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Embracing the 2024 Interior Design Process: Trends and Ideas

Leather sofas, concrete walls and floors.

Coming home is one of the most comfortable moments of the day. For this reason, the style of furniture in recent years has become a true emanation of the character and personality of those who live in the environment. Following the 2024 interior design project trends is also an important theme to feel good inside the home: a beautiful environment to look at also becomes beautiful to live in.

Wellness and the search for comfort

The new interior design trends of 2024 are a triumph of nature and liveliness. First of all, the furnishing style, in line with the most current interior projects, becomes a real search for wellness and comfort. But what does it mean to furnish the house in this direction? The 2024 trends tell us that, regardless of size, the home must be a place to relax, a comfort zone in which the noises not only of the city but in a broad sense, disappear, together with the daily stress.

The interior design projects, therefore, while enhancing the open spaces in the living area, include separate kitchens. The former are designed to maximize the comfort and relaxation of the living area and therefore must be impermeable from the smells and noises of those preparing dinner. The kitchen then focuses on functionality even if the trends provide for smaller spaces. In recent years, home delivery and ready meals have significantly reduced the time spent in the kitchen.

Equipped walls in 2024 interior design process trends

Living room with computer table, wooden flooring, and shelving.

Among the home furnishing styles in line with 2024 trends, there is also extreme minimalism: it is important to lighten the environment with large furniture that invades and reduces the living space. Living in an airy, modern, and advanced environment is perfectly in line with the current conception of interior design. But what does this mean in practical terms? The trends speak for themselves: it's time to mix materials to create fully equipped walls that want to achieve maximum simplicity in design, lines, and shapes. In short: if the 2024 interior design trends were an artist, they would be Mondrian. For the realization of these interior projects, we can define equipped walls, metal, and glass, but wood and leather are used creatively and innovatively and are often combined in the same design object.


2024 sees glass as the protagonist of the furnishing of the spaces, which becomes an integral and active part of the entire environment. In some interior projects, glass is used to create dividing panels between rooms, or even to create entire walls, exponentially increasing the breath and brightness of the rooms. Depending on the furnishing style, it is often the most chosen material for the creation of refined design objects, that embellish the room, whether it is a colored mirror, a vase, or a storage box. It can be said that the interior design trends of 2024 brought to light a style that is close to the 1930s, when mirrors and glass inhabited the spaces, furnished the rooms, and created surprising plays of light and shadow.


Bright sitting space with concrete floors and walls.

Here, in a furnishing style in step with new trends, we also see the optical effect in the textures returning, typical of the 60s / 70s. Domestic environments will therefore see a huge use of 3D surfaces with a material effect: wallpapers, worked marble coverings, ribbed glass, and surfaces with a wavy three-dimensional effect. Surely this is one of the trends that make the 2024 furnishing style strongly characteristic, marking a differentiation from previous years. Interior design becomes a real art form that designs the space. For this reason, let's go back to the initial concept: a house with beautiful furnishings is undoubtedly beautiful to live in.


Wood flooring, room couch, and chairs, large modern living space.

The concept of furniture linked to the interior cannot be separated from the shapes. Their imprint is closely linked to the positive perception it arouses in all those who live in the environment. The retro look is back here too: the shapes, especially in the seats (armchairs, chairs, sofas, chaise longues) are soft and, as we wrote about textures, are very geometric. The colors light up: red, electric blue, purple, and yellow once again become the colors that characterize the objects and walls. For flooring, an innovative design solution that experiments with new combinations of colors and shapes is Medley:

An abacus of ceramic materials designed for the reinterpretation of furnishing spaces.

Black Kitchen

When interior design is born, the home becomes a place to conceive and live, not just to live in. We initially said that the change in eating habits led to a reduction in the time spent in the kitchen and, precisely for this reason, the environment has often evolved reducing in size, but expanding its functionality. The kitchen is no longer simply a place to eat but turns into a space where you can share, chat, work, and read. The color that will characterize the kitchen furnishing style in 2024 is black: very chic, elegant, and completely innovative for the local type of house.

This shade can be combined with flooring of great visual impact:

An excellent possibility is represented by the Narciso collection by Vivafor example in the topaz color. The collection is inspired by the surfaces of antiqued mirrors, oxidized by atmospheric agents, and opacified by time. Every material detail is highlighted by the glossy lapped and matt lapped finishes which restore original aesthetic and material effects. In order not to weigh down the environment and not make it too dark, it will be important to balance with the right mix of light design and furniture.


Speaking of materiality, one of the trends is the frequent use of metal or the metal effect. This material will have a strong weight and a very active role in the home environment: it will enhance the industrial style of furniture and ensure the recycling of many objects. According to the metal, steel, gold, and silver will be present for the realization of innovative interior design process projects. Metal combined with wood can offer solutions suitable for the living area, from the table to the equipped walls, but the combination is also perfect for kitchen or bedroom furniture.


Patio with metal chairs and metal round table.

In the spaces, we wrote earlier, the scenic aspect is very characteristic. Many decorative elements become part of the furnishing style. The walls of the living rooms become the favorite place for decorations: wallpaper is one of the new entries among the interior trends. The style of the drawings is very artistic and even, in some cases, you can see reproductions of paintings exhibited in the most famous museums. To triumph nature becomes the dominant subject: tropical backgrounds, drawings of forests, jungles, and exotic animals animate the walls of the houses. To stay in theme with the decorations, the two collections Alter and Ego di Provenza can combine, showing off an innovative and elegant decorative strength: the nuances of the resins of the Alter series perfectly match the colors of the stones of the Ego collection.


Large bathroom with a lot of sunlight, large windows, and marble tiles.

And finally, we tell you how to properly illuminate your home. The light, thanks to the trends explained in the article, becomes a real furnishing concept: no longer conceived exclusively as functional, but as design and creative. The play of light becomes a precious feature for the furnishing style of the entire space. The lamps that enrich the houses have elegant shapes, are very eye-catching, and can transform an anonymous living room into a chic room with a refined style. Chandeliers become forms of art and expression of a style, they not only project light but a whole way of conceiving space. The study of the light points is essential for perfect success. Green needs then require the use of low-consumption light bulbs. For technology lovers, then, home automation lamps are very popular, capable of reproducing different effects that can be controlled by the smartphone.

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