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Top 2024 Patio Flooring Trends: Best Outdoor Tiles for Patio

More than ever, with the arrival of spring, outdoor spaces have become the stars of the house. Having a deck is one of the most coveted aspects of a home and it got us thinking about updating them. Do you want to renovate your patio? These outdoor patio flooring trends 2024 will help you change the decor and make it more accessible so you can enjoy it to the fullest…Let's find out together!

Which porcelain stoneware tiles are in trend for patios in 2024?

Choosing the right exterior material is one of the first important decisions to make when renovating a patio. Qualities such as high resistance to stains, weathering, breakage and slipping are essential to ensure safe use. All these qualities make porcelain stoneware tiles the winning alternative for outdoor use. There are many types of patio flooring and the choice is not easy, that's why we present to you the models that are fashionable in 2024.

Best Outdoor tiles for patio with porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware tiles are the most chosen outdoor flooring solution thanks to their practicality and aesthetics. You will not need to set yourself limits to combine it with the rest of the decoration of your patio. Let your imagination run wild because it's a super trend. It is one of the most resistant materials to the passage of time and climatic conditions, showing practically no wear. They are distinguished by their high impermeability, which allows them to withstand frost and sudden changes in temperature. And that makes them easy to clean and maintain. But these benefits don't mean you have to give up stylish and trendy designs. In addition, one of the reasons for its popularity is its versatility, since it is possible to find them in any color, tone and finish.

Hydraulic flooring on the patios

The hydraulic coating is one of the most popular alternatives for those looking for an original design, but able to withstand the weather without requiring a lot of maintenance. These patio slabs stand out for turning the floor into the protagonist of the space thanks to their magnificent designs with geometric shapes. To combine it and succeed, it is advisable to use plain and light colors in the rest of the decoration. It is a great ally for delimiting spaces, you can use it under the patio table or around the swimming pool. It brings a pop of color and can be found in endless color combinations, although the favorites are blue and white. They have a vintage touch, so if you are in love with retro or vintage style, they are the best choice. If you want a different style, you can combine this type of flooring in different tones with a monochrome patio covering, such as cement or wood inspiration. The visual finish attracts attention.

Floating floor outside

The floating coating is another option to renovate outdoor spaces without doing construction work. 20 mm thick tiles are placed on studs which allow the water to collect underneath, leaving the finished paving with a perfect planimetry. It brings a touch of conviviality in a simple and fast way. One of the strengths of this type of flooring for patios is that it offers a wide variety of patterns and textures, wood effect tiles or natural stone effect. You can place it on the entire surface of the patio, but if you are looking for something original, you can place it around the pool or simply in the rest area and combine it with other types of flooring exteriors. They are also very durable and require no maintenance. Its relief to evacuate water is ideal for swimming pool areas and solariums. Your patio will look like one of the most elegant and chic resorts. And to finish giving your patio a new look, choose the rest of the elements. Natural fibers have risen to the top of exterior decorations this year. Materials such as rattan, wicker or other natural fibers in accessories for your outdoor space are a real hit.

Wood-effect ceramic flooring for patios

One of the reasons exterior ceramic cladding is so popular is its wide range of versatile designs. They can even imitate wood. If you're a fan of cottage-inspired patios, these are a perfect alternative. Wood-look porcelain stoneware flooring is one of the best outdoor tiles for patio and highly sought after because it offers an elegant, warm and natural finish and, at the same time, superior temperature, stain and slip resistance. This is a chameleon option, which will blend perfectly into its surroundings. They are also much more economical than natural hardwood floors, allowing you to achieve the same high-end look at a more economical price and with less maintenance. Decorating tip : The contrast of black and wood is one of the trendiest and most contemporary decorations for outdoor spaces. Combine the porcelain stoneware floor with wood effect and place some furniture in natural wood with small black details.

Large format tiles: a versatile proposal

The XL format is a trend. This is what you need if you want to add a more modern and avant-garde touch to your patio. One of the most popular solutions is to lay large format tiles. For those who love trends, this type of large tile has become popular both outdoors and indoors, not only because of its design, but also because of the advantages it offers over the traditional format. They provide space, greater security, require less installation time and are easier to clean, which is very useful in outdoor spaces. The perfect option for the most modern patios. For this option, cement-effect porcelain stoneware floors are at the top of the decoration for a trendy patio. They offer a relaxed aesthetic and their neutral color allows them to be combined with different styles. And there are no limits, you can add it to many other elements, in addition to the floor, such as tables, auxiliary pieces, planters or even walls.

Rustic style: terracotta effect porcelain stoneware

There are timeless styles that never go out of style and one of them is the clay finish, like the new Cotto series from Cerámica Ribesalbes. Imitation terracotta slabs are the ideal solution to give a rustic look of yesteryear to your patio. If you want to renovate your outdoor space and choose a type of flooring that, although it is a current trend, will continue to be when this fashion passes, this is the best option. As you can see, there are endless combinations of colors, shapes and textures of outdoor patio flooring that you can choose from to renew your outdoor space. We have the best floor designs that follow the trends of 2024, but without giving up their resistance to bad weather. Just take into account that it must be C2 or C3 non-slip for patios and outdoor areas that require safety when wet.

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