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Current Kitchen Trends 2024

Updated: Feb 5

The kitchen has long been much more than just a place to cook. In small apartments in particular, the trend is towards an open-plan eat-in kitchen that connects the kitchen with the living area.

Kitchen trend wood

Not infrequently, the home office also has to be accommodated in the current kitchen trends. The kitchen has thus become the central place in your own home where people come together, eat and spend time together. And like every year, there will also be new trends from kitchen manufacturers in 2024 that are worth looking at. This year, the focus is particularly far away from the classic country kitchen and instead towards a combination of naturalness and modernity. Be inspired by the latest kitchen trends for 2024.

The smart kitchen on the rise: Extractor hood, tap & sink

As in previous years, smart kitchen appliances are once again among the kitchen trends for 2024. More and more kitchen appliances are connected to the internet and can be controlled via smartphone or tablet. This makes it possible, for example, to preheat the oven or turn on the dishwasher when you are out and about. This year, however, it's going beyond the already electrical appliances in the kitchen. Sparkling water or boiling water straight from the tap sounds like a dream? A multifunctional sink, which depending on the manufacturer can be controlled either via high-quality fittings or via an app, banishes unsightly accessories such as kettles and drinking water purifiers from the kitchen and gives your kitchen a modern, clean look. Do you attach great importance to elegance and aesthetics? Simply integrate the hood for the extractor hood in the hob, choose a hob that is visually matched to the kitchen worktop, or let your sink and worktop become one with a height-adjustable sink.

The current kitchen color trends for 2024: the colored kitchen

In 2024 color will be known again. While green was the trend color of the year in kitchen design last year, the color palette is being expanded somewhat this year. In line with environmental awareness and closeness to nature, muted colors from nature are the kitchen trend for 2024. Colors such as light red, green or taupe are particularly popular and really show off your kitchen cabinets. But there are also darker colors. Colors such as anthracite, black or dark gray are particularly popular, giving your kitchen a modern and elegant look. However, to ensure that the kitchen does not appear too gloomy, accentuation with light-colored worktops or cabinets should be taken into account when planning the kitchen.

Wooden cabinets for base and wall units

Where does one kitchen cabinet end and where does the other begin again? Another kitchen trend for 2024 is handleless, vertically structured kitchen cabinets, which enable a visually seamless transition between the individual kitchen cabinets. You can use oak, beech or nut as wood according to your taste and thus determine the brightness of the wood yourself. Accents can be set with modern electrical appliances made of stainless steel. Vertically structured cabinets in combination with dark colors such as black or dark gray and kitchen worktops made of natural stone, marble or concrete are particularly popular. These provide a strong contrast, additionally emphasize the vertical structure and give your kitchen a modern look. Vertically structured cabinets are a special design option,

Kitchen furniture made of smart glass instead of real glass - kitchen trends 2024

Not a fan of the wood look? Glass cabinets are also one of the kitchen trends for 2024. While real glass was used before, smart glass is used this year. The matt polymer glass is not only very robust, but also has an anti-fingerprint coating. This prevents fingerprints from sticking after touching. You benefit from always clean surfaces with little cleaning effort.

Minimalist, natural & straight: the Japandi style

Minimalism is a trend that is also becoming increasingly popular in kitchen planning and design. This kitchen trend for 2024 is all about reducing to the essentials and doing without superfluous details. In recent years, the focus has shifted from ornaments and patterns towards minimalism with Scandinavian kitchen furnishings.

This year we go one step further. Because instead of the cozy "hygge feeling" this year it should be homely, but also a little more reduced. This year's kitchen trend 2024 combines Scandinavian and Japanese style elements and focuses on clear lines and a natural, muted color scheme. Natural materials such as wood and natural stone are used for worktops and cabinets.

Luxury in the kitchen 2024: the wine fridge

Along with the trend towards more sustainability in the kitchen, we are attaching more and more importance to high-quality products. Greater attention is also paid to the quality of wines. Wine refrigerators are eye-catchers in modern kitchens so that they can be kept at the right temperature.

The beverage refrigerators make it possible to store your wines neatly and attractively and to cool them accordingly. They are available in different sizes and shapes and can therefore also be installed in smaller kitchens.

Practical & healthy: the steam cooking function

While the steam cooker has long been a separate accessory in kitchens, kitchen manufacturers have now integrated the popular device directly into the kitchen. So you no longer have to worry about where you want to stow or place the electrical device, which takes up quite a lot of space. Ovens with a steamer function or separate appliances embedded in the kitchenette are among the kitchen trends of 2024.

More nature in the kitchen as a kitchen trend for 2024

Nature is increasingly finding its way into the kitchen. Indoor plants, herb gardens and natural materials such as wood or stone are increasingly being integrated into kitchen cabinets and kitchen worktops. They give the kitchen a harmonious and warm atmosphere. Whether with or without grain in light or dark wood tones - sustainable kitchen accessories are also becoming increasingly popular. Sustainable products made of wood, bamboo or recycled materials will be particularly popular in 2024.

Conclusion: Kitchen trends 2024

The kitchen trends in 2024 are characterized by sustainability, individuality and comfort. Colorful, modern and smart kitchens are particularly in demand this year. Smart fittings and devices not only ensure an elegant look, but also more functionality and storage space. In addition, nature is increasingly finding its way into the kitchen and sustainable products are more in demand than ever.

The combination of natural raw materials such as wood in combination with worktops made of natural stone or marble and stainless steel appliances give your kitchen that certain something. Are you enthusiastic about the kitchen trends for 2024 and would you like to take them into account in your kitchen planning? As your kitchen studio, we would be happy to advise you on how to implement the 2024 kitchen trends in your own four walls.

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