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2024 Interior Design Trends: Neo Mint, Bleached Coral, and Terracotta

Fashion in interior design changes as often as in clothing and accessories. For 2024, designers have already given forecasts for colors, materials, furniture, decor, and styles. We figure out what will be in new interior trends for 2024 and how to add fashionable details to the interior.

Colors 2024 Interior Design Trends


Popular in the new year will be the menthol shade Neo Mint ("Neomyata"). It is neutral and suitable for decoration, furniture, and accents. Just not all at once, otherwise, the interior will turn out to be monotonous and cold. Neo Mint is combined with white, metallic decor and airy transparent elements - partitions, tables, and chairs.

Varnish and paint brands release their versions of mint shades

For example, the Dulux line has a Tranquil Dawn color that is more basic and calm than Neo Mint. It is suitable for wall or ceiling decoration.

Dark green

Bottle green looks catchy and sophisticated. They are given accents - they decorate the wall, buy a sofa or a kitchen set in this color. It adds luxury to the rooms.


Another popular shade in 2024 is Bleached Coral ("bleached coral"). It is a pale blue-gray color. It is neutral: suitable for decoration and large furniture. Combines with almost all colors and interior styles.

Black currant

Another trendy shade is Cassis ("Black currant"). It became popular this year and will move on to the next. The color is pink-purple, bright and rich. It is good for them to place accents: hang curtains or put a couple of chairs in this shade.

Yellow and orange

The warm range in the new year will not be as popular as the cold blue-green, but there are still a couple of trendy yellow and orange shades. The trend is soft, muted, and whitened tones - for example, Cantaloupe ("Cantaloupe") and Mellow Yellow ("Soft yellow"). They are used in decoration, furniture, and accessories.


The brown-red hue has come into fashion due to the trend for leather furniture: armchairs, sofas, and chairs. It is good for floor tiles, textiles, and decor. Combines with calm gray, green, and beige tones.

Materials and textures


In the new year, the trend towards naturalness will gain momentum. Wooden furniture, decorative figurines, and accessories will make the interior warm and cozy. Wood finishes are appropriate even in the bathroom. Pay attention to the dark shades: wenge, bog oak, amaranth, black walnut.


Metallic luster is appropriate in decoration, furniture fittings, and decor. In 2022, these were only the legs of sofas or tables, candlesticks, and lampshades, in 2024 - wall cladding, partitions, and large panels.


Marble is still in vogue, but now we focus on interesting colors: pink, black, and green. In brutal interiors, granite and sandstone are good. Onyx looks unusual.


Concrete texture is on trend, just like in 2022. To create a fashionable effect, concrete walls and ceilings are varnished or tiled with similar textures.


Velvet, suede, and velour are pleasant to the touch and look luxurious. They are good as decor or upholstery. Carefully, it is easy to overdo it with them: if you choose a velvet sofa or headboard, give up curtains, bedspreads, armchairs, and accessories made of this fabric.

Natural fabrics

Eco-style fashion is gaining momentum, so curtains, blankets, pillows, and upholstery made from natural materials will be appropriate. Accessories made of burlap, linen, and cotton are suitable for 2024 interior design trends. If you want your garment to be easy to care for and to last longer, choose fabrics with a proportion of man-made fibers.


Leather furniture, accessories, and decor will not give up their positions in 2024. Look out for the trendy terracotta shades.


Glass partitions and furniture make the interior light and airy. They will help out if there is not enough space or natural light.

Style and layout


Laconic interiors are in trend. This does not mean that you need to limit yourself to an ascetic minimum; for the interior to fall into this trend, it is enough to remove small decorations and unnecessary items from it.

A mixture of Scandinavian and Japanese style

In recent years, the Scandinavian style has been at the height of fashion. It is characterized by cool tones in decoration, calm furniture, and accessories, and natural materials. In 2024, it will be mixed with the Japanese style: they will add more wood and warm natural tones, and reduce the amount of details.


He does not give up positions. Wooden floors and furniture, natural fabrics, baskets of algae or vines, many plants - this is the formula for a fashionable and comfortable eco-interior.

Multifunctional premises

This trend is because apartments in cities are getting smaller. The living room has to be combined with the kitchen, and the bedroom with the study. The owners of small apartments are rescued by transforming furniture and lightweight partitions.


Light transparent partitions are placed instead of blank walls. They divide space, keep out odors, and muffle sounds. But, unlike capital partitions, they let light through and decorate the interior.

Combining bedroom and bathroom

A trend for large apartments and houses with at least two or three bathrooms. The master's bathroom is combined with the bedroom - the main partitions are removed or replaced with light sliding ones. The result is a spacious room that sets you up for self-care, and relaxation.


Discreet handles

This trend applies to kitchen sets. Designers recommend installing hidden handles or push mechanisms to make the kitchen look more concise.

Metal parts

Legs of sofas and armchairs, handles on dressers and wardrobes - in 2024 they are made to look like metal. Gold and brass are especially fashionable, but chrome elements will be appropriate. To prevent the interior from getting cold, metal parts are used in dosage and combined with wood.

Soft headboards

Beds with soft headboards are one of the leading furniture trends for 2024. It is difficult to overdo it here: both high and low headboards, with a carriage tie or laconic quilting, will do. Materials - leather, suede, velvet, velour.


An armchair or sofa in the style of the 70s will set the mood in the interior. It is not necessary to decorate a room with only such furniture, one object is enough.

Simple shapes

Fashion for minimalism dictates furniture design. Sophisticated armrests, an abundance of pillows, and upholstery in three or four colors are a thing of the past.

Floating furniture

An interesting trend is the LED strip under the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets, chests of drawers, and cabinets are hung on the wall, and lights are attached under them. When it is turned on, it looks like furniture is floating in the air.



The more green plants in the apartment, the better. They are placed on the floor, stands, and window sills. A more expensive option is vertical gardening: plants replace the decoration and decor of the walls. But even a few pots with flowers are enough to get into this trend.

Colored plumbing

An interesting trend of the new year is colored shells: green, brown, and red. They are glass and ceramic. If you plan to renovate the bathroom, take a closer look: such a detail will make the interior memorable, even if the finish is laconic.


Mirror surfaces visually expand the room, making it lighter. Therefore, mirrors as an element of decor are popular in the new year: they are hung instead of paintings, and used as panels. A practical option is mirrored cabinet doors and large mirrors in hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms.

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