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2024 Home Decor Trends: Embracing Natural Colors and Tiles in Room

Just as people's lifestyles change due to changing values, so do tiles in-room trends for the area of living. It is therefore worth taking a look at the question: What home decor trends will the year 2024 bring and how can you implement them in your own four walls? We have the answers for you! Be it in fashion, music, or, other areas: Every year new trends emerge that replace the old and provide variety. Sometimes they bring something completely new, sometimes they just interpret previous trends differently. The same is true of living. Interior design or interior, as it is also called, experiences different phases again and again. What is currently trendy can be out again next year. Things that used to be considered obsolete are suddenly rummaged through again, recombined, and appropriately staged. This design takes place in rooms that are also being rethought. So what do they look like – the home decor trends 2024?

New trend colors for the tiles in room

Pure nature – this motto will also be reflected in the wall color as well as in the furniture and decoration in the coming year. The trend colors come directly from nature, so to speak, and can be staged or combined in a wide variety of ways. These include, for example, the following shades:

1. Bright Skies In 2024, the walls will be painted blue like the sky. For this purpose, a light blue is mixed with a soft gray to bring a subtle feeling of summer into your own four walls. Therefore, this trend color is called "haze blue" and goes perfectly with the earth tones, which are also part of the upcoming home decor trends.

2. Greige The subtle mix of gray and beige will remain trendy for at least one more season. It looks particularly good on the walls or large textiles and allows bright spots of color elsewhere, for example in the form of a colorful velvet armchair. It is therefore an optimal basis for even more design freedom and at the same time a haven for the eyes.

3. Baby’s Breath A light and pure beige is also a perfect choice in 2024, which emphasizes the minimalist and summery look. It is a successful combination of the "Bright Skies" and friendlier than the classic greige.

4. Cappuccino Those who prefer it darker, on the other hand, can bring home a warm brown with the color "Cappuccino". For a long time, the nuance could hardly be found in interior design, but now it is making a resounding comeback. No wonder, after all, cappuccino can be perfectly combined with other natural tones.

5. Blueberry The deep blue is an excellent example of this. It will soon no longer only be used on small areas but may decorate entire walls and thus bring a mystical flair into the living rooms. "Blueberry" goes particularly well with beige, brown, and yellow tones. In addition, soft pink looks good against the dark background.

6. Marigold A perfect combination with dark blue and many other natural tones is the strong gold with a retro look called "Marigold". It will be one of the most important home decor trends in the coming year and is perfect for details that are intended to act as eye-catchers.

7. Jungle When it comes to natural tones, a dark green should not be missing. Based on the jungle, the color, in this case, is aptly named “Jungle”. The rich shade of green gives every room a touch of nature and thus the properties that the color green brings with it.

8. Terracotta This wall color has been in trend for several years now and there seems to be no end in sight for the time being. “Terracotta” is the perfect antithesis to the shades of green, but can also be combined more subtly, for example with soft beige or warm white.

9. Blue Atoll If you want stronger colors on the walls, "Blue Atoll" is a popular choice in 2024. The middle blue is reminiscent of a holiday on a dream island and brings a fresh dynamic into your home.

10. Sand In keeping with this, the color “sand” is still trendy. It is a perfect complement to "Blue Atoll" for an island feeling in your own four walls. In addition, the soothing and elegant color is ideal for a Mediterranean look.

11. Pirouette This delicate pink promises a touch of romance, be it on the walls, as decoration, or on individual pieces of furniture such as a vintage sofa. "Pirouette" can be perfectly combined with stronger nuances such as "Blueberry" or underline the elegance of soft natural colors such as "Greige" or "Sand". The pink also looks particularly modern and elegant with golden accents - matching the trend color "Marigold".

12. Pickled Pepper For the friends of stronger colors among you, the coming year also has trends up its sleeve. One of them is called "Pickled Pepper". Behind this is a shade of green with a high proportion of yellow, which is almost reminiscent of a gherkin.

