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Top 10 Trendy Colors for 2024 Interior Design

Do you want to decorate your house with the colors that are most popular? We bring you the trendiest shades to turn the rooms of your home into spaces full of life and color. We have already given you the keys to the 2024 decoration trends and they are very clear, but now the colors of the year take center stage, which are not only focused on Pantone color of this year. The color palette goes further and is very stimulating, as well as cheerful and lively. Do you want to know what are the best colors to decorate your house in 2024? Follow our advice and pay attention to this beautiful fan in which chocolate plays an important role, also in softer options, such as beige or caramel. The upgrade of the green color is dazzling, from its emerald version to lime, passing through its more neutral mix with gray. And the terracotta range becomes relevant. One more advance, in spring the pristine white hue returns, according to the choice of Pantone Snow White, in pieces as important as the sofas.

Colors On Walls

Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to completely renovate a room. There are shades capable of refreshing a bedroom or allowing a rest area to be updated, such as the living room or living room. Many factors influence when choosing the tone, especially when you have a large house with high ceilings, because you will have the option to color it and make it more welcoming, as long as the walls are in lighter shades or white. If you want to get the color of your walls right, choose it according to your personality.

Colored Furniture

The visual effects that color achieves in furniture is an idea to take into account, especially when the furniture has beautiful or original designs. The finishes are key to accompany the style of an environment, so you can give an aged touch to the wood and you will get a vintage, rustic or shabby chic piece, depending on your preference. Observe the before and after in old pieces with a coat of paint that makes them more in.

Decorate With Color Interior Design

The clearest example is when you choose a tone with personality to paint the headboard wall of your bedroom. It is a very stylish idea that you can change from time to time, since with a new coat of paint in another color you will be able to redecorate your room. Learn the keys to decorate your house with the most suitable colors to improve your mood, try its benefits, because you will not regret it.

The Color Of The Plants

The flowers and greenery of indoor plants are the best company to refresh an atmosphere. Take advantage of these 15 expert tips for flower arrangements and add style to a countertop or hallway. Taking care of plants is an ancient habit, since more than 5000 years ago our ancestors cultivated them and it was not only to collect them, but for the pleasure of observing them. And it is that, flowers influence our day to day and provide an unequivocal feeling of happiness, in addition to stimulating several senses at the same time.

Emerald Green

The Etsy platform has named this shade the Color of the Year 2024. Emerald green can come in vibrant or softer hues, but it always adds a touch of glamor to your home decor. The recent launch of the firm Parfois Home has sought this color to present itself in the world of interior design, as this corner of the living room demonstrates.


Sand and earth tones connect us with nature, so a monochromatic and textured wall can be like a warm hug. This environment by the Spanish firm Annud pays tribute to Japanese culture with the structure of its Sapporo chairs, which imitate ramen sticks on the legs of the wooden structure.

Green Lime

Vivid and intense tones are used sparingly so as not to saturate. They are more tiring to look at, so it works to combine them with neutrals or in brushstrokes. The English Blinds firm proposes to color the kitchen environment with vibrant blinds, matching some pieces of crockery.

Pantone 2022 Very Peri

Pantone's Color of the Year is this brilliant blue with violet undertones, which designer Uta Naumann has rendered floral in this mural from This cheerful and perky hue is ideal for accessories such as vases or cushions, but it shows its best palette, with the most subtle colors, in this wall decoration.


Brown, caramel or camel tones offer timeless, even elegant atmospheres. These cushion covers and the blanket, from La Redoute Interieurs, are cozy and use one of the most cutting-edge finishes in 2024 decorative trends: shearling.

Gray Range

Neutral tones are sought, but not boring, for relaxing environments and very conducive to rest. The Valdez sheet set, by Gamanatura, follows this trend. You can also try green gray for the living room or for more bluish options, because they are palettes that bring us closer to nature.

Bright Environments

Bright tones bring joy to a good interior design look, but they can also be a good option to highlight architectural elements; Wouldn't you like to paint a door and its lintel in blue or lemon yellow? Achieve this same effect with a good combination of textiles, such as the blue velvet of the seats, which is the perfect match for a lime green plaid, with tassels, from the firm Ragged Rose.

Neutral Tones

We need warm and calm atmospheres that encourage calm, because we still live in turbulent times. The common areas, such as the living room or dining room, are decorated in beige or brown tones to calm our minds. A neutral base color is perfect for a serene interior design and is more durable over time than more vibrant patterns.

Nice Mix

Wallpaper continues to dominate in interiors with powerful patterns, such as the Night mural by Tenvinilo, which masterfully combines two of the trending colors: terracotta, in its pinkest version, and emerald green. The idea is to create enveloping spaces.

Snowy White

Spring is already showing ways and one of the colors for this year will be Pantone Snow White. A pure white, somewhat broken, that fills us with clean and pure energy and refreshes the atmosphere of this room proposed by Kave Home.

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