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Discovering the Timeless Principles of Interior Design in 2024

Soon, the principles of interior design in 2024 will be replaced by a new one, and with it hot trends in design will change. Some of them can be predicted even now, based on current trends and conditions in the modern world. This article will help you figure out what will be relevant in interior design trends in 2024.

Natural materials in the interior

Every year the world increasingly wants to be closer to nature. People seemed to have decided to return to their origins when everything was simple and clear. To do this, they surround themselves with natural materials: wood flooring, an upholstered armchair, bamboo chairs, and cotton curtains. Next year, the trend will continue, and home decoration will become even closer to nature. The situation in the world also has a great influence: the movement of eco-activists is gaining momentum, and separate waste collection in some countries has long become an obligation. If fashion is also connected with this factor, it becomes clear why naturalness is becoming a trend. More and more plants will be used instead of interior decorations, so you can already start practicing caring for them. This trend started back in 2022, but now it will only start to grow. Now floriculture is not just a hobby, but a tribute to fashion and modernity. However, environmental friendliness has another side - recycling. Previously used materials, designers are now striving to reintroduce into the interior. So, flower pots and furniture are made from old cans and buckets, and small but very cute rugs by the bed are sewn, for example, from recycled clothes.

Color solutions

Here, too, everything is natural. The shades of white, brown, green, and blue that characterize the world around them are again at their best. Now people are fully armed: if self-isolation begins again, there will be no need to dream of walking in the park, if the park itself comes to the apartment, breaks up the garden, and makes walls with a color imitation of the sky and trees... Here is such a savvy. Delicate pastel colors that go well with each other will also be popular. White is the new black. He is again in trend and will be very happy with the Scandinavian style, which has not left the TOP directions for many years. The light space will fit into the interior of absolutely any footage. Together with white, special attention should be paid to green shades. The color of foliage and grass, can dress walls and furniture, or add brightness to a monochrome interior. It will look beautiful in combination with wood and other natural materials.

Manufacturability Principles of Interior Design

Modern people no longer imagine their life without high-tech stuff. Even if the toilet can automatically flush water, then what to say about other gadgets that make our life a little easier? Next year, technology will enter people's lives even more. Maybe newfangled details of the "smart home" will appear or a fan will be installed in the coffee maker, but undoubtedly, all technologists will want to get themselves the latest gadgets, like the treasures of the nation. Smart furniture will surround its owners with maximum comfort and care, while not disagreeing with the concept of naturalness of the interior since it will harmoniously and imperceptibly fit into the atmosphere of the apartment.

More minimalism

The philosophy of “Take away everything that lies badly” will get even worse. Asceticism and the fashionable tendency of rational consumption are more and more fitting into modern realities. Thus, the designers hint that in the new year, furniture-constructors will be popular, allowing you to “roll up” yourself and clear as much space as possible. Bunk beds, under which you can put a desk, will outshine the large and clumsy king-size models, and the handles on the kitchen set will be perceived as nonsense. Although, perhaps, not so radically, the maximum optimization of space will become the fixed idea for the coming year. However, you shouldn't forget about comfort. A person from next year will not put up with a designer, but a completely uncomfortable chair or a low-quality, cheap-looking ottoman. Orthopedic mattresses and pillows felt the power and realized that they were in trend. Now it's not so easy to get rid of them. Along with comfort comes safety. It is needed not only by children: designers are sure that adults also fight against sharp corners and overloaded shelves hanging at the level of the forehead. It is worth removing all the handles from the kitchen unit, and now it will play in a completely new way. The rounded shapes of tables and drawers will not allow injury and will be a real salvation for those who are constantly beating against all sorts of objects.

Mixing styles

There is no doubt that this trend is also associated with environmental friendliness. Why throw out an old wardrobe when it can be converted into a fashionable designer wardrobe? The philosophy of meaningfulness and reasonable consumption permeates the ideas of all interior design in 2024. This is how eclecticism enters into rights, along with minimalism. You don't need to spend a lot of money on it - just buy furniture in the form of a pair of chairs at a flea market and fall in love with an old floor mirror, after having washed it and replacing the pompous gilded frame with a light metal frame or leaving it completely without it. This is what eclecticism is good for - it combines the incompatible, beautiful, and practical in everyday life, and the old candelabrum can also be combined with a minimalistic sofa (but only do it very carefully).

Texture and authenticity

There is nothing better than running your hand over a real oak countertop and feeling the roughness of the wood, touching the curtain to feel the texture of linen, and stepping on the heated bathroom floor - the ribbing of the stone. This is how designers make another curtsey towards naturalness and leave no chance for other trends to win people's hearts. It is believed that in the modern world at the time of computerization and virtualization, people lack not only communication but also a tactile component. I want something real, sincere, and time-tested. So the need to feel something and pays off through natural materials and volumetric textures. Hence, another curious trend follows - the desire for ethnicity, real, lively, and uncut. So the rugs on the floor become mats with outlandish patterns of different peoples of the world, and the ornament on the bed linen refers to the ancient runes. Every year, the craving for the present, forgotten, but alive is intensifying more and more, and clay pots appear in the interior, hand-made and burnt by the owners of the apartment, maybe a little unprepossessing, but alive, made in love. Hand-made things take a firm place in the hearts of novelty lovers and do not want to give soulless plastic from the factory.


What is most appreciated in 2024 is the individualization of the entire interior. It becomes an even greater reflection of its masters, as if merging with them. The design of an apartment is a continuation of the people who live in it, so every detail, be it a curtain, chair, bedside table or decor should not only be as similar to their owners as possible but also reflect their essence, soul and sometimes even what they do not know about themselves. In from the main mission of the interior of the new year. Difficult, interesting, and very important.

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