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Inspirational Home Decor: 8 Trends To Elevate Your Space in 2024

Living room couch with decor trend pillows and wood flooring

Are you thinking of remodeling or changing the decoration of your house or apartment? Follow these home decor trends to achieve incredible results. What is coming in decoration for this year? How to achieve more comfortable and welcoming spaces? Loreto Pineda, founder of the property broker La Casa de Juana, helps us answer these and other questions and shares some recommendations.

1. The importance of generating well-being

"What is coming is not so much the fashionable color... This year the trend is to generate spaces that allow you to live better because we will probably have a hybrid half-life, between closed times and others leaving", highlights the expert. Faced with this, he recommends drawing some lessons from what we experienced last year. Thus, it invites you to think about changes that allow you to better inhabit the spaces so that they are not just a showcase. "I think you have to think about remodeling in the life of the family, with spaces that are versatile according to people's needs," he says.

2. Small spaces: how to decorate them?

Grey couch, carpet, and wood flooring decor

Loreto maintains that it is essential to choose furniture of the right size and to consider some basics. In the case of the living room, a sofa and a stool could be good allies. The latter is much more versatile and can be used as a seat or a coffee table. A side table is also a good complement due to its versatility since it can be located on the side of the sofa or serve as a support table in the center of the space. In line with the above, it advises to be careful with the height of the furniture. “When we choose sofa or chairs for small spaces, we look for chairs where the backs do not exceed the height of the dining table. In general, I make the space look visually uncluttered. That creates more space and order, ”he explains. Along with the above, Loreto recommends choosing sofas, tables, or stools that have legs and allow you to see to the other side. Finally, it emphasizes the fact of paying attention to the size of the furniture, so that there is space or "air" between them and it can be circulated. Ideally, at least 7 cm should be between the sofa and a side table, from separation. In turn, between that table and the window, there is another 7 cm. "You always have to measure the air and think that space is fluid."

3. The fashionable color trends to decorate your home

A few weeks ago Pantone chose gray and yellow as the colors of 2024. Loreto explains that in decoration he sees that, beyond these colors, the trend invites us to try to bring nature into the house. The most pastel blues and greens undoubtedly evoke landscapes and work well in any room.

4. Bring true nature for inspirational home decor

Plants on shelf, wooden table and chairs with tiled floors

Plants arrived a while ago and have remained part of the decorating trends. There are indoor and outdoor and the good thing is that they allow to generate more welcoming spaces on terraces. “Spending an afternoon on the terrace is going to be the closest thing we have to nature for a while. That is necessary", emphasizes Pinda.

5. Home office

Small room with chair and desk decor trend and plants

The chair defines comfort in teleworking and, in addition, it is necessary to choose a desk that complements it, always thinking about ergonometry. To that, we must add good lighting and the basics of the office would be complete. How to add design and warmth? Along with selecting comfortable furniture to your liking, Loreto recommends incorporating plants, a sofa, and a mood board that allows you to place notes and a calendar for easy viewing on a wall. Another useful tip that this expert gives us is the location of the desktop. Instead of against the light from the window, the ideal is to be lateral to the window, so that the light comes from the side and does not obstruct the brightness of the screen.

6. Two key elements to have more welcoming spaces

Large bed with decor pillows and white painted wall with pictures on it.

Good lighting at night and textured blankets are a perfect ally to decorate living rooms and bedrooms. "The latter generate warmth from home and added to a good pair of cushions give the space a better feeling", he adds.

7. Practical and stylish bathrooms

Bathroom sink with mirror and green plant on base.

The living room and bedrooms are covered and now it is the turn of the bathroom. The challenge is greater if it is a small space. Is it possible to do something? Loreto recommends using available spaces that are not generally used, for example putting shelves on the toilet to locate baskets and store objects. The same thing happens under the sink. Are you thinking of remodeling? You could consider changing the traditional door to a sliding one. That will give you several inches to use the space behind the door. Regarding colors, neutrals for the walls and playing with more colors on the floor is a good solution.

8. Tidy kitchen

Tidy kitchen with small blue table and tiled walls.

The tips for organizing in the Marie Kondo style have become famous for a while now and the kitchen is a space where you can apply them perfectly. Loreto emphasizes that it is key to have good drawer storage and that it is best to observe what spaces are available and place shelves there. For smaller kitchens, as in bathrooms, white or neutral-colored walls are the most recommended for inspirational home decor. How to add color? It can be on the floor or in accessories such as cups and china that are in sight.

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