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Elevate Your Space with Chic Decor Trends for 2024

Vintage creme couch, vintage coffee table, and lamps with stands.

Make your home the most comfortable place and at the forefront of interior design, to achieve it, just follow these recommendations and receive 2024 as it deserves During the confinement, most of the people took on the task of solving those home issues, ranging from changing the painting place, taking out the old clothes, organizing the shelves, redecorating the bathroom, changing the color of the walls and a long etcetera. If you are still in the middle of this long but rewarding mission, you should know that there are experts who can help you meet your goals at home. We gave ourselves the task of gathering their proposals, which will show you the direction of trends in interior design. Take note because this 2024 they will take a lot of strength. Although the concepts can be very different from each other, they have one thing in common: they will be related to your character and personality, in addition, the purpose of these options is that you manage to finish connecting with your interior, especially when you spend time at home. The following interior decoration trends for 2024 released by Helvex cover a wide range of possibilities that you can bring to your bedroom using the color of the year declared by Pantone, small natural details in your living room or study, bathrooms with glass doors and micro green spaces in the interior so that the changes in your home are 180 degrees. But remember that the main idea is that you manage to capture your personality in each of the spaces, so if ideas arise during the remodeling, do not be afraid to execute them. This is a great time for change, join it and apply it in the home decoration. It is time to leave the chaos outside and keep calm inside.

Shabby chic: One of the best home decor trends this year

Shabby chic living room couch, stair, and pillows.

The on-trend style for the living room is achieved by mixing antique and modern decorative elements, Helvex says. For some years now, the revaluation of vintage has been in trend thanks to the fact that mainly millennials have sought to create comfortable spaces without losing the technological touch that defines them. So if you take all the necessary hygiene and healthy distance precautions, you can visit an antique flea market, use e-commerce to order an old piece, or, rescue that old piece that you inherited, and restore it (you have to take advantage of the time in the home ) and give a second chance to decorate a corner. You will see how the combination of classic furniture with contemporary accessories will create a cozy chic decor atmosphere within your home. So much so that now it will be difficult to return to the streets because you will miss the atmosphere of your home.

In tune with the avant-garde

Laptop on yellow table with wooden chair.

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, were created to create the Color of the Year 2024 according to Pantone, two independent shades that come together to create an ambitious chromatic pairing, in a proposal that generates deep sensations of weighting with the promise optimistic of a sunny day. You can include a piece with this bright color to give that touch of optimism and hope to your home.

Boutique bathrooms

Boutique hotel style bathroom with large vanity mirrors, and bright lighting.

Boutique hotel-style bathrooms will stay on trend; So if you want to replicate this proposal in yours, we suggest you choose elements such as shadow plants in black, gray, or white pots with a matte finish, the combination with the green color of the leaves will give this area a chic touch. It is also a good time to check the drainage system and pipes, since with the rains and the drop in temperature these will likely clog, and that can generate a problem. In faucets, the trend in chrome continues, say Helvex experts. In general, the goal is to capture peace and tranquility in this very important part of the house, therefore, the more clean spaces you have, the better. The plants will add the necessary life and color, so you will not need to add many extra tones, with two (such as black and white) it will be more than enough. Leave the loaded styles for other areas of your house, so you will achieve balance.

The trend is green

Room with green plants and white wall paint.

As a result of the pandemic, the importance and respect for nature have become more relevant, for that reason it should not surprise you that more and more people are interested in creating micro green spaces within their homes, and during this time, that orientation was will keep more than ever. If you are new to the world of plants and pots, do not worry, you can choose those that do not need as much care as succulents or plants without flowers, as they require less attention; As you become familiar with them, you can choose some a little more delicate like orchids. Including beings like plants in your decoration, in addition to giving your house a view and cleaning the air, will transmit balance and serenity whenever you need it. If you do not have enough inspiration, take advantage of social networks and follow Instagram accounts dedicated to publishing photos of decorations and plants, there you will surely find the ideas you need.

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