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What Are The New Trends In Bedroom Designs 2024?

Updated: Jan 30

What colors, materials, and accessories are in fashion in the bedroom this year? To create a cozy nest, get inspired by the new bedroom trends of 2024.

Blue walls

Blue, a cool and relaxing color, has always been very popular in the bedroom. So it is not a question of doing without it. But to be at the forefront of the trend and create a decoration with a strong character, this year we are opting for intense blues such as midnight blue or greenish blue. If your room is large, feel free to paint all the walls in the room, if not, only color the wall that faces the headboard.

A patterned duvet cover

The printed duvet cover is popular, but to respect the 2024 codes, you have to bet on trendy prints. Abstract faces and shapes invade the comforter, welcome to the Arty trend. The patterns seem to follow our desires of the moment: tropical duvet covers, flowery duvet covers, jungle duvet covers to awaken sleepy decorations. In short, home textiles have understood that this year, we will need colors and exoticism!

A modern quilt

To make the bedroom as cozy as you want it to be, the bedspread is the ideal accessory. It always brings more warmth and comfort to the room, just like a pretty cocoon! In 2024, we chose a large quilt to completely hide the mattress and box spring. For a bohemian-chic spirit, we even dropped it to the ground.

Cotton gauze home linen for the trend bedroom

Cotton gauze is THE material in fashion this year, and the least we can say is that its success is well deserved. If linen has been number 1 for a long time, cotton gauze bedding is on the top of the podium for the spring/summer 2024 season. This soft, flexible, and flowy fabric, less expensive than linen, is no longer reserved for young children. Invade the entire home for comfort and style! Cotton gauze sheers, pillowcases, fitted sheets, and duvet covers give the bedroom a retro look for a truly trendy look.

Pillows galore

In 2024, we want our beds to be as comfortable and pleasant as those in hotels. To sleep well and take care of your back you have to choose a quality pillow. There are several levels of firmness, the choice will depend on the habits of each person. To embellish your bed, choose firm, supportive pillows. You can vary the shapes, square and rectangular, and harmonize the colors of the pillowcases. Be creative and have fun. For even more flair, add accent pillows to match the style of your room. In a room with an ethnic atmosphere, opt for cushions with tassels or fringes. The Art Deco trend prefers velvet cushions.

Warm and natural colors

Natural, earthy colors, sometimes raw, but always bright, are used in every room in the house, and the bedroom is no exception. They warm up the atmosphere and create a very authentic environment. You can mix these colors to your liking, they all combine perfectly. In the parental bedroom of 2024, you will love a terracotta-colored adult duvet cover. This palette includes a wide range of warm and natural colors: ocher yellow, brick red, caramel, and pinkish beige, you will love them.

A bed runner for a retro touch

Among the prevailing trends, the grandmother's quilt reappears in our bedrooms. As well as providing additional warmth, it gives our bed that little vintage touch that makes all the difference. The velvet bed runner is perfect in romantic or Art Deco-inspired settings. But the big winner of the year is the cotton gauze quilt, the trending material of 2024.

Jute rugs

If the colors of the room in 2024 have chosen the natural, the materials also follow the movement. The little treasure this year is the jute rug. This plant material is easy to maintain, fashionable, and cheap. It's no wonder he's in the spotlight. In addition, the jute carpet is declined through a large selection of models: large jute carpet, braided jute carpet, round jute carpet... You just have to choose the one that will dress the floor of your room.

Bet on ceiling lamps

While the lights in the living room and dining room are more about transparency and design, those in the bedroom look very different. Rope or rattan pendant lamps, wooden table lamps with cotton shades, this year the light honors simplicity.

Customize the bedroom walls

Whether white or colored, in 2024 we want well-decorated walls but above all... personalized walls! It's not a question of letting travel photos, postcards, and family photos sit idle at the bottom of drawers. Instead, display them in pretty frames just above the bed. Feel free to follow the "mix and match" trend by varying the shapes and sizes of the frames and, above all, forget about symmetry, in 2024 we want an organized mess! To help you organize your paintings, we suggest this video. Now up to you.

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