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Interior Design Trends 2024

Modern round edge couch, chairs, and table.

2020 was a watershed year in human history. The world is changing, and our needs have changed, so the interior design trends of 2024 are also in a hurry to adapt to us. The specialists of the decor trends have collected for you a detailed report on the freshest and juiciest novelties in the world of design. We are ready to share our valuable findings with you, our dear readers!

What is it like - Interior Design Trends 2024: trends, novelties, concept

Living room couch, green plants, dark brown wall, and modern metal lamps.

The events of 2020 could not fail to make global changes in our lives. Since interior design, ultimately, has a single goal - to facilitate and decorate our lives, it is difficult not to guess which trends will bring us this year. We offer to sort it out in order. Today we will discuss absolutely everything - from the concept to the smallest fashionable details that will delight you immensely. We will examine the interior of 2024 and its trends under a magnifying glass. Let's go!

Basic interior concepts of 2024

Apartment living room with bright paint color and stylish furniture.

So, you must admit that modern realities force us to be at home often. For most of us, the apartment has become more than just a place to sleep and watch a movie at the weekend. Now it performs many functions that we did not require from dwellings earlier. In modern reality, an apartment should play the role of a study, a restaurant, a kindergarten with a school, and sometimes even a gym. Therefore, the interior design trends of 2024 will send us closer to nature, and fresh air. It is important not to forget that to improve the quality of life, we just need technological innovations! What will this mean for us?

  • Suburban housing trend

  • Natural materials in decoration

  • The abundance of living plants

  • The presence of an equipped working area

  • Smart gadgets Further, we will consider each of the above points in more detail and in detail, because one way or another, we have to understand the topic, without missing anything important.

Interior Trends 2024: Everything You Need To Know

Well, we have already determined the general concept, now let's move on to the main thing - we will study the burning trends in interior design in 2024.

A light mix of styles in a modern interior

Bedroom bed with modern handing lights and plants.

Trends never just appear. Over the past year, we continue to draw with us a love of minimalism and industrial style. The only difference is that now we can mix them unobtrusively. The bottom line is that we have to be at home more often and therefore the interior should not quickly become boring, which means that we try to avoid eccentric techniques.

  • The loft is a thing of the past, but we can still leave natural brick in the interior

  • The patchwork and "hog" tiles have lost their relevance - we will smooth out the effect with a rough texture of the walls

  • Tired of the heaviness of the industrial style - we will remove everything and leave the wall decoration. Here is such a simple system.

The concrete walls that the industrial style gave us, by the way, are the latest fashion, so you can not pour over the decoration. If your apartment has a concrete wall, you are already lucky! Check out some good examples of a mix of minimalism and industrial styles: Rest assured, this is a modern trend that will leave no one indifferent.

Natural materials

Living room with natural materials and color decor trend.

Fashion trends in the interior oblige us to love everything natural. If earlier we could make the finish “like a brick”, “like wood” or “like marble”, now thank you - all the textures that you want to place in your home must be natural. The same goes for home textiles. Natural cotton and linen are just at the peak of their popularity! It is used everywhere, both as bedding and as curtains, curtains, tablecloths and napkins. Even though we know that everything mega-popular later becomes mainstream and goes to the anti-trend list, don't worry - flax will be with us for a very long time.

Wood in the interiors of 2024

Nature inspired room with wooden bench, animal drawings, and art work.

It can be attributed to the aforementioned natural materials, but we attach particular importance to wood in the interior design of 2024. It, as you already understand, emotionally brings us closer to Mother Nature and creates the effect of being in the forest, even if you are in the very center of a dusty metropolis. An important clarification: wooden furniture should be made of raw, solid log cabins and look as naturally untouched as possible. If you are fond of carpentry, it will be not only easy but also very pleasant to create such interior items, think about it!


Nature inspired office space with plants and natural materials.

Another fashionable trend is tropical plants in the interior. This year, preference will be given to tall deciduous plants, which, in addition to beauty and a sense of closeness to nature, will also give you purified air in your apartment.

Balinese style elements

Rattan chair paired with wooden table and concrete floor.

Yes, the mix of styles is still relevant, and in 2024 a rough concrete wall or marble will look great when paired with a relaxed rattan chair or a beautiful, wicker shade for a chandelier. Just take a look at how interesting it looks: These inclusions, and design elements, so to speak, will mentally send you to warm, sea edges, even if the borders of the countries are closed.

Furniture in modern interior design

Room with vintage furniture.

The trend towards environmental friendliness and care for nature has captured almost all areas of our life and interior design is no exception. This year we will give preference to author's furniture by local designers, and if it is made from recycled materials, this is an ideal option! Note: As a contrast to vintage furniture, smart gadgets must be present in your home. Take a look at the photo below for a masterfully styled antique desk lamp that is controlled by voice commands. Such things are just the squeak of fashion in 2024.

Color Trends

Room chairs with deep emerald pillows.

And the last thing. Let's talk about fashion trends in interior colors. This year, the most popular shades will be:

  • deep emerald

  • deep blue

  • terracotta

These colors have to be mixed very skillfully with the surroundings. It can be like accent walls and furniture. Bed linens and other home textiles can also be used as an accent color.

The working area of the house in the life of a modern person

Organized home office space and desk.

Arranging a working area in an apartment is very important and even if there is no way to make your own, isolated office, you can find other options. As always, competent zoning of the working area comes to our aid. Take a look at the photo below and get inspired, because we have collected for you the most successful options for stylish offices in the style of 2024! That's all you need to know about interior design trends in 2024. In general, I am glad that fashion continues to adapt to our needs and does not oblige us to anything. Remember that the most important trend is individuality! If you have a unique view of design, then go for it. Create your trends, create, love, and enjoy life!

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