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Decoration trends 2024: Full of inspiration for your interior decoration

Styles, decors and colours, what are the major decoration trends in 2024? Find out what your interior decoration will look like in 2024 through materials, shapes, objects, styles, colors.

The return of the 70s

Far from our very contemporary interiors with pale and light colors, the 70s dare to mix colors, materials and styles. Against all odds, the psychedelic and flower power years are making a comeback in 2024! Rather than being afraid to try, you might as well have fun and dare flashy colors, corduroy sofas and rattan furniture! Until now, the seventies were really out of fashion, but they are on the rise. And we like that! But why this sudden return to the 70s? The cause remains unexplained, but the trend is there: the seventies are making a comeback in our homes. Whether it's the warm and flashy colors, the original wallpapers, the varied materials and the rounded shapes, we are totally in love with this decoration. A wind of nostalgia is blowing over 2024. We are looking for a time far removed from what we know today, in this particular health context. Shimmering colors and a little crazy! The 1970s is above all a story of colors. We all remember the warm colors of that time: brown, orange, yellow, red… Mustard yellow, for example, is a key color of post-68 France, impossible to miss! And don't forget the psychedelic hues and floral patterns! Respect a “color code”, you say? No it's not worth it ! Forget everything you know about colors that go together: in a 70's style living room, you will find yourself on a fir green sofa with mustard yellow cushions and a terrine red coffee table. The bright side ? It is a decoration that gives you energy!

Natural materials

Nature is a big design trend in 2024, and what better example of interior design inspired by nature than decor made from natural materials? You can be sure that these materials come from ethical sources and therefore have a more positive impact on the environment. A jute rug can be a great addition to a bedroom or living room. They are versatile, durable and require very little maintenance. Rattan is another natural material often used to make furniture. A rattan chair adds natural texture to a room, and you can add a few throw pillows for more color. Natural wood can also be suitable for many pieces of furniture such as chairs and tables. It gives the space a natural look while remaining elegant. Wooden furniture can also be stained or colored in natural colors to better match the look of the room it is in.

Biophilic decoration

Design trends come and go, often reflecting the spirit of the times. It is therefore not very surprising that the events of 2024 and 2023 have pushed design trends closer to nature, so much so that biophilic design becomes the main design trend for 2024. At its core, biophilic design reconnects people to nature. It not only emphasizes natural elements such as plants, soft colors, and natural lighting, but it also emphasizes creating a healthy and productive space. It's something we all seem to need as the work-from-home trend spreads. For these reasons, designers are committed to creating environments that are increasingly close to nature, from the color of the walls to the painting of the doors, to the wallpaper with patterns and designs that recall a natural environment. When looking at biophilic home decor, keep the color palette subtle and natural. Think creams and beiges. Also consider soothing shades of blue and green. Without forgetting the materials chosen today for furnishing, which are increasingly ecological, such as wood or stone such as onyx, marble and granite. In this way, with a few simple steps, you will feel like you are immersed in nature even if you are in a room and you can breathe an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Introducing living elements into your interior sets the tone for a connection with nature. Plus, because plants naturally filter the air, they provide a healthier environment. Research has also shown that caring for plants reduces stress.

Organic shapes

Contrary to past trends of clean, sharp edges and modern lines, the year 2024 will see the introduction of more rounded shapes in furniture, lighting and decor. The softness of rounded furniture pieces makes the space feel more casual without sacrificing elegance. From sofas to tables to bookcases, there are plenty of ways to introduce curves into your home decor. Thanks to their introduction into the design, you will be able to add special warmth and delicacy to the style of your interior.

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