide direct lighting and have a paper design.

6.       Bright interior for a modern design

A modern mural, a comfortable sofa, a subtle wall decoration, and the tropical plant give this living room the impression of a cozy apartment in which the world can be viewed in peace. Elegant macramé, stylish accessories, and a tiny touch of clutter make the living room an individual room in which it is easy to live.

7.       Modern apartment with an open space concept

This apartment shows what it has to offer at first glance. The large living area is brought into focus and relies on a very bright design. This is emphasized by the dark wall colors. The eat-in kitchen area is a modern highlight, with its counter and where the bar stools invite you to linger.

8.       Modern living room with exclusive furnishings

Large patterns like those from the 1970s meet calm wood tones, light colors meet a bright orange. If you are looking for modern living room lighting ideas, you should look at the ceiling lamp, which is a real highlight for the living room with its exclusive shape and color, which can be found in the living room both in the furnishings and the carpet.

9.       Direct and indirect lighting in the living room

This living room combines light and dark colors as well as the heavy design of the dark wall unit with the filigree ceiling lights. As spotlights, these offer a spotlight, which is supplemented by the indirect lighting of the wall unit. Black armchairs form the contrast to the white and green living area and thus pick up on the color of the wall unit.

10.     Round meets the square, light meets dark

This family room light looks elegant and modern at the same time. The living room relies on a timeless design with upholstered chairs at a wooden table, an open kitchen, and the individual lighting concept. Large ceiling lamps are complemented by spotlights and LEDs, with the round ceiling lamps lighting up the side table in the living area and dining area. The entire living space appears open and friendly.

11.     Suspension lamp with visible cables as an eye-catcher

The floor-to-ceiling window ensures sufficient daylight. If it gets dark in the evening or if it is rather cloudy outside, the hanging lamp with visible cables is responsible for illuminating the room. The gray tones look anything but dreary here, they rather form the perfect background for the colored accessories. The entire living space exudes a coziness that immediately invites you to linger.

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