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Bathroom Tiles 2024: Discover The New Trends

The bathroom is one of the main rooms in our house. Not only do we visit it frequently in our day-to-day, but most of our visits do as well. Having it well cared for is a main symbol of hygiene and cleanliness in our house. If you are tired of those stained, worn, or bland walls and floors, and you want to take the opportunity to make a good aesthetic reform and install the best and most fashionable tiles in your bathroom; In this article, we will talk about the latest trends in tiles. You will be able to find out what is in trend now, which materials stand out the most, and choose from many models and styles among our 2024 bathroom tiles. Let's get started!

Here are the 7 new bathroom tile trends:

  1. What are the latest trends in bathroom tiles in 2024?

  2. Trendy colors for your bathroom tiles

  3. Get natural with imitation stone tiles

  4. Ceramic floors are back as a new fashion for bathroom tiles

  5. The latest trend in bathroom tiles in 2024: hydraulic tiles

  6. Some of the ways to place your bathroom tiles that we can suggest are:

  7. Get the best bathroom tile trends at Tiles Online

What are the latest trends in bathroom tiles in 2024?

Tiled bathroom floor and tiles wall.

First of all, see the latest trends that will be sweeping your bathroom in 2024, to choose the best tiles that combine with them. In t2024, we want to achieve a vintage style with our bathroom to create a cozy space that stands out from the typical mono-color and completely white bathroom. Therefore, we will bet on a more rustic design on the floors and walls, and thus we will be able to highlight the furniture and decoration that is most popular now: round mirrors, suspended furniture, plants.

Trendy colors for your bathroom tiles

Bathroom floor tiles trend

This season, we say goodbye to the monochrome of white and gray colors. We only reserve it for more modern spaces. To discover the new trends we have already discussed, we want to create a space that is welcoming and natural. To do this, we will use color combinations that stand out and make it look like a living space: blue and blue-green, sand or beige, lavender... Also, something that will be in fashion in bathrooms in 2024 are faucets and sinks in gold or black, or even installing stone sinks. This gives a rustic touch to the room, so choosing tiles that match all these furniture options and colors is essential. Let's abandon the classic white tiles that the only thing they serve is to collect dirt and opt for new ones full of color and naturalness for your bathroom.

What materials are trending in bathroom tiles?

Although we want to bring naturalness to the walls and floors of our bathroom, opting for stone or natural wood is not the most convenient due to the humidity and temperature conditions that this room has every day. During 2023, imitation materials such as marble, metals, and cement have been used. They were used above all to provide a calm and luxurious atmosphere. However, these options are somewhat relegated and this year 2024 we want to look for a more lively, rustic, and cheerful environment in our bathroom. Next, we are going to offer you various options that you can find in Tiles Online and that meet these trends that we want to look for in our bathrooms in 2024.

Get natural with imitation stone tiles

Natural modern bathroom trend

Stone-look tiles are a material that has already started to be used in 2023 and will prevail in 2024 as well. Stone is a natural material that has been with us for centuries and one of the greatest symbols of a classic and rustic style. With our stone-effect tiles, you can achieve this fashionable look without having to worry about the disadvantages of stone as a material. These tiles are specially made for this type of room: they insulate temperatures very well, are very resistant, lack porosity, and are easy to install and maintain. All of these are great advantages over natural stone as a material for the walls and floors of our bathroom. To all this, we must add that they have a great variety and visual features among all their models. We can choose stone-effect tiles in the most attractive colors and combine them to achieve incredible results. Get a modern and traditional touch in your bathroom with this material. The number of designs to choose from in our catalog is growing and increasing its variety day after day. Get your favorite now!

Ceramic floors are back as a new fashion for bathroom tiles

A trend that is beginning to gain more and more strength and will undoubtedly be one of the top options in decoration tiles for our bathroom in 2024 is ceramic floors. This material has proven to be a great option for our home, as it is highly resistant to use and high-temperature contrasts. In addition, it is also very easy to install and maintain, they do not discolor over time and offer a hygienic and shiny surface. Just what everyone would want in their bathroom! Also, there are many types of formats that you can choose from. These ceramic floor tiles are not only good for your bathroom… you can use it in other rooms of the house! There are several types that you can choose from, but for your bathroom, we recommend tiles or porcelain stoneware. It will give you incredible results!

The latest trend in bathroom tiles in 2024: hydraulic tiles

Bathroom with purple walls trending

Have you visited any historical place lately and been amazed by the patterns, colors, and designs of the tiles? Well, now you can get that effect... in your bathroom! These types of tiles are known as hydraulic tiles and have been in our history for several centuries. Its spectacular patterns are achieved thanks to its peculiar manufacturing method. With this, we get some perfect tiles for our bathroom and that will sweep the trends for bathroom tiles in 2024: colorful, beautiful tiles and with the ideal conditions for our bathroom. You will turn your bathroom into a place full of life and color thanks to these bathroom tiles.

How to place your bathroom tiles in fashion? Within the 2024 bathroom tile trends, we have highlighted the importance of achieving a rustic space with more life and color. To achieve this, the placement styles of our tiles are very important, since with this we can achieve great effects and combinations between colors and tile styles.

Some of the ways to place your bathroom tiles that we can suggest are:

  1. Horizontal running joint: it is one of the simplest and most traditional. It simply consists of placing the pieces in a straight line one on top of the other.

  2. Vertical joint joint: it is the same as the previous one, but placing the tiles vertically. With this, we can get a feeling that the walls of our bathroom are higher. It is a trend in tiles for small bathrooms that are used quite frequently.

  3. A matajuntas: consists of alternating the pieces so that the joints are located in the middle of the tiles. It is ideal for achieving a plus of originality without having to rack your brains to choose complicated designs for your tiles.

  4. Herringbone: consists of placing the tiles in a zigzag pattern. We must bear in mind that for this we need some tiles with a rectangular shape and a little thinner than usual to achieve the effect we want. A very original way to implement this option is to do it only on one half of the wall and make the rest smooth. Get a very cool effect!

  5. In a crossed line: it is about arranging two pieces vertically and another two horizontally. It is a more complicated method, but if you implement it well and combine the colors, it is a style that works very well in your bathroom.

  6. Diagonal - Used with square tiles by placing them diagonally so that they form an X between the seams. Try combining tile colors such as white and another type of color and arrange them on the floor of your bathroom. They are ideal!

  7. Hexagonal tiles: It is a form of tiles that is very fashionable lately, both for floors and walls. If you have a color other than white on the floor and use another type of style on the walls, you will achieve an incredible result. If you combine all these ways of arranging your tiles among them and also take advantage of different types of tiles and colors... you will be able to get a very original and completely fashionable bathroom!

Get the best bathroom tile trends at Tiles Online

Now that you have seen the latest trends in bathroom tiles in 2024, surely you are dying to try them. Take advantage of the blank canvas that can be your bathroom. Choose the color, type of tile,has been and layout style that you like best. At Tiles Online you can find all the variety of bathroom tile options you need. You will only have to let your creativity fly and we will provide you with the materials.

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