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Small Minimalist Kitchens: 2024 Design and Layout Tips

Updated: Jan 29

Classic minimalist kitchen with wooden backsplash.

When we are looking for a way to create a universal design that will remain relevant for many years, we always look towards the classics. Minimalist Kitchen Trends 2024 has long been ranked among the ranks of modern basic design, and it never ceases to be appropriate. By choosing this style, you create for yourself a space of freedom, luxury, and style. Today we will talk about what minimalism is in the interior and how to recreate it in different layouts.

Modern small minimalist kitchens design ideas 2024: basic design principles

Minimalist kitchen counters, table, and chairs

Fashion is ruthless. The most modern trends are often captivating with their beauty, and we, surrendering to their attractiveness, follow the lead of fashion. Often such actions lead to the fact that after several years the design of the apartment becomes outdated. What used to be called a trend becomes mainstream, and then quickly migrates to anti-trend lists. However, one should not be disappointed, as minimalism will save the day! Fortunately, this style will not only remain relevant forever, but it is also basic in interior design! This means that you can easily transform your kitchen at any time by adding a few trendy accents and changing a few shelves from the headset. And your kitchen will immediately take on a different style that you like. Admit it, tempting? Then let's figure out what it is - a modern minimalist kitchen! A perfectionist's paradise - this is how you characterize the perfect minimalist kitchen design ideas 2024. The most important distinguishing features for visual recognition of such a design will be:

  1. perfectly straight geometric lines

  2. sharp corners

  3. monochrome or dichromatic color palette

  4. minimum variety of textures

  5. artificially created void

  6. a lot of light

Of the functional characteristics that distinguish minimalist kitchen interiors from others, the following main points can be distinguished:

  1. massive, fully enclosed kitchen set

  2. hidden handles on the doors of the headset

  3. hidden storage systems

  4. built-in appliances

The choice of a minimalist kitchen as in the photo will delight people who adore that the apartment looks perfectly clean. By the way, with such an interior, it will be very easy to clean up to a shine. Judge for yourself: all a thousand little things are hidden and conveniently located inside the headset. You will not need to grind the dust, rearrange the eternal bottle jars, or do other energy-consuming little things. All you have to do is wipe the headset and voila - a perfectly clean kitchen is with you again!

Minimalist kitchens in apartments: consider different options!

Minimalist apartment kitchen and cabinets.

So, the choice was made in favor of a minimalist kitchen, what next? Then you need to understand how such a design will look exactly in different apartments, taking into account the layout and your personal preferences. Are you ready to figure it out? Then go ahead!

Living room kitchen design in minimalist style

Minimalist living room kitchen combo.

If the layout of your apartment allows you to equip a kitchen with a living room, you are a real lucky one! However, the design of the living room kitchen in the style of minimalism still requires a special approach. Let's discuss a few details:

  1. Both areas must be observed in the same style. This means that there can be no bright, unnecessary details in the living room. In minimalism, asceticism should be present in everything. Even the most seemingly insignificant deviation from the canon can upset the visual balance, and the living room kitchen will seem overloaded. Keep this in mind.

  2. Despite the conservatism of the minimalist style, the kitchen area still needs to be visually delimited with the living room area. The dichromatic technique will help you with this. You choose two main, usually contrasting, colors, and then with the help you can make a visual distinction between the functional areas of the kitchen and living room. Look at the photo below, there is an ideal option: Such a minimalist living room kitchen is simply pleasing to the eye, don't you agree?

Here are a few more options for inspiration:

Small kitchen in the style of minimalism

Small style kitchen

If you have a small kitchen at your disposal, decorating it in a minimalist style is the best idea! This is because minimalism creates the very feeling of emptiness and space that is so difficult to achieve in small living quarters. As you can see, this design transforms a lot. Even in a tiny living room, your kitchen will look rich and expensive, and most importantly - spacious!

Minimalist kitchen: curtains and textiles

Minimalist kitchen tiles, table, and chairs.

For everyone whose kitchen will be made in a minimalist style, there is good news - curtains are no longer a problem! You no longer need to get lost in the variety of choices and puzzle over the texture and style. Minimalistic curtains are the usual light tulle as a maximum:

  • Roman roller shutters as something in between:

  • and no curtains at all, at least!

  • Great, isn't it?

The only thing that definitely should not be considered is the option with blinds. In a minimalist style, windows are a source of daylight - just something. Do not overload them with details or make unnecessary accents. This is the whole charm of the ascetic style: do not bother, but rejoice! How do you like our ideas, were they inspired? We hope that your minimalist kitchen will delight you with beauty and convenience, remaining relevant for many years. The Dekorin portal wishes you a successful renovation and brings all your ideas to life.

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