13. Denim The light blue can also be a bit stronger if desired. The trend color "denim" brings a fresh and modern look to the wall, which is a bit reminiscent of blue jeans.

14. Orange Ocher Finally, you can now experiment with a strong ocher tone. It is a perfect combination with "Pickled Pepper" and many other trend colors mentioned. Alternatively, if desired, it can enchant your home in a successful "Mid-Century style". So there is no shortage of choice when it comes to trend colors for 2024. In this way, you can remain fully in line with the trend of your interior design but still decide according to your taste. If you want even more individuality when choosing a color, you can combine all of the trend colors mentioned as you wish. A perfect opportunity to use the coming wintertime for a new coat of paint. Of course, the current home decor trends should not be missing for a coherent overall picture.

Trends in Materials 2024 – naturally sustainable

That's why the trends in materials for the coming year are also worth taking a look at. In this regard, there is also a sense of naturalness. In addition, coziness and minimalism characterize our living spaces in 2024. The trend materials therefore include:

1. Cord When it comes to fashion, the cord is usually only seen in the fall. In interior design, on the other hand, the material is experiencing a revival at regular intervals. The classic can also look good in modern living spaces as an elegant eye-catcher with a retro look. The comfortable fabric is used a lot, especially for sofas and armchairs. If you like browsing flea markets and classified ads, you might even find a real collector's item "secondhand".

2. Bouclé The material called "Bouclé" is also more familiar from fashion. It once adorned the timeless Coco Chanel suit, and then disappeared from the scene for decades. Now, at least in the interior, it's a welcome sight again - because of its robustness, its longevity, its sustainable materials, and its soft surface. Bouclé is therefore ideal for seating furniture of all kinds.

3. Teddy plush In addition to these classics, teddy plush looks much more modern and playful. When it comes to comfort, however, this trend material can easily keep up. In 2024, teddy plush is celebrating its big comeback and, in addition to seating furniture, also decorates cushions, blankets, and many other textiles.

4. Natural materials When it comes to other pieces of furniture or decorative elements, natural materials will remain in trend in the coming season. These include different woods, stone, cork, and rattan as well as cotton, silk, linen, or textiles.

5. Wiener Geflecht If this name doesn't mean anything to you, you're not alone. The term is anything but well-known, but you've seen the Viennese braid before. It is a special art of weaving rattan that is mainly used for chairs. It gives them a minimalist look that fits perfectly into the 2024 home decor trends. In principle, in the coming year, you will be free to choose which materials you want to use and combine. “What is natural is allowed” is the motto. The advantage of this trend is that all natural materials go well together and therefore you enjoy maximum freedom of design. When it comes to wood, untreated furniture, floors, and so on are in trend - but this choice needs to be carefully considered. Gentle treatment with oil, wax, lacquer, or glaze makes them more durable and reduces the risk of splitting.

Decoration as a statement

As you already know, the year 2024 is all about naturalness, but also about minimalism. Accordingly, it is reasonable to assume that decoration will play a subordinate role in future home decor trends. However, that is not true. On the contrary: decoration is deliberately used as a statement. Instead of overloading the living space with murals, candlesticks, figurines, and the like, individual decorative items are deliberately selected and staged in such a way that they attract everyone's attention. You are welcome to use the entire variety of decorations in different categories or for different seasons exhaust. Both small elements such as fragrance lamps, tealight holders, and vases can be used as well as larger individual pieces such as a wall clock, pictures, sculptures, or decorative cushions. They provide a stylish ambiance to feel good. In line with the other trends in the coming year, people like to use natural materials: Real wax candles, wooden Christmas decorations, teak decorative bowls or linen tapestries are excellent examples of this. Decorative elements made of metal or glass are also popular, which underline the minimalist look - and are also perfect for the industrial style, which is also popular. Likewise, either untreated materials are preferably used for the decoration or they are designed in the trend colors. Accordingly, golden elements in particular will enjoy increasing popularity in the coming months. If you want to bring even more nature into your own four walls, plants or indoor fountains are also a great option. They round off the home decor trends for 2024 and at the same time ensure a relaxed atmosphere and better air quality in your own home. You should only be careful in this regard in the bedroom because the rippling water or fragrant plants can disturb your sleep. On the other hand, there are indoor plants that promote good sleep quality. Lavender, jasmine, or gardenia is particularly suitable for the bedroom.

