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10 Must-Try 2024 Interior Trends for Themed Home Decor

Round natural wood kitchen table with lime green chairs.

The beauty of interior design lies in the ability to transform the space, and the ability to adapt and incorporate elements that emphasize style and functionality. If you want to order a design project for an apartment, you must take into account the trends of 2024. Keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest innovations, our top designers share the latest trends of the year with you. An interesting feature: it is interesting to observe how the options for creating an interior are developing, even more meeting the needs of both society and the environment. So, below are the 10 best home interior design trends of 2024.

1.            Earthy Shade Themed Home Decor

Olive green couch and sofa, color stripped carpet, and glass coffee table with wooden base.

Let's start with color. While Pantone's color of the year is classic blue with cool tones, there is another option. The use of earthy tones is one of the color trends in interior design this year. Olive green, yellow ocher, and burnt orange are shades that not only warm but also signify a connection with nature. Furniture and accessories that mimic the natural elements of wood, plants, and metals provide an opportunity to create a soothing atmosphere like in nature - a pleasant feeling for many of us who spend a lot of time indoors. This does not mean that the design should be completely neutral or expressionless! Black doors or a chocolate brown velvet sofa are quite bold and appropriate solutions. Using these tones is appropriate and will help create a unique look. Tip: It's important to understand that top interior design trends can be part of your image. Based on interior decor surveys, designers can identify real aesthetics for any client and combine them with the latest trends.

2.            Curvy: one of the 10 best home decorating ideas in 2024

Large living room with blue and white leather couches with leather white and blue pillows.

This trend in interior design is a clear retrospective. This is a resurgence of curvaceous forms. It is rounded furniture, inspired by the 60s and 70s, returning to the past, but with a modern twist. These are lines and curved meshes that enhance the beauty of the shape. The furniture contains soft items such as sofas, chaise lounges, and benches, with undulation and asymmetry as reference points. Curved sofas are often seen when looking for living room design ideas as they provoke conversation. This kind of organic shape design will still peak this year. And not without reason, because the need for the serene energy of nature in our time is greater than ever. The design imitating waves, circles, and curves offers a softness that is lacking.

3.            Multifunctional spaces

Living room with office space, desk, chairs, and couch.

With so many of us working and studying remotely, multifunctional spaces have become one of the hottest design trends this year. For a while, house designs began to be created more openly, thanks to which the rooms acquired several purposes at the same time. Doubling of space and functionality is most often seen in the kitchen and dining room. Kitchens with islands can easily become both a dining table and a workplace.

Thus, people can cook, eat, and communicate at the same time. Breakfast corners and kitchen counters are especially good for small spaces or homes. These zones eliminate the need for a separate room. Another popular combination is playrooms with other parts of the house, especially the child's bedroom. With thoughtful space layouts, kids can play and sleep in a safe place that allows them to use other areas of the house. If you want to observe the children while cooking, working, and other activities, then, for example, a corner of the living room or a place under the stairs can be turned into such a comfortable space. For those who need a workout but can't go to the gym, an unused garage or basement space is ideal. Don't you have a place like this? Do not worry. There are equipment (elastic bands, jump rope, dumbbells) and storage options that allow you to use your training equipment in almost any space.

4.            Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper, carpet, large leather couch with purple and white pillows.

Floral wallpaper is an idea that has stood the test of time. We're not talking about a variety of “grandma” styles or hippies, but a design that blends with contemporary décor to add a stunning look to any wall. Modern wallpaper patterns come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit many decor styles. Add some personality to a mid-century modern dining room with gloomy peonies against a black background. Decorate your boho bedroom with a wildflower accent. Floral wallpaper is generally a favorite choice for bathrooms and hallways. The small-area version of the wall covering adds interest and whim. If this kind of decor turns you off, remember that there are many different options to play with.

5.            Biophilic design

Ollive green couch with all natural wood chairs and glass coffee table.

