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Latest Apartment Design Trends 2024

Our article will help you find out the trendy apartment design solutions for 2024. The interior design industry is currently booming. This is mainly due to the construction of new elite apartment buildings with a modern layout. The owners of such apartments want to create an interior that will reflect their high social status and individuality.

Apartment Design 2024: Design Trends 2024

Choosing the design of an apartment in 2024 should be based on your lifestyle. As practice shows, successful young people prefer modern interior designs. Mature people order interior design projects in the styles of Modern, Neoclassical and taking into account the latest trends in apartment design. The choice of this or that design is also influenced by family members and the age of the children. It is not recommended to choose the design of the apartment 2024 in the style of Provence, Mediterranean or one of the ethnic styles. If they attract you, then leave such experiments to give. In addition, the architecture of the building is also important. For example, you should not try to achieve a loft style for a house with high arched windows or try to recreate the classics in a modern building with panoramic windows. Trendy, contemporary styles include Scandinavian, minimalist or eco-design. Ethno design or maximalism can be recommended as a more colorful alternative. From conditionally historical directions, art deco, neoclassic and English style are more relevant. By the way, many studios offer to mix two or three styles. Please note that this is not an eclectic 2024 apartment design style. Designers recommend combining a couple of styles. For example, they suggest creating a neoclassical design with typical art deco elements.

Apartment Design 2024: Interior Color Trends 2024

Although the choice of color largely depends on the chosen style, every year designers offer their own color palette. American studios call the trendy color of 2024 "Night Watch". This noble and rich shade of dark green is suitable for historical interiors. However, they do not recommend abusing this color. It is enough to apply it on one wall or use textiles of this color. Shades of color of motor fuel are also fashionable. They will look especially original in combination with green.

Eco-design and minimalism in apartment decor in 2024

The desire to be closer to nature has been fashionable for many years. This is due to the global trend, when everyone will try to save the scarce resources of our planet. As we have already said, modern apartment design can combine several styles. In particular, a combination of minimalism and eco-style would be an ideal choice. For example, a green wall might appear in your living room. This type of decor, which used to be typical only for the facades of houses, today is suitable for both living rooms and bathrooms. Another trend is the use of natural stones, which should be combined with wood. You should not use different wallpapers with forest landscapes. Such decors are not suitable for creating interior design. In the coming year, panels made of natural stones with decorative lamps will become a real trend. In particular, such onyx decor will give the design of an apartment in 2024 a unique look.

Apartment design 2024: Scandinavian apartment design 2024

Although Scandinavian design is no longer a novelty, it will be relevant in the coming year. Scandinavian design apartments must be created using handmade apartment decor 2024. The motto for next year is "Modesty + Imperfection". The presence of various flaws in wooden objects and deliberate roughness of processing are acceptable. Furniture like IKEA is welcome, but one that will be easy to combine with a natural texture. In addition, designers recommend using houseplants installed in classic clay pots as decor. Trendy Scandinavian apartment design 2024 can be decorated with recycled carpets. This will give the interior a slight retro touch.

Apartment decor 2024: Fashion trends of maximalism 2024

Do you want to create a bright and extravagant apartment design in 2024? Then choose maximalism. This is the second season for this style, thanks to Italian designers, it is considered one of the most relevant. Please note that this is a design on the verge of kitsch, which blurs the boundaries between taste and bad taste. You can use the most unthinkable color combinations in your design. Feel free to place marble figurines on fashionable, completely transparent racks with a futuristic design.

Ethnic style apartment design 2024

Ethnic apartment design style 2024 will allow you to make various interior decorations for your home. It is especially suitable for people who travel a lot and bring original souvenirs from their trips. Experts do not advise to fix everything in one place. You should choose a theme, for example, hunting, and use products from different nations to decorate the room. Moreover, you can mix authentic items from different cultures, matched in the same color shade. Those who want to create a minimalist interior can be recommended to include a couple of African masks or Japanese fans as decorative elements. They will add charm to your design and create a unique atmosphere.

Neoclassic and Art Deco Interior Design Trends 2024

Among the clients of design studios there are many people who are accustomed to luxury and strive in every possible way to emphasize their high social status. They can be offered a trendy apartment design in 2024 in a neoclassical style mixed with art deco. A novelty is the use of blue or blue-green velvet in interior design. It can be armchairs, sofas or curtains. Among the trends of this style, you can see various designs in black. Please note that such an interior is only suitable for kitchens where you rarely cook, as it is extremely impractical. However, it will give a classic look to your kitchen. You can pair black with white or red for kitchen furniture for a more trendy look. So, summing up, we can say that the choice of the design of your apartment 2024 is mainly up to you. Take into account your personal preferences in choosing colors, types of furniture that you like best.

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