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10 Latest Bathroom Trends to Transform Your Space in 2024

Bathroom dual vanity with two sinks and two mirrors.  Color pink

Thinking of renovating the bathroom? Before you start your steps, do not miss the bathroom designs and take the pulse of what is wanted! Neutral colors, Japandi, presence of wood, nature, mix of materials, through the most beautiful vanity ideas and a shower style that will steal the show! Everything is there to inspire you. We've rounded up the 10 latest bathroom trends 2024 to watch to help you define the style of your next renovation.

1. Japandi takes over the 10 latest bathroom trends for 2024

This year, we love the Japandi style, which is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian designs. It is the perfect compromise between modern chic, the minimalism of Scandinavian forms and the elegant aesthetics of Japanese design. Japandi invites us to play on clean lines, neutral colors and natural materials to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. How to integrate it: The essential to recreate this trend is the integration of vertical wooden slats on the walls, cupboards and vanities. These beautiful lines can be contrasted with rounded earthenware, ceramic or granite. Also bet on minimalist accessories, and voila!

2. A spa spirit for maximum relaxation

Various minimalist style bathrooms with images.

To continue in the minimalist style, very trendy in 2024, the spa aesthetic brings harmony and serenity to your bathroom. The egg bath or the shower cubicle become the central element of the room. We avoid metal and strong angles in favor of natural materials and colors. How to integrate it: Bet on small storage, sleek shelves, and soft tones that complement wood and stone like beige and gray brown. Conversely, black or charcoal are also on trend this year, and will also complete that spa aesthetic you are looking for.

3. Nature integrated inside latest bathroom trends

Environment friendly bathroom ideas with plants.

Plants are our best friends! In addition to being good for the environment, they bring a touch of freshness to the bathroom decoration. Whatever style of plants you choose to incorporate into your bathroom space, make sure you have windows that are large enough to let in light. How to put it in: Wide windows and lush plants will go perfectly with beautiful wooden shelves, touches of bamboo, macramé or burlap. The goal is to make your interior communicate with nature.

4. The softness of wood even in the bathroom

Wooden bathroom ideas and styles.

Wood is still and always a favorite in interior designs. But in the bathroom it can turn out to be a headache. Although wooden floors are desirable, we recommend that you avoid them at all costs, as they can be easily damaged. Instead, choose wooden furniture or accessories: shelves, soap dishes, frames or bath mats. How to integrate it: The wood will adapt easily to any design. Do not hesitate to play on contrasts, by juxtaposing it with other materials such as natural stone or waxed concrete effect tiles, stone, and porcelain stoneware. To this, we add touches of white to bring light.

5. Rounded shapes catch our eye

Different bathroom ideas with rounded shapes for tubes and sinks.

Baths, washbasins, mirrors, side tables, lights: roundness invites itself everywhere and seduces our eyes. However, be careful not to overdo it, in addition to completing these rounded shapes with angles and lines in the furniture, for an accomplished spa or Japandi spirit. How to integrate it: Play on geometric contrasts, materials and colors. For example, modern brass faucets bring an even more refined style to your bathtub or rounded basin. If you choose a round mirror instead, arrange LED lamps all around to create a luminous halo and avoid too rough contours.

6. An essential bathroom trend: open showers

Open shower ideas for bathrooms.

For the shower, there are more and more open Italian showers, and, above all, we are tending towards the well-equipped multifunctional shower: integration of a bench, a steam system, addition of ambient lighting, an anti-fog mirror or a linear drain, etc. Also, one of the new bathroom trends is to include the bath in the shower!

We design an open bath and shower area with a narrow glass wall to separate it from the rest of the bathroom space – if we have the space available, of course. The advantage? The room seems larger and airier. We also see a lot of glass dividers with black metallic borders, wonderfully reminiscent of the loft style. How to integrate it: Before integrating this trend, we must think about the practical side. If the space dedicated to your open shower is less than 47 inches or 55 inches (120 cm or 140 cm) in length, you risk mopping your bathroom floor often. And since the shower is open, it may be much colder there than in a closed shower. You can always opt for a panel that closes as needed, but this may change the desired aesthetic.

7. A mix of materials for a rich style

Bold and rich bathroom styles.

If you want to have a distinctive and fashionable bathroom design in 2024, you should try to combine various materials and styles in your room. So you can layer materials such as textured woods with matte metals, glass and ceramics, or combine industrial style with Japandi or traditional with Mid-Century! The combinations are limitless! How to integrate it: Warning! This bathroom trend can quickly turn out to be too intense if you choose to combine materials with lots of textures or very colorful ones. How to succeed? We choose materials in the same color range. And, above all, do not put shiny materials on the ground, because it is very slippery!

