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Furniture Trends 2024

Living Room Decor

With the beginning of the new year, the desire for changes in your own home also arises! Check out our tips to transform your design with on-trend home accessories for 2024! New year new furniture? Do you want to change the look of your home? We have collected for you the main interior design trends for 2024. From colors to textures, from accessories to building materials, here are our tips. First of all, it must be said that Furniture Trends 2024 is the eco-sustainable year par excellence, for the valorization of used goods and everything that already exists. The keywords? Sustainability and minimalism! It is also the second year that everywhere in the world we are grappling with the pandemic which forces us to spend much more time in our homes, with consequent greater attention to the comfort of our rooms. The house becomes the place dedicated to conviviality and being together with a return to essentiality and nature.

Upcycling, vintage e-bohemian eco Up cycling is about taking unwanted scrap pieces and materials and turning them into a new product, while vintage shopping is a great way to create a more sustainable home. Also, vintage and antique furniture adds so much more character to your home. The home furnishing styles that most embrace this ethical and eco-sustainable choice are certainly minimal, Nordic, rustic, and bohemian, all united by the combination of white and wood, the brightness of the rooms, and the decorative objects made from recycled materials. The minimal approach finds its balance point with natural elements. We can therefore understand why the Nordic style, with its harmonious and essential lines, is the most trendy in 2024, capable of giving an aura of simplicity and purity to the furnishings. The desire for the countryside and natural furnishings finds its natural expression in the rustic style, where wicker, rattan, and wood become the starting points with which to have fun creating a home décor style with a familiar and nostalgic flavor.

The colors of Furniture Trends 2024

Even the colors become the mirror of new home furnishing styles and new trends, in 2024 they are warm and comfortable and give the various spaces a familiar and relaxed tone, starring the shades that most of all draw inspiration from natural elements such as deserts or forests. Space therefore for the other color, which fades into cinnamon and bronze, the green to recall the serenity of the country-inspired woods, and the blue, the relaxing color, perfect in contrast with white and wood. Particularly trendy will be blue in its darkest shade, which goes perfectly with light woods and gold-colored accessories, giving an effect of great elegance to the environment. Among the 2024 trendy colors, olive green also stands out, excellent when combined with wooden furniture to give your home a refined country chic effect. Yellow is a color full of light, but the strong and bright hue is often difficult to match: the 2024 trend dampens the showy effect and makes Ocher the protagonist, a very refined color that recalls the colors of sand, desert, and exotic countries. Ideal for those who love ethnic style, ocher reaches its maximum expression in contrast with dark gray, for a more sober effect, and with forest green, to give the environment an original Mexican style.

The materials

Living room with blue and white decor

As previously mentioned, the trend of 2024 is recycled materials, made with a low environmental impact. Above all, the most loved material is wood, versatile and eco-sustainable, it gives warmth and personality to the environment, allowing us to reconnect with the earth. This is accompanied by two other trendy materials for 2024: glass and stone. Glass allows us to play with shapes and colors, creating suggestive plays of light. Stone is used not only for kitchen tops and sinks but also to create internal stone walls, for a truly original rustic effect.

The kitchen

Modern kitchen decor

The undisputed star of 2024 is the kitchen with an island or peninsula, able to combine multiple environments and give us more space for moments of conviviality such as dinners and lunches with family or friends. The furniture has a strong industrial appeal, combined with materials such as bronze, copper, and steel but also with glass, which fits perfectly with the minimal style.

The living room

Classic living room decor

The living area is spacious, hospitable, and relaxing, the nerve center of the house. Inside you can insert flowers and stabilized plants, to recreate a real urban jungle. The large, comfortable, and welcoming sofa becomes a fundamental must-have combined with suspended bookcases or created with recycled materials, for example, you can take wooden crates of those used to contain fruit, paint them, and place them on the walls.

Home office

With smart working, it is important to have a space dedicated to the home office inside your home, which can also be inserted in the living area. The best solution? Retractable tables and desks allow you to recreate a working environment even in small spaces.

The bedroom

Studio living room with bed

To be able to give maximum serenity and complete relaxation, the space dedicated to sleep must be comfortable, and the style that best suits this purpose is certainly the Nordic one with soft colors such as sand, beige, and dusty grey. For the bedroom, on the other hand, bright colors are preferred, with creative and original flavors such as red, orange, and mustard yellow, combined with natural materials such as light wood.

The bathroom

Modern bathroom decor with tiles

Wood, stone, and polished terracotta are the most popular materials, combined with colors that recall nature such as green but also brown and beige. Also in the bathroom, you can insert different plants, perfect both to furnish and to bring our mind back to primordial atmospheres. Did you want to make some changes to your furniture? Have a good trip to the trends of 2024 and a happy new year! To find out more about the news and trends for 2024 click here to choose the floor.

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