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What is Laminate Wood Flooring: Light Ideas for Apartment Interior Designs

Increasingly, designers are using light laminate tile in the interior of the apartment. Such a solution helps to refresh the room, add light to the room. This interior looks stylish and fashionable.

Features Of Using Light Laminate Indoors

Laminate has become a popular floor covering due to its practicality, aesthetic appeal. A wide range of textures is presented - from traditional with imitation of wood, natural stone, marble to non-standard options. For example, themed bright collections with drawings alternating with bright stripes have been created for children's rooms. Depending on the general stylistic solution, the designer's intention, they choose a texture, shade. Combine with other elements of decoration and decor. What is laminate wood flooring? Laminate is matte and glossy, in separate stripes (chamfers), in the form of imitation of a board. Or it looks like a single array. In what cases is it appropriate to use a light laminate in the interior of an apartment:

  • Small room with low ceilings;

  • There is little light in the room;

  • when it is necessary to emphasize, highlight the furniture set, other interior details;

  • If you want to give the interior more expressiveness, "airiness";

  • As a design technique for zoning a room. Light laminate in the interior of the apartment in combination with wallpaper, door frames are used in various combinations. The options are:

  • Contrasting combination of dark and light;

  • In combination with other tones of the spectrum of light shades;

  • Monochrome interior with bright decor details, textile decoration.

The laminated coating of light colors is somewhat easily soiled, since spots are immediately visible on it. But unlike dark flooring, dust is less noticeable. When choosing a laminate, you need to pay attention to the wear resistance class, moisture resistance of the material. For ordinary rooms, class 21-23 is suitable, for rooms with high traffic - from class 31 to 34. In bathrooms, in the kitchen, in rooms with high humidity, it is better to use a moisture-resistant laminate treated with special impregnations.

The Use Of Light Laminate In Various Styles The range of textures in light shades is suitable for interior decoration in different styles. Designers working on laminate collections have developed non-standard options that fit into unusual styles: steampunk, loft, shabby chic.


The style of minimalism involves the use of light-colored laminate. It helps to achieve the effect that this style seeks, i.e. visual expansion of space. Suitable for interior decoration:

  • Wood textures: mountain cherry, white oak, mother-of-pearl, white acacia and others;

  • Tones with amber shades: natural maple, field, Canadian pine, natural birch, natural fir;

  • Gray-bluish shades: northern oak, salvador oak, azure pine;

  • Laminate textures with concrete imitation, metallic look.

Light shades of wood texture create an atmosphere of freshness and comfort. Amber - add a sense of coziness to the interior. It is desirable to duplicate these shades in the textures of doorways, window frames. Blue-gray shades of light laminate will bring the feeling of the sea breeze, lyrical notes. Specific textures of the coating for imitation of concrete, metallic are suitable for interior decoration in the style of loft, steampunk, hi-tech. Laminate in white, amber shades is suitable for Scandinavian-style interiors. The range of white harmonizes well with wood furniture, stone textures. Amber hues will add a homely warmth to the room. Light colors in minimalism are combined with textures of glass, metal, polymer materials. A bright, interesting rug will emphasize the expressiveness of the floor. For example, imitating the grass cover, tanned animal skin. A glossy laminated finish will fit into the minimalistic interior.

Classic Style

Traditionally, it is believed that a laminate under a natural wood of dark, muted tones is more suitable for such a style. This is not a completely correct idea. Light textures give the room a sense of solemn sublimity. They dilute, counterbalance some pompousness of classical elements. Allocate, emphasize the expressiveness of individual interior details. You can use a light laminate in the interior of an apartment in combination with doors and wallpaper in several combinations. By the principle of contrast, the light tone of the flooring and the dark color of the wallpaper, doorways. The combination of light laminate with white doors looks light, divine, airy. If you pick up light wallpaper (preferably from the spectrum of blue, light blue, lilac shades), you can duplicate this tonality in the textile design. If you add a touch of silver on the facades of furniture, candelabra for candles, a chandelier, then the room will become not only airy, but also regally beautiful. Looking at the photos of such interiors, you immediately understand the benefits of such a design solution. Another interesting technique that is used in interiors of different styles is the lines of transitional contrast. For example, a light floor covering is a dark plinth, white doors are a contrasting casing of a doorway. Against the background of a light floor, dark expensive furniture in a classic style looks expressive.

What is laminate wood flooring for Vintage And Home Styles?

Laminate with the texture of "wet" light wood, "aged" light gray boards will fit into the interpretation of the interior in the country style. Amber shades will organically merge into the overall ensemble. Light laminate in the interior of the apartment, combined with doors, ceiling beams made of natural wood, create a single ensemble. Provence, shabby chic attract laminate textures with elements of imitation of "aged" boards, such as vintage pine, old white oak (patina). Wooden furniture in either shades of white, light flooring, textile decoration with floral themes, pastel-colored wallpapers are the perfect combination for home style. The main goal in decorating and finishing these interiors is to create an atmosphere of coziness, peace and comfort. Amber shades will make the room warmer. The soothing tones of the flooring will highlight the vintage details of the interior. As an addition, rugs will organically fit into the style of the interior.

Glossy And Mirror Laminate

The difference between the two types of glossy laminate is in the degree of reflection. All interior details are visible in the mirror coating. The soothing tones of a glossy laminate will give the room a sense of shine, stylish gloss, visually expand the size of the room, and make it brighter. This type of flooring fits into a minimalist interior. The classics will look good only in large, spacious rooms. It is not entirely correct from the point of view of stylistics that glossy flooring fits into the "home" styles, but in life there is always a place for experiment. The main thing is to maintain a sense of stylistic balance. An interesting design solution is the selection of individual zones using a combination of light and dark laminate. In the case of using this technique with a glossy finish, the play of textures will give an interesting, impressive effect. Some people think that glossy laminate flooring is impractical, leaving scratches on it. The modern technology of its manufacture allows you to protect the floor covering with a durable anti-vandal layer. Taking this into account, the gloss withstands mechanical damage well and shows high abrasion resistance.


The use of light laminate in the interior of the room is becoming a popular design technique. If you look at real photos, you can see how the pacifying colors of the flooring transform the room. The room is filled with light, visually looks more spacious. A wide range of material textures allows you to choose a laminate for all styles of interior design. The main thing is to correctly, correctly fit it into the general ensemble of the room.

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