8. A trend is back: tiles

Different tiled bathroom ideas.

Tiling is back in our bathrooms and it is becoming a practical and durable choice. We particularly like it in imitation wood, for the floor, and in rectangular form for the backsplashes of the washbasin. With the right tiles, you'll have a breathtakingly trendy bathroom for decades to come! How to integrate it: Integrate the tiling in touches, to the shower, to the backsplash of the sink, or to the floor. Bet on a sober style, without too many patterns, which will remain fashionable for a long time, or vary the formats. It is also an opportunity to integrate more vivid colors, in small doses of course.

9. A floating vanity for a sleek bathroom

Bathrooms with floating vanity design ideas.

The minimalist aesthetic is renewed with floating vanities. The open bottom is functional and immediately gives elegance to the room. Large cabinets under the sink are left in the closet! Instead, we put small drawers and overhead storage like wall shelves to have a simple bathroom, but striking at first glance. How to integrate it: Make sure to hide the sink piping, otherwise the floating effect will be lost. Choose a washbasin integrated into the cabinet for a maximum refined effect.

10. A basin as a sink

Bathroom basin sink ideas and styles.

The washbasin in porcelain or raw-effect stone brings a modern touch to the space. This year, high pools are stealing the show from rectangular shapes. They are a simple way to accentuate the elegance of your 10 latest bathroom trends for 2024, no matter how large. How to integrate it: This style of sink is associated with trendy ceramics and taps with a very simple design, to avoid overloading the place. To bring warmth and color, we chose terracotta and ocher bath towels.

Old-fashioned trends to avoid

Fashion in interior design can change quickly and you can end up with outdated bathrooms. Our experts have compiled the trends that are starting to age.

  1. An all-white bathroom. While white will bring in a lot of light, an all-white bathroom won't have much personality or distinctive style. So, we keep the white in touches, which complement other warmer colors.

  2. The sink incorporated directly into the wall. Even if we like the delicacy of a sink built into the wall, it turns out to be impractical to repair and, above all, very expensive to replace. So, think long term and favor sinks integrated into vanities.

  3. Barn doors. Although they are trendy, barn doors really don't guarantee privacy, and unfortunately they don't seem to be here to stay. As always, we advise you to choose timeless ones: stick with traditional doors!

  4. Intense patterns? Ceramics are here to last, don't choose too particular patterns that you will be tired of seeing after a year. In addition, too personalized decor can repel buyers if you eventually want to sell. If you absolutely want to incorporate patterns, select discreet tone-on-tone patterns.

  5. Lacquered cabinets? Lacquer enjoyed great popularity in modern bathroom designs a few years ago. In 2024, matte dominates!

Timeless design choices

On the contrary, some elements hardly ever go out of fashion, but what are they? See our compilation of safe choices in kitchen design.

  1. Marble. It is a material that is here to stay! It can be in small tiles, in a herringbone pattern or in a large slab. In any case, it is a favorite and remains one of the strongest bathroom trends, always so pretty no matter how you incorporate it.

  2. Subway tiles. Did you know that these rectangular tiles made their debut in the New York subway in 1904? Yes, they have been around for a long time already, but they are still popular! Be sure to have them fitted by a professional though, as with their small size and linearity, it's easy to see flaws.

  3. Slabs imitating cement. Another type of ceramic that stands the test of time is gray ceramic. Classic bathrooms with a contemporary style, they are here to stay.

  4. Neutral and pale color palettes. A safe choice that allows you to create a soothing space and keep its decor for a long time. We opt for white background, blond wood and gray.

Design possibilities as big as your imagination, and your budget!

The possibilities in the bathroom are almost limitless. Have fun with the trends and combine the ones that turn you on the most. Consider integrating custom furniture, accessories that promote local purchasing? and why not integrate the Pantone color of the year ? The vocation of the bathroom has evolved a lot! It is now one of the functional rooms par excellence of the house. Remember that trends are just ideas for you, they are not a guarantee of success. Take inspiration from it and put your personality into it to have a bathroom that you will love for a long time, even your whole life. Looking for more ideas? See our multitude of bathroom achievements and their real price by browsing our projects. As with any major renovation project, good planning is key. There are several points to consider before you get started. To make your job easier, we recommend that you read our article on the? budget to plan for your bathroom renovation? And to help you see more clearly on the price side, learn more with our text on? the price of a bathroom renovation? Are you renovating your kitchen too? Discover? kitchen trends ?to inspire your renovation.

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