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Modern Bedrooms Design Ideas 2024

Updated: Jan 29

Bedroom trend

The bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It should embody the individual ideas of a person about comfort, coziness. Creating a feeling of peace, tranquility, the atmosphere allows you to completely relax, feel safe. Properly designed room promotes deep sleep, good rest. That is why the design of bedrooms is given the closest attention. However, the bedroom can be more than just a cozy nest. If you approach the solution of the problem wisely, use new, fashionable ideas, the room is literally transformed. A few strokes, original design solutions make the bedroom special, create a non-standard, stylish interior. And for inspiration, we made a selection of the best bedroom design trends 2024.

Furnishing the room

To get the perfect result, before starting repair work, they think over filling the room, arranging furniture. This is a very important point that determines further ideas on style, colors, finishing materials.


Since the bed is the main, central element of the composition, they start with it. There are a few rules to follow when planning.

  1. Sleeping in a draft is a direct path to colds. The air flow goes from the window to the door and vice versa. Therefore, to begin with, they determine exactly how the flows will move: on the plan of the room, two straight lines are drawn connecting the door and window openings along their width. Everything that got inside the resulting parallelepiped is in a draft. Therefore, the bed is installed in such a way that it is out of the way. Here is an example of an unfortunate arrangement: the bed is headboard to the window, footboard opposite the door. If, due to the area of the room, such an arrangement cannot be realized, the bed is turned so that the lower part of the body is in the path of the air flows, approximately to the waist, which is usually covered with a blanket. The most successful location: headboard to the wall without doors and windows, or in a deep niche.

  2. A wide double bed is set in such a way that it can be approached from three sides. To do this, leave passages at least 60-80 cm wide.

Wardrobe or dressing room: what to choose for modern bedrooms?

A wardrobe for clothes, bedding, and various household trifles is a traditional piece of bedroom furniture. The built-in wardrobe in the original style not only provides maximum comfort to the inhabitants of the bedroom, but also serves as an interior decoration. However, more and more owners of apartments and private houses prefer to equip built-in wardrobes with carefully thought-out content in the bedroom. Both of these solutions have their pros and cons. To make an informed decision, it is worth analyzing the problem in more detail.

  1. The dressing room is a separated part of the room, with hinged or sliding doors made of various materials installed. Inside, various storage systems are built in, based on the requests of the owners. Such redevelopment of the room is cheaper than the manufacture of a full-fledged built-in wardrobe to order.

  2. If the bedroom is large or too elongated, it is easier to separate part of the room than to build a wardrobe into it.

  3. With the right design of the partition, it merges with the walls of the bedroom. As a result, the dressing room is almost invisible, unlike cabinets. There are dressing rooms and cons:

  4. if you can choose a compact option for the closet, then the dressing room requires a significant amount of free space. Therefore, in rooms with an area of less than 14 m2, it is not advisable to equip them;

  5. this is a small room in which you need to put things in order, wipe the dust, and from time to time put things in their places;

  6. you definitely need high-quality lighting, the presence of sockets, lighting for shelves;

  7. if you equip a dressing room at the front door to the bedroom, you get a narrow, uncomfortable corridor. If the bedroom has a long, elongated shape, with a window opposite the door, the dressing room is made narrow along one of the walls. In a square room, one of the corners can be separated, and a room with a niche is just perfect for a dressing room. At the same time, doors can be made any: from a budget option with curtains or screens, to a full-fledged glass, wooden or plasterboard partition.

