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Decorating Trends in 2024: This is what awaits our living spaces

We put out feelers for what's coming in the new year. The first decorating trends for 2024 are already known - which furniture, colors and furnishing styles will inspire us in the coming months? We have set out on the trail of tomorrow's trends and put together for you what we already know about furnishing the new year.

Furnishing trends for 2024: Sustainable and cozy

Comfort is very important for the year 2024. How could it be otherwise - after the circumstances of the previous year caused many to spend significantly more time in their own four walls than usual, the longing for a cozy retreat is hardly surprising. Above all, natural materials and warm beige tones determine the picture, but other colors and pleasant textiles also appear.

Sustainability remains

The 2020 furniture trends have already indicated that natural materials will also play an important role beyond the annual limit. In the coming year, we will therefore be able to continue as we did in the past few months and give space to sustainability. Because, as in many areas of life, we can no longer avoid sustainable ideas when it comes to living. Natural materials such as wicker, wood, and stone are desired in every room. In this context, the purchase of new furniture can cost a few euros more - we'd rather buy a collector's item that can stay with us for years than regularly replace our furniture.

  • Modern Rustic: The modern farmhouse trend is a bit rustic, but at the same time inviting and homely. In addition to light wood, which plays the main role, everything revolves around soft textiles, soft, neutral colors, and cozy lighting.

  • Scandifornia: Since we got tired of the classic Scandinavian furnishings, the northern European evergreen shows that it is extremely easy to combine. Last year it was the reduced, clear lines of the Japandi style, but in the future things can be a little more relaxed with “Scandifornia” - the trend mix from Northern Europe and California combines Scandinavian restraint with the casualness of the American West Coast. Sustainable wood also plays the main role here.

Industrial is back

Exposed walls, concrete, metal shelves, and simple furniture in a clean design - everything has been there before? Yes, and yet the industrial look for 2024 is also different: The new industrial style takes what we like about the factory feeling and leaves out what is too much for us. The new furniture with small industrial elements fits stylishly into our home without attracting too much attention.

Office corners are added

The home office has become the new office for many over the past few months. However since very few apartments offer space for a real study, imagination is required in many places. Especially when two partners want or have to work from home, this poses challenges for an apartment. So that the kitchen table can be the kitchen table again, the decorating trends 2024 offer everything you need to furnish an office corner:

  • foldable mini desks

  • comfortable chairs in trendy designs

  • narrow sideboards for printers and office utensils

  • Room divider, e.g. B. as plant shelves

Furniture trends 2024: Well-upholstered and nicely lit

Round again: seating

In terms of comfort, what would be more obvious than upholstered furniture? Round, soft shapes that set the tone in furniture trends for 2024 are new. We look in vain for straight edges, because the curves ensure harmony, well-being, and a feeling of security. In terms of material, armchairs, and sofas will impress with soft, structured surfaces in the coming year. Cord and bouclé are therefore among the most important textile trends for 2024 because they invite you to sit, lie down, and relax - alone or with the whole family. The mix of materials continues on the upholstered furniture: with cushions and plaids made of fine cord, velvet, or teddy fur. Muted colors dominate and harmonize well with an interior made of natural materials.

Atmospheric: lighting

The natural materials that have long since become a permanent fixture in our homes will not only be found in the coming year in the form of furniture and home accessories; Lamps also cut a fine figure from wicker, raffia, and light woods and blend in with our living environment without causing a stir. The nice thing about it: lampshades made of wood or baskets often consist of individual elements and specially break the light. With the right (warm white) light sources, a cozy atmosphere is pre-programmed. Pendant lights made of tinted glass provide colored accis ents from above. Whether gray, green, or rosé, colorful glass lampshades will have grooves or diamond patterns in the coming year and will immediately become an eye-catcher in the living room.

Color Trends 2020: natural, delicate, and powerful

Every year the colors of the year are chosen by color institutes and paint manufacturers - and this decision influences all furniture and furnishing trends in the following months. The American paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore has already announced that natural and pastel shades will dominate the picture in 2024. Our favorites for textiles and upholstery, but also home accessories, include warm, earthy nuances and shades of blue and green that extend into gray:

  • "Potters Clay" - the warm earth color is reminiscent of pottery

  • "Rosy Peach" - strong red-orange with a powdery component

  • "Aegean Teal" - a harmonious mixture of blue-green and gray

  • "Foggy Morning" - soft warm gray forms a delicate basis for stronger nuances

Set accents? sure, of course

With all the love for natural tones and pastel colors, accents should not be missing - after all, living rooms in which there are no dark or strong opponents appear somehow incomplete. In addition to the natural colors, a bit of black or anthracite is welcome to give the furnishings structure and depth.

Light wood and bright colors

Black is too dreary for you? No problem: in bright dark blue or dark green, the light wooden furniture, which we will not be able to avoid in 2024, will find an at least as exciting partner. The rich, muted color is made to shine through the bright, natural surroundings - also works with rust red or magenta.

Green lung from above hanging plants

House plants are by no means just dust catchers. They provide us with a good indoor climate and give us well-being. In 2024, our green roommates no longer have to stand on the floor or shelves - they simply hang from the ceiling. They direct your gaze upwards and open your perspective - the room looks larger. And if they, e.g. B. in hanging constructions made of macrame or sisal, hang from the ceiling, they take up the furniture no more space.

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