Presenting the familiar in a new light

The trend towards naturalness also goes hand in hand with the trend towards sustainability. Anyone who buys new furniture, for example, pays attention to the following features in the New Year:

  • Quality, because high-quality furniture has a longer service life and thus reduces waste and emissions in the production of new furniture.

  • Materials so that they are sustainably produced materials of harmless origin - and the deforestation of rainforests is no longer promoted.

  • Regionality, because the less distance the individual materials and the piece of furniture as a whole have covered, the more sustainable they are.

  • Pollutants, so that the furniture is free of harmful toxins and the production has not polluted the environment, for example in the sense of water pollution.

  • Fairness when it comes to working conditions for everyone involved in the manufacturing process of the furniture.

  • Recycling, so that as few raw materials as possible are used for production and waste is reduced to a minimum.

Patterned wallpaper and tiles: Modern again

On the other hand, if you want or need to make major changes, for example as part of a renovation, patterned wallpaper and tiles are good choices. They'll be back in style after a few years of neglect, bringing fresh excitement into your home. Especially if the living rooms are otherwise designed in a rather minimalist way, such patterns serve as a splash of color and an eye-catcher that makes some decorations superfluous. Popular patterns in 2024 include:

  • Marble Tiles and Patterns

  • Floral patterns or single flowers

  • Black and white tiles

  • Spanish ceramic tiles or equivalent pattern

  • Natural stone patterns in all variations

  • Botanical patterns on large-scale wallpaper

  • Digitally printed wallpaper in trendy colors

  • Graphic pattern with golden details

So you can also enjoy a great variety of wall and floor designs with wallpaper and tiles in the coming year. The basic rule here is the more eye-catching the wallpaper, the more subtle the rest of the furnishings and decoration. On the other hand, if you want to showcase individual pieces of furniture or decorative items, you should rather choose single-color walls or subtle patterns that visually underline the desired look of the living space. You must also be aware that wallpaper and tiles are a long-term decision and can therefore be aligned with current trends, but above all, they must correspond to your taste - even beyond 2024. A great way to combine these two needs is a wallpaper that imitates wood or stone wall cladding. They bring a rustic and more exciting look to your own four walls without you having to clad the walls with wood or line them with stones. Especially in rented apartments, they are a cost-effective alternative that does not have to be discussed with the landlord and that also fits in perfectly with current home decor trends.

Large, open, and multifunctional spaces

A final interior design trend that cannot be left out of this list is spaciousness. The minimalism means that the rooms appear larger and less cluttered anyway. If you can, you can reinforce this effect with a large and open room design. This is particularly useful in the context of a new building or a comprehensive renovation. Individual walls can be removed or you can set up a light-flooded loft directly. Of course, this is not an option for most people. But even small redesign measures can make the rooms appear more spacious. Instead of many different pieces of furniture, for example, you choose fewer but larger pieces of furniture and instead of several decorative items, you place individual objects as eye-catchers. At the same time, the trend is towards multifunctionality. Spaces are no longer subdivided but used for different purposes. The eat-in kitchen is an excellent example of this. The same goes for the home office, which is quickly moved to a bright corner of the living room. Multifunctional furniture from sofa beds to fold-out ones provides support. As a result, even smaller living spaces or the “tiny houses” that are so popular at the moment can become spacious miracles of space that exude a comparatively large and open flair.

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