Additional storage space

A modern person has a lot of personal things. Not surprisingly, the topical question regularly arises: where to place all this wealth? After all, it is very inconvenient to run from the bedroom to the living room, office or hallway for every little thing. That is why experts recommend not being limited to just one closet. For the bedroom, the following options are suitable:

  1. chest of drawers with several drawers. It can be a traditional rectangular shape or an unusual one. Usually it is placed at the foot of the bed, leaving a free passage, or on the side. Use for storage of bed and underwear, towels, bedspreads, blankets;

  2. bedside tables, consoles or wall niches-shelves located at the headboard, on one or both sides. They are designed for small things: favorite books, electronic gadgets, glasses, personal cosmetics and medicines;

  3. instead of a chest of drawers taking up extra space in the room, you can use a bed with drawers for storage. There are models with retractable systems and a lifting mechanism ;

  4. a dressing table with a mirror and drawers, of course, is used to store cosmetics, body care products, hair. If there is enough space, the interior can be supplemented with a bench at the foot, a comfortable chair, a pouffe, a tea or coffee table.

Bedroom door

The method of opening interior doors is designed even before the construction of apartment or private houses begins. And, if the owners of their own home can take care of the system that is most convenient for them in advance, then apartment owners are sometimes forced to resort to redevelopment. There is no single rule about what kind of doors to the bedroom should be, and in which direction to open. The main thing is convenience for family members.

  1. If the door opens inward, the best option is the left one, towards the adjacent wall. So it will not interfere with the arrangement of furniture, movement from inside and outside the room. However, if there are second doors located on the left wall, or there is a closet, a pantry, then you should choose another option.

  2. When opening outward, door hinges are best placed on the right. But with sliding systems, accordion doors, there are no such problems. They do not require free space for opening, do not interfere with further movement. If a family with children, or several generations of relatives live in a house or apartment, you need to take care of the internal locks in the bedrooms. Limiters on the floor will not interfere, which will save furniture and walls from collisions with handles, door leaf.

Optional equipment

Modern life is such that without technical innovations, people feel serious discomfort. The trends of the new time and the bedroom did not bypass.

Air conditioner

The basic rule for placing an air conditioner in a bedroom is: the flow of cold air should not be directed towards a sleeping or resting person. You should not hang it over the dressing table, near the area with easy chairs - that is, where people spend a lot of time in a stationary position. In addition, a foreign object should be removed from the eyes as much as possible. The best places to install are above a door or above a window. Also, you can place it on one of the adjacent walls next to the window, provided that the bed is moved to another part of the room.


In a modern bedroom, not only relax. They read in it, including e-books, work or play on a computer, laptop. Charge your phone, watch TV, listen to music. In addition, periodically there is a need to connect electrical appliances:

  1. air humidifier, table lamps, sconces, floor lamps;

  2. electric garlands for the holiday, digital photo frames, light panels;

  3. iron, medical devices, office equipment. For all this variety, sockets are needed. A modern bedroom with 10-12 outlets is the norm. Their location is designed before the start of the repair, after creating a plan for arranging furniture, since it is necessary to take into account exactly where the electrical appliances will stand.


One chandelier or ceiling lamp for the entire bedroom is very little. You need high-quality, multi-level lighting that allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere for any mood. From bright daylight to romantic twilight. Usually, several illuminated areas are equipped in the bedrooms:

  1. general light - chandelier, lamp, ceiling spotlights;

  2. local light - at the head of the bed, at the dressing table, next to the chair, desk. Do not forget about decorative lighting, which allows you to create amazing lighting effects - night lamps, LED strips, light panels, garlands, salt lamps.


Huge wall-to-wall mirror panels are a common mistake. This design brings psychological discomfort. A movement caught out of the corner of your eye in the twilight can be seriously frightening. You should not turn the bedroom into an uncomfortable studio, where every awkward movement can be seen from all sides. The mirror can be on the wall, on the closet door, at the dressing table, placed so that people lying on the bed do not see their reflection.


To install a TV in the bedroom, or not worth it - its owners decide. Someone is in favor with both hands, someone prefers to watch movies and TV shows in a comfortable living room. If the decision is made in favor of installation, you should pay attention to a few rules:

  1. the screen is placed opposite the head of the bed, at a height of 1.35 m;

  2. in a small room, the unit is mounted on a bracket so as not to take up space with a cabinet. You should take care of the cable channel hidden in the wall or under the panels in advance so that the wires and the antenna do not stretch like ugly snakes across the room.

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