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Embrace the Bold: 2024 Interior Design Trends Revealed

Updated: Jan 31

Plants, references to travel, and comfortable spaces will reign during the new year in our homes. There is a lot of pressure on 2024. We expect a lot from this year and together with the expectations that it will be better than its predecessor we have, at least, the certainty that the trends related to design will be better and more fun. According to the experts, we can finally say goodbye to the neutrality schemes that have dominated in recent years. The time has come to inject some warmth with decoration trends in 2024. Designers predict boldness, textures, and lots of life in homes. to create a 'more is more' appearance. Ready to learn what 2024 will bring us in decoration trends?

We will embrace natural textures

Concrete wall inside with natural colors.

Designs made with natural products are devastated. Next year the textures will also feature more unexpected shapes, such as on the walls, an ideal canvas for adding color, texture, and depth. While bright and bold hues are going to be at their peak, we'll be seeing plenty of calming hues too, like earthy and nature-inspired ones. In addition to beige and stone, reddish, sand, pink, peach, yellow, orange, and brown make up the chromatic range that connects with states of calm and serenity.

Goodbye to white

Yellow curtains in bedroom.

The days of white supremacy are over. Big, bold tones will speak in 2024. There is a sense of a resurgence of bright interiors with more than a touch of color, with which to evoke happiness and provoke joy. Although there is a common misconception that rich tones make a room appear small, it is not. With the right color palette, you can enhance a room and make it appear larger.

The reign of the plants in 2024 interior design trends

Green plants inside room with window natural sunlight.

Plant elements will continue to be a basic part of home decor. Plants have many health and emotional benefits indoors, beyond just being pretty. Like all living beings, they have an energy field that is more powerful the healthier they are, but after a year like 2024 in which we have become used to being more at home, we have learned to take better care of them.

Surprise Factor Decoration Trends in 2024

Room with pattern wood flooring and maroon colored wall paint.

It's not just the bold shades that are in vogue, the creative ways they're used are also experiencing a heyday. The color reaches special places like moldings, floors, or ceilings. Wallpaper also helps create a wow factor in many rooms and brings new forms of expression.

The world at home

Living room with concrete wall and pink carpet and glass table.

All the wanderlust we've revived from home in 2020 has officially started to make its way into our deco picks. If we are still unable to travel due to the pandemic, the destinations and landscapes we long for enter our home. Be it a country, a hotel, or a restaurant, the idea of bringing its style and beauty to our home inspires and makes us connect with those remote places. We can wink at the world through simple objects, such as neon lights that remind us of Las Vegas, a Berber carpet, or a photograph of our favorite destination.

Need for comfort

Bedroom with bed with white sheets and white blanket with white pillows.

Relaxed décor in ultra-cozy interiors will reign supreme in 2024. Californian casual style will shine in all its glory. Warm bedding, neutral velvets, natural woods, caramel leathers, rustic porcelain pieces, and nature-inspired trends speak to today's appetite for laid-back comfort.

Multifunctional spaces stay

Multifunction room with blue couch and wooden dinning table and clothes closet.

2020 was the year that dormitories turned into gyms, living rooms into offices, and dining rooms into school classrooms. And the new year will continue to emphasize the need for multi-use areas in homes. The data corroborate it. According to Etsy's trend predictions for 2024, the platform has seen a 399 percent increase in searches for wall or folding desks, a 159 percent increase in searches for folding beds, and a 134 percent increase in searches. searches for room dividers in the last three months, compared to the same period last year.

The paintings return

Wall with picture of dogs and dress shows on a room wall.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, social media has suddenly been filled with countryside landscapes, postcards from picnics, and images taken from old albums. It is what has been called "cottage-core". Derived from the rise of this trend, tweed, plaids, and crow's feet have returned. On paper, on blankets... I'm sure you can't resist going home.

Something new, something from the past

Room with pattern wood flooring and white table with wooden chairs.

In 2024 interior design trends, we will have to practice saving, also in decoration, where antiques will coexist with contemporary furniture. An old table or an armchair are pieces of furniture that can be repainted or recovered to coexist with other current designs and add real soul to the space. One tip: vintage dip can start with small pieces, like an antique planter full of flowers or a collection of framed stickers hanging on the wall.

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