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Interior Design Solutions We Expect To See In 2024

Every year brings something new with it, and at the beginning of the year, we always listen with interest to the forecasts. This statement is also true about the discussion of emerging trends in the field of interior design: the beginning of the year is often filled with expert disputes about what will be in fashion and what will not. We are ambivalent about the idea of trends in design. However, it is impossible not to notice that the design and decoration of our homes are constantly changing, often reflecting what is happening around us. It is always interesting to watch how certain materials, shapes, colors, etc. come and go out of fashion from year to year. We are happy to share our thoughts and offer some interior design ideas that will be relevant in 2024. Figuratively speaking, in the world of design, the pendulum has swung towards classics and traditionalism. As we spend more and more time at home, we strive for a sense of comfort, and warm details in the always sought-after classic or traditional style help us achieve this. This year we encourage our clients to use rich materials and textures that will give the home depth and dimension. So, here are a few trends in interior design that we think will be the most noticeable:

Elements With A Lot Of Patterns

Last year we could already see a lot of patterned elements in the interior, but in 2024 we expect even more patterns in the design of spaces. Large and small patterns are becoming more and more visible in various interior details - from wallpaper to bed linen. Choosing patterns can seem like a daunting task, but there are countless ways to bring them into a space. It can be not only patterned flooring or wall decoration using patterns (for example, using wallpaper). Pay attention to the possibility of using patterned fabrics (curtains, bedspreads, etc.), carpets, and even paintings in which the main role is played by the pattern. The main thing is to correctly choose the size and color of the patterns so that in the end the room acquires a balanced and solid image.

Romantic Materials And Textures – Ragusa Wood Look

This year we will see more romantic and whimsical design solutions in interiors using corrugated, scalloped, ribbed, and lace materials. Such elements visually soften the interior of the house, evoking nostalgic feelings and making its atmosphere more comfortable. In addition, they can bring a sense of volume even when using the most minimal color palette. Combined with modern elements and angular silhouettes, romantic details look unexpected, but they are easy to bring into the interior through furniture and decor.

Large Elements in Interior Design Solutions

Experimenting with scale is a great way to create an interesting design. This year, we expect exaggerated proportions to be used in everything from dramatic lighting fixtures to sculptural vases, paintings, and other decorative items. This trend can also be seen in finishes, such as tiles and fittings. Emphasized large details will attract attention and give the interior an individual character.

More Cozy Kitchens

This year we will see more pieces of furniture and decor in the kitchens, usually found in living spaces. We have been using paintings in the design of kitchens for many years. We also introduce lamps and other unexpected decorative and finishing elements into the interiors of kitchens to soften the harsh lines of kitchen equipment and cabinets.

Warmer Shades In The Finishes

In 2024, we expect to see more warm tones in interiors, from terracotta to deep browns. Natural stone and wood will be popular in the decoration. After a couple of years of uncertainty in the world, warm colors are perceived as especially inviting and soothing, making the stay at home especially pleasant. Although warm brownish tones are usually associated with the fall season, we believe that they will be relevant all year round, giving our homes an atmosphere of calm and security.

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