Biophilic design is a 2024 interior themed home decor design that involves the inclusion of natural elements (materials, light, vegetation) in the modern urban environment, which directly affects overall health. Research shows that the inclusion of direct or indirect elements of nature in the built environment plays a role in reducing stress levels, and maintaining healthy blood pressure and heart rate. It also enhances productivity, creativity, self-esteem, and comfort levels. Incredible result, isn't it? So what does it look like in practice? TRUE NATURE

  • use of natural light

  • pumping water through fountains

  • inclusion of indoor plants, living walls, and indoor gardens in the interior INDIRECT KNOWLEDGE OF NATURE

  • use of natural materials (preferably recycled), such as stone, wood, metals

  • selection of shades found in nature

  • use of nature images In a society that places great importance on both environmental sustainability and the development of well-being, biophilic design is increasingly integrated into our daily lives.

6.            Layered contrasting decor

layered contrasting decor paint, fabric,  dark wood flooring living space.

Typically the design relies on a combination of elements to create a delicate and neutral look. Here we see a high-contrast design in the form of colors, materials, and styles. This means that if you want to paint your kitchen cabinets bright blue (hello classic Pantone blue) or add some brighter tiles, this is your option. The trick is to stick to moderation versus hard, habitual decisions to maintain balance. The eclectic design is a mix of old and new. However, this practice is woven into other interior styles as well. Use predominantly or completely modern décor, spice up antique accessories, or vice versa. The distinction between viewpoints will give the space a charming appeal. Several design ideas:

  • Place a sleek bench under an ornate console or writing desk

  • Combine an antique peasant table with Lucite chairs

  • Hang a contemporary piece of art in a room full of vintage accessories

  • Place modern lamps on an antique sofa table or vice versa In other words, mix the décor elements to reflect your taste.

7.            Home Office

Home office and living room with desk and couch,  and table.

Perhaps the most in-demand of 2024 interior design trends is the home office. With the growing popularity of remote work, the need arose to create a productive and functional workspace. If a home office seems like an overly luxurious solution at this stage, there are ways to organize it creatively and turn almost any area into a workspace.

Multifunctionality is when guest rooms, sleeping areas, and even toilets can be used as offices. A small "floating" shelf, a small table, or a sloping ladder are some smart solutions to help secure your workspace. If there is simply no room for another piece of furniture, there are practical solutions that will make working from a bed or sofa more comfortable. Lumbar support tables and cushions are key elements that help create a workplace wherever you are.

8.            Different types of metals

Dinning room with metallic shades, metal, and glass fixtures.

There is a real craze for metallic shades this year. Silver, gold, pewter, and copper finishes and furnishings will stand out with such a strong accent that the mixing of these metals takes this trend to the next level. But there are some tips to keep metals from becoming the dominant element of your room.

For example, when mixing warm (brass, gold, copper) and cold (aluminum, silver, stainless steel) metals, choose one dominant color and one accent. Neutral metals such as cast iron and other ferrous metals can be easily combined with both types of metals. Another tip is to avoid mixing more than three types of metals. Also, be careful not to put different types of metal in the same part of the room. Place such elements on different horizontal and vertical planes. For example, if you have a copper coffee table, consider adding a copper light fixture.

9.            Rattan + wicker furniture

Rattan and wicker furniture on patio.

Rattan and wicker furniture are one of the 10 best home decorating ideas in 2024. They were once considered material for the exterior, have become in demand again for interior items. Rattan or wicker furniture exudes warmth and charm that can be used in modern, transitional, boho, and more. Whether modern or more traditional, having rattan or vines in your home harmonizes with organic elements that go well with other décor. Expand your living room space in a modern style with wicker ottomans, or add a beachy vibe to a glamorous bedroom with a rattan bench or accent chair. Be that as it may, furniture made from this material adds comfort and ease to any space.

10.         Canopy bed

Canopy bed in bedroom

Sometimes old trends are back on track, and canopy beds are no exception. The bedrooms are an oasis of comfort, and the canopy enhances the feeling of peace and even luxury. Canopy beds look great in any bedroom style.

However, it is necessary to carefully choose the size and frame of the bed depending on the size of the room - you do not want the visually heavy columns to create a feeling of heap in a small room, but smooth metal or acrylic canopy frames will give the room an interesting look while leaving a feeling of lightness. If you are using layered fabrics, choose something lightweight and breathable. So, sleeping on a bed with draped material can turn into a special one. These inspiring examples of 2024 interior trends will help bring the latest interior design ideas to life. Need help implementing one or more of these tips for your home? Sign up and get a free online consultation from the Atmosphere designer without leaving